1. @Shahnul Islam stop deflecting with whataboutisms from the DNC attacking our democracy and trying to overturn th e 2016 election, twice. The fact that you are should tell you, you’re on the wrong side but not reasonable enough to figure it out boomer.

    2. @Marco Betanzos Do you mean throwing ketchup? Because if you are talking about Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, I think you missed what s great job he did for this country, in spite of the fact that world-wide inflation is tough to beat. But the US is coming through strong compared to other countries.

    3. Trump was impeached twice and lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency all in one term, along with being responsible for more American deaths than any other individual in history. Natural born loser!

    1. @Adeshola Adeniran CNN is worse propaganda than fox. Faux news at least sometimes tells the truth CNN never tells the truth

    2. 😂@Jeremiah Johnson you have no clue

      I’m not American
      so neither democrat

      and since Trump, I don’t even want to put a foot on American soil

      we have other tools to stay in touch with reality and I can tell you those maga wackos succeeded to make America ridiculous for ever

  1. The GOP is going to have to learn that it cannot just play to the crazy religious base. You have to get normal people to vote for you…

    1. @Belly Dancer Em The Left needs to secure the border, address inflation and stop the war on domestic energy. It shows they have no desire to do any of those and can not understand how they are voted in.

    2. @TS She’s an election denier that said she would only accept the results if she won. If that’s the new GOP “hill to die on” Then keep expecting more losses.

      We are all getting tired of conspiracy theory quacks that keeping claiming they have proof but never produce it. Or maybe they can’t produce the facts because JFK jr. has them? 🤪

    3. @Jeremiah Johnson you mean like reducing he deficit, investing in manufacturing, investing in renewable energy, as well as addressing the root causes of immigration such as violence and poverty in their home countries

    1. He’s fallen for the Trump technique of trying to throw shade on the election counting process. He’s not to be trusted.

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  2. The allegations shouldn’t even be news worthy. We know they will lie, cry, and complain when they loose. Stop giving them a platform.

    1. @Masturbaked, They accept the result of the election. Didn’t Hillary make a concession speech to Trump the very next day. Trump never made a concession speech to Biden so stop with the lies. TRUMP IS THE ONLY PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA NOT TO HAND POWER OVER TO HIS successor peacefully.

    2. @J P , I never said the Democrats were perfect unlike Maga that believes Trump can walk on water. I am not for an open border and harden criminals should be behind bar and not TERRORIZING our law abiding citizens.

    3. @Elijah Bethea there is no point in debating a leftist because even when you speak the truth they will still call you a Liar. All you have to do is look it up but you won’t because it doesn’t align with your ideology.

    4. @Elijah Bethea and let’s make it clear. I don’t deny the fact that republicans deny election results at all, but you can’t sit here and tell me that democrats don’t do the exact same thing. I have watched countless videos of them doing it. Are you telling me that my eyes and ears are lying to me, or are you just afraid of hearing the fact that you’re wrong?

    1. @wk rp There is just no excuse for the behavior of people like Lake and Masters. They would rather burn down the house we all live in than let it stand if they lose their contests.

    2. @MediaSector
      I agree I think their lies are criminal as well Trump and other election deniers. You have free speech you don’t have a right to commit fraud. What if someone went around saying XYZ restaurant serves cat meat… That would be a crime so why isn’t lying about the election

    3. @Martin Guenther This is the terrible result of the decades-long failure to hold Donald accountable in countless lawsuits, bankruptcies, and two impeachments. All these copycat grifters sprang right up. Now it’s a game of whack-a-mole.

    1. @Sum Ting Wong Tell us of your expertise in ferreting our liars. You must be very valuable to law enforcement with such mad skills. /s

    2. @Studebaker Hoch
      Discerning fact from fiction in this particular instance doesn’t exactly require the skills of Sherlock Holmes. He was only slightly more credible than the current W.H. press secretary, but all the same earmarks of untruthfulness were present. Besides, a dog upon sniffing another random dogs rear end is much better informed about the current state of affairs in todays world than anyone who remotely believes that CNN is in the business of factually reporting the truth.

    3. @Sum Ting Wong You Tube moron thinks he can discern liars by watching YT clips, but believes every lie his orange crush ever told him. There’s a headline for YOU.

