Republican Glenn Youngkin defeats Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s governor race | USA TODAY

Glenn Youngkin won Virginia's governor race, making him the first Republican to win statewide office in 12 years.
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Youngkin's victory deals a rebuke to Democrats a year ahead of the 2022 elections that will decide control of Congress and other statehouses nationwide.

"How much fun!" said Youngkin, a decided underdog at the start of a campaign in which he stressed education, especially the teaching of race and history, and the economy, all issues that will loom large across the country in 2022.

"Together, we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth," Youngkin told cheering supporters at a victory party in the early morning hours Wednesday. "Breakfast will be served shortly," he joked.

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    1. @Mitchell Hodgemeyer Nothing like middle school humor with people like you. Biden being president has literally nothing to do with a conversation about expressions / god. Why should he be brought up?

    2. @Lindy B Okay, anyways I was making fun of his belief in god – not criticizing the expression itself. Pretty much the only people that use that expression are god believers, especially if they are republicans. So I went with it.

  1. McAuliffe: “I don’t think that parents should be telling schools what to teach!”
    Parents: “Hey, Terry,…. Ya FIRED!!!!”

    1. @Mitchell HodgemeyerThat should be beneath you. Why would you even say this, nothing I said indicated this in any way. Again, that should be beneath you.

    2. @CJ Tymczak Not sure where you are getting your loony news. How soon we forget about the terrorist groups antifa and BLM backed by the Democrats. Burning and looting cities. Taking over Portland and burning police stations while killing innocent citizens

  2. So when Kamala said that “what happens in this years election in Virginia is going to happen again in 2022 2024 and many years to come” I don’t think that she had blue states flipping red in mind 🤷🏾🤣

    1. Reminds me of Haman’s gallows in the book of Esther. Evil gets hung on the devices it makes to annihilate the forces of good.

    2. She thought that the greatest voter fraud apparatus in history was still a thing. Remember Ann Coulter, said, if Trump lost, that the right would never win another election. That is why the left is so surprised. they thought it was a done deal. We are either at war, or this is already over, andall of this is just a sh!t show for the plebes. Time will tell.

    1. @kingalleles maybe by the fact that a guy in a skirt can no longer go into her bathroom at school and rape her, after having done the same thing at another school, with the board trying to cover it up and calling her dad a domestic terrorist? that’d be something

    2. @Skelley-Priest and a rightoid like you allows Gaetz do as he pleases to girls because he’s a republican.

    1. @William Owens Doesnt matter if they are whiny or idiots or not its their kids period the ppl have spoken and being butt hurt doesnt change that reality

  3. Mom and Dad have spoken.
    We the people are in control of government, serve the public to our interests or get fired.

    1. @John Cahill John, not at all! I’ve seen it in the classrooms and in my nephews homework that comes home.

      I’m a teacher who tutors private school and Public school children, it’s there!

      I don’t have preference for right or left!
      I like it when things are done right and well.

      The USA is lagging behind in academics especially Math and Science, right around the time the curriculum changed that isn’t a coincidence!

    2. @John Cahill And you used the right words “ Basic requirements for Math and English” that’s exactly what Common Core, makes American students, “BASIC”

      I have children in Elementary, Middle, Junior and High school, who cannot read, write and spell properly, let alone have a good handle of Math.

      These students are of all races and ages!
      Research, CC and you will see the conflict of interest.

    3. @John Cahill bro actually watch what’s happening
      Watch what’s been said
      Parents have been saying their kids are coming home ashamed to be white
      You have to be out of your mind to not see what going on
      Teaching in a way where white kids think it’s wrong or bad to be white
      Is racism
      It’s bad
      Democrat voters have a real hard time watching what’s going on and comprehending it
      It’s really sad to be honest

    4. Exactly. When you mess with their kids, the claws come out. Leave the kiddos alone. Racism is taught, not inherited. Teaching white kids to be ashamed for being white IS racism. I just wished they’d teach them a proper education instead of CRT. THAT’S why GOP won, and thank goodness for that red wave. Let’s go, Brandon!

  4. Coming after PARENTS was the dumbest move McAuliffe could of done.
    “Keep parents out of the classrooms” was his concession speech. lol
    EVERYONE KNOWS THE BIGGEST THREAT in the Animal Kingdom is a MAMA Bear fighting for her cubs.


    2. @Scott B crt is teaching white children they should be ashamed of themselves, for the color of their skin. That is really messed up.

    3. They still haven’t realized that was the problem for them. They keep thinking about the amount of melanin people have as being the issue

  5. This is what you get, Dems, for getting yourselves in between parents and their children. Let’s go , Brandon!

  6. Why is no one making a big deal about Winsome Sears being the first black woman Lt. Governor?? Oh that’s right. She has an (R) next to her name

    1. I made a Big Deal….I Voted for her. I hope she stays the course and doesn’t stray like so many others have, If she does, She’ll make an awesome Governor in 4 years.

    2. You nailed it O.P. ….same reason our Left media didn’t promote Larry Elder trying to save California from all this far left nonsense…. had he been a Democrat it would’ve been nothing but “first Black person to potentially be Governor of California” …nonstop…and if anyone resisted they would have been called a racist…..but Dems stuck with the WHITE RADICAL here.

  7. Glenn Youngkin understands that “we, the people” means “we, the voters” and our children are OUR responsibility, not some government bureaucracy aka, the Board of Education.

    1. @SCATTERBRAIN does this help you cope with the common sense VA voted for? I know common sense is toxic to a leftist moron, but commenting on YouTube won’t makes things illogical again.

  8. Terry McAuliffe says “there’s still votes to count” TRANSLATION: “and We’ll be counting them as soon as we finish printing them.”

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