Republican Congressman Caught Trying To Carry Gun Onto House Floor | All In | MSNBC 1

Republican Congressman Caught Trying To Carry Gun Onto House Floor | All In | MSNBC


HuffPost’s Matt Fuller and Chris Hayes discuss Republican Rep. Andy Harris getting caught trying to bring a gun onto the House floor—just two weeks after the Capitol insurrection. Aired on 01/22/2021.
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Republican Congressman Caught Trying To Carry Gun Onto House Floor | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Error_404 Not Found Error_404 Not Found Democrats unchecked, it was ok when McDonald pushed thru the placement of a Supreme Court Justice and many judges , some not qualified to serve as judges. The Senate has been unchecked since trump was elected. In fact, the Senate stood by and allowed him to damage the country, Damage that may be unfixable and Long lasting. trump sold us down the river and the Republicans stood by and watched. And if you don’t believe that look at the nations response to this virus, Where is all the vaccines that trump promised , haha gone – out of stock But that ok Him and his Family are safe.

    2. @bob johnson covid speculation is invalid here, those points are mute. That said, I despise McConnell as well. But if we’re going to tax and spend in addition to packing our courts in a corrupt manner then let’s actually do it on programs or people that work and are subject to full audit. The homeless situation in California for example, is unacceptable. Most of the money from federal and state funds goes to “administration fees” and not the actual homeless.

      Furthermore, another random but inexcusable offense on the part of Democrats is when Nancy and others bent the knee over BLM. Justice and equality are important, but Americans DO NOT BOW DOWN.

    3. @Samuel Blackthorne again, the rules that say you can’t bring a gun to the floor of Congress have been there since the Civil War. Obviously, those metal detectors were needed. The party who assisted the attackers are the ones carrying guns into the chamber.

    4. @Wendy Struble I do believe your last part of your last comment is libel. But since you brought up the civil war and weapons in government buildings I thought you might enjoy the story of republican senator Charles sumner who was craned during a session by a democrat.

    1. The ‘law & order’ party sure enjoy breaking the law. What’s so sad is the way these republican House & Senate members lliterally play dumb parroting insane BS/conspiracies, just to get cult 45 members loyalty & contributions to their campaigns. At this point those that don’t realize their being played need mental help..

    1. @cc 1k I agree. Calling the police is always the answer if anything ever happens. They’re always there within seconds. Why would you need a gun to protect yourself and family from a criminal with the intent of harming people?

    2. CC 1k

      And those gun toting types are usually the very ones who end up in murder-suicide tragedies. The first inkling of them not getting their way it’s lights out for them and their entire household, including the dog.

    1. @Heather Matthews Don’t this you quite got what I was saying there!

      The gun-carrying Lawmakers are the “babies”.

      They are having to be kettled through the metal detectors.

      I just don’t get the American reverence for guns, is all.

      The events of Jan 6 were shocking. I am not a devote of the “American Ideal” (like so much of the world) – even I was shook.

    2. @Mimi B Generally children arent able to vote on the gun laws that have them shot in schools. I imagine with less adults in charge with 40 years plus of right wing propaganda forced down their throat, laws might actually change to protect lives rather than firearms manufacturers. whatt do you think?

    1. Better believe it. America never WAS GREAT and has a long long LONG way to go before being a shining city on a hill.

    2. The America we all know and looked up to is reduced to a banana state by a few bad elements for selfish gain,SAD!!@!

  1. This is insane. We really need to get rid of these people. It’s too dangerous to be keeping them around after everything that has happened. Unfortunately though that isn’t going to happen.

  2. Don’t let them get away with anything- they caused it, they can deal with the repercussions like everybody else

  3. “House rules that you can’t bring a gun onto the floor” has to be the most American thing I’ve ever heard.

    1. @Viola M That really should’ve been a lesson learned from the civil war that happened.

      Although I guess dueling still happened back then so maybe that’s the problem.

    2. Perhaps. Alas, there are those who have decided that they are above the law and they are dangerous. They should never be allowed to own or possess a weapon of any kind.

  4. Our kids have to go through metal detectors and they don’t throw a fit. Schools have also had the need to have chain link fence for protection. Yet grown up people can’t do the same. WTH

    1. All schools should. There should be a TSA type of screening that is federalized and all revenue from traffic violations should fund it (Or even money given to other countries) . Plus it would create millions of jobs and make it extremely difficult to have school shootings.
      But no… more false flags to slowly chisel your rights away.

    2. Law’s are made to govern the people, that’s the problem with Republicans and Trump, they feel are above the law, if an average person tried to do what he did they would be doing five years in federal prison right now.

    3. @Beluga Whale:
      If lawmakers are allowed to bring guns onto the floor, kids should be allowed to bring guns into the classroom.
      If kids aren’t allowed to bring guns to school, lawmakers shouldn’t be allowed bring guns to congress. What do they have to fear?

      One law for all.

    1. I agree, but this is worse. Scuttling ships is necessary and appropriate at times, for example when it’s about to fall into enemy hands. And it’s the captain who gives that order. This man is rudderless.

    1. In this case its the wild East !! A history of gun carrying and gun slinging has become normalised – if a British MP tried to bring a gun or any kind of weapon in to the Houses of Parliament there would be shock, horror and pandemonium !!

    2. They want everybody else to follow rules but they want to break rules, and receive no consequences feeling like they are of everybody else in this country when they take money from the taxpayers. There are a lot of these people who definitely do not belong in the position of being alone maker, when you start feeling yourself and putting yourself above everybody else you don’t deserve to be in a position to make law

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