  3. The truth is everyone knew they would try to say that something suspicious is happening. They are worst than little children that don’t like to lose.

    1. @Real Aiglon  votes are counted how they’ve always been counted. Stop LOOKING for issues just because you want there to be issues.

    2. @Real Aiglon maybe if the Republican Party hadn’t made it more difficult to count we wouldn’t be waiting so long. I have no problem waiting to make sure votes are accurately counted do you?

    3. Right, Wayne. Nothing suspicious about 20 to 30 percent of tabulators “magically” malfunctioning on Election Day in Republican-leaning areas. Nothing suspicious about that at all.

    4. @Daniel Birks nope it’s a machine and machines break down all the time. from what I understand they were not printing and they were fixed so no nothing suspicious about it. Are you saying that there is some kind of conspiracy when a machine breaks down or has a software issue? My windows computer has glitches all the time but I don’t think Microsoft is conspiring against me.

    5. If the R’s lose, it’s fraud and stolen. If they win it’s all good. Stupidest lies that can be seen through in a nanosecond.

    1. @AZhardball Agree best president in modern US history , better than Obama better than bush, maybe going back to Clinton

    1. @Tobias Birmingham
      Another talking point.
      Clinton handed Bush about 4.5% unemployment and Bush handed Obama 8% unemployment and Obama handed Trump 4.6% and Trump handed Biden 7% and today it is 3.5% unemployment.  Democrats are better with the economy but Republicans are louder while not telling the truth.
      What are this Republican party for? I only know about LGBTQ, abortion and taxcut for the super wealthy. Biden is still untangling Trump’s screw ups. I will list all that Biden and the Democrats have done.

    2. @michael Ro Why are the Biden supporters so fixed on job creation and the unemployment rate – when the economy is completely in the toilet!!
      Its certainly looks like Democrats have no idea how to run an economy!!
      How did we go from lockdowns during Trump – to opening everything back up with Record Inflation, Record gas prices, supply chain issues in a short 18 months under Biden and his reversal of all of Trump’s policies ??? No one can blame the rest of the World or Trump – or the Ukrainian war – because this was bad a year ago now before the invasion started and 10 months after inauguration!!

    1. Perhaps they should figure out how other states are capable of doing their job quickly and correctly. It’s not that hard.

    2. @Will Tell All in 2016 nearly all the surveys showed a majority of people didn’t like Trump and projected H would win. Many were blown away when hearing the presidential election results and wondered if something messed up. they still had to accept the fact. Most Election deniers inserted by Trump failed in the 2022 midterm.

    3. @Randy Johnson other states do take many days to count. Because their margins were bigger, results were called much earlier. Tis race was so close and crucial that is in the spotlight and being watched heavily.

  4. I would like to personally thank Donald Trump for turning Pennsylvania blue. First time in many years!!🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

    1. @Pete Pierre fetterman delayed and delayed a debate waiting for the early votes to get in before he got up and showed the state how bad his stroke was. And now bunch of ppl mad cuz they can’t change their votes. Katie Hobbs did same thing avoided debates because they didn’t want their voters to see who they really are all democrats do it its nothing new.

    2. @Patrick Lauro Jr You looked up nothing.

      Fetterman used his family wealth to found a nonprofit, Braddock Redux, that circumvented the local government to buy up and revive abandoned properties that could then be leveraged for additional private and public investment. The result is a revived downtown artery, Braddock Avenue; the arrival of popular community services like the Free Store erected by Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman; and a national interest in the town that has even lured new employers.

      Is that why the town of Braddock voted over 90% for Fetterman?
      Try thinking for yourself just once in your life & stop showing off your poor education status.
      LOL, seriously, next time you drink from the fountain of knowledge, don’t just gargle, ok!

    3. @Patrick Lauro Jr He had a stroke FFS.
      He has gotten over it.
      Haven’t you known anyone who has had a stroke before?
      They come back to normal lifestyle!
      Wow, seriously, even you’re not this stupid, are you?

    4. @Pete Pierre the fact msnbc called fetterman a president candidate is all I need to know like pathetic this guy is your best candidate. I mean like Biden wasn’t a bigger joke and gonna try put fetterman in boy I would love to see a Biden fetterman debate thats what the world needs in these horrible times lmao.

    5. @Patrick Lauro Jr See, the problem with using poor grammar & sentence structure is that it highlights your lack of education & lack of doing fact checks, in other words, highlights your stupidity & makes your argument sound childish & totally ill informed.
      See, only an idiot would be proud of having such poor grammar, but of course, you don’t see that at all & believe any garbage that gets tossed at you.
      It’s why the orange traitor loves the poorly educated, they believe all the BS he tells them despite everyone knowing how big of a liar he is.

  5. Very calm and measured rebuttal of Blake Masters’ sore loser claim. I especially like his statement where he essentially tells the Masters camp to take it to court. He knows the accusation will not stand up to objective scrutiny.

    1. What “accusation” by Blake? It was an “allegation” (about mixing counted ballots with uncounted ballots) not an “accusation”. And Mr Gates affirmed that the allegation was true. He also said that it wasn’t a problem.

  6. Nice to see there are actual republicans with integrity. Coming from a Republican it’s like a unicorn listening to Bill Gates speak. Intelligence and competence. 🦄

    1. Democracy is the ability to have a choice to vote out badly performing party like the Democrats. We no longer have democracy cause everytime the people vote against Democrats, they do this extra slow counting crap that gives the illusion of cheating and in the end they always FIND more ballots for the Democrats. 80% of Americans say we are headed in the wrong direction yet Democrats gain more control of the senate, still in control of the house . That makes no sense and REAL WILL of the people is being silenced by cheating.

    2. Too late ……They are going to keep saying they lost because elections are rigged and have their followers foaming at the mouth because this should have been corrected 2 years ago when thier leader started it

    3. @Cocoa Smith corrected how ?? Republicans pushed for forensic audits, REAL RECOUNTS and serious examination of vote tabulation machines to validate that their was no fraud in these suspected counties but EVERY TIME AN ATTEMPT was made to audit, Democrats and crooked republican officials obstructed audits/investigation and destroyed evidence while yelling out this was the most secure and fair election. This ” election denial” could of ended a long time ago with REAL TRANPARENCY. What do these people have to hide if no foul play was done ?

    1. He was winning until a massive drop of tens of thousands of votes from random drop boxes were dumped in the system at close to midnight

    2. @Evan Devries Did you listen to the segment; the administrator just literally said that electronically counted ballots were mixed with poll box ballots and were counted again. I’ll give it to him, at least he isn’t ignorantly denying everything like these useful idiots like this OP and those bozos at CNN

    3. @I I I I He didn’t say they were counted. He also said they were filtered out. Also they weren’t from “random drop boxes”. No wonder you guys are having such a tough time with reality when you can just hear whatever you need to hear to get yourself all foamed up into a rage. SAD.

    4. Truly, and apparently he’s not educated on the Arizona laws regarding elections. This guy had to take him to school.

    1. EXACTLY. Im hard left but these REAL Reps, the ones who define themselves by their integrity, have my utmost respect regardless of policy frankly

    1. Whats truly sad is it doesn’t matter one bit to MAGA if fellow Republican election officials defend the accuracy of the vote count,MAGA is deaf to anything contrary to the conspiracies they covet.

    1. He should be careful.
      You saw what happened in Arizona when they recounted the votes in 2020.
      They ended up finding more votes for Biden! LOL!!

    2. Who didn’t see this coming when that’s all they were saying before the election’s…If he would’ve won he would’ve been popping champagne and taking a victory lap, no sane thinking person should take him or his campaign seriously if he says,it’s rigged if I don’t win

  7. Having just served as an election judge, the evidence of conscientious counting is overwhelming. The only reason they are making these allegations is because this is how they think. They are unscrupulous people. Thank you election workers. Your efforts and honor are treasures for all citizens. Thank you for your great work.

    1. This makes us think how low they are to make these allegations. Arizonians are smart enough to select between highly respect astronaut vs MAGA election denier with no qualification whatsoever.

    2. Having just serves as an election judge, the evidence of corruption and lack of professionalism by election people is unbelievable. The GOP’s allegations are just the tip of the iceberg as far as corruption is involved. As a democratic voter also I thank you election workers for sticking it to the GOP. Since all GOP are scums your aid in destroying them is to be commended. The democrats thank you. Now folks this is how you sway news followers.

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