Republican Governors Threaten Lawsuits Over Vaccine Mandates

Biden defends new vaccine requirements in the face of GOP attacks and tells republican governors that “this isn’t a game.” We discuss with Juanita Tolliver and Mike Murphy.
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  1. By the time any false lawsuit clears SCOTUS; there will be enough persons vaccinated to have herd immunity. FORWARD EVER; BACKWARD NEVER. CHEERS!!!

    1. @Harry Knutts
      Actually, the number of electoral votes is determined by the number of representatives and senators a state has. We had 435 representatives and 96 senators in 1928 on a population of just 120 million. in 2021 we have 435 representatives and 100 senators on a population of 330 million. 2 additional states and 210 million more people; the electoral college (not to mention the House itself), and you claim it’s based on population – right. If the House had grown proportionally as it had over the previous 140 years of our history, there would be about 650 members in the House, and still only about 210 Republicans.

    2. @J A Keller Actually there was 531 delegates in the 1928 election that voted. After President Calvin Coolidge declined to seek reelection, Hoover emerged as his party’s frontrunner. As the democrats failed to unite around a candidate, Hoover received a large majority of the vote at the 1928 Republican National Convention. The strong state of the economy discouraged some Democrats from running.

      Also All the States that voted for the democratic candatate were all southern states that u leftys consider racist today

    3. @J A Kellerand Electoral votes are allocated among the States based on the “Census”. Every State is allocated a number of votes equal to the number of senators and representatives in its U.S. Congressional delegation—two votes for its senators in the U.S. Senate plus a number of votes equal to the number of its Congressional districts.

      Under the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, the District of Columbia is allocated three electors and treated like a State for purposes of the Electoral College.

      Each State (which includes the District of Columbia for this discussion) decides how to appoint its electors. “Currently all States use the popular vote results from the November general election to decide which political party chooses the individuals who are appointed.”

    4. @J A Keller and Remeber because u wana bring up the 1900’s it was democract president woodrow Wilson that had a racist movie screening of “birth of a nation” in the White house, with several members of the Klan

  2. Seems these Governors represent the virus while their constituents die. In an insane world the sane will seem insane.

    1. Fat people are dying, these are the same people who don’t take care of themselves anyway, eating all the time and refuses to exercise

  3. “All 50 states and the District of Columbia (DC) have state laws that require children entering childcare or public schools to have certain vaccinations…”

    1. @Connor Campbell That depends on the age of the Covid patient, whether they have other co-morbidity factors etc. Across the entire US the survival rate according to John Hopkins is around 98.4%, but that still means 1600 deaths a day (currently), if everyone who can take the vaccine did so we would still have deaths but probably c.200 a day.

      Basically people like Heather are for 1000+ preventable deaths a day simple because “my freedumbs”

  4. Are there any sane, sensible ADULTS left in the GOP Alternative Reality? There are millions of poor people in disadvantaged countries who would love to be ‘offended’ by being offered masks and vaccine. This sickening display of irrational, juvenile rebelliousness against masks and vax is the privilege of spoilt, entitled people in the ‘first’ world. GROW UP!

    1. @Scottie A low mortality rate, really with the unvaccinated dropping at over 1500 a day but vaccinated surviving the experience in reasonable mumbers. If you insist on continuing the excuses, how many people where you live? Now decrease the number by 1500 a day and see how long it takes for your place to be wiped off the map. Maybe this will give you some idea of what the numbers mean in real terms. All i read is feeble excuses from people like you, bad reaction to the vaccine? Better than being dead!

    2. No the only adults are the Democrats who are ripping us off big time. We all better grow up because our children and their children are going to be taxed out of existence. Well it was bound to fail anyways since it is a racist country. Perhaps now would be a good time to put the thing out of it’s misery and start another country.

    3. @skippyify Reading your other posts I can see you are a drone that does what it’s told as long as the teller has the letter D next to their name.
      If the government mandates this what will be mandated next? Perhaps something you have a different outlook on.
      BTW – Trump says thanks for taking his vaccine.

  5. Two Americas: One that values truth, reason, common sense, science, decency, humanity, and justice…and another that rejects all of those things, that CHOOSES willful ignorance.

    1. @Harry Knutts Nah, Mr Nuts. All fake ‘patriots’ love to reference the revolution and constitution, so the person whose image is on the dollar bill is quite appropriate. If you don’t like it, burn your dollar bills!

    1. Watching this from Canada I don’t see much hope for America anymore. Making a pandemic political is absolutely insane and Republicans are killing their base, not the Democratic or individual base! Here in Alberta cause cases have increased (not even close to anything in America but they are higher) masks are mandatory again. Yeah we hate it, yes it sucks but we just do it cause it keeps everyone safe and keeps people from dying! I don’t get how masks in America have become a full out war when 1500 people are dying daily in America? I guess watching the mess in America has made people in other countries just do the right things to keep our citizens safe, so there’s a positive I guess?

    2. Trumps stain is hard to wash off. Perseverance will eventually do the job as long as we continue to do what we did last November

  6. Juanita: beautiful, intelligent and speaks a load of common sense. I do wonder if she has any desire to stand for public office because we need more like her

  7. Facts and evidence the GOP hates them pesky things… “I would have gotten away with it too it wasn’t for them pesky facts and evidence!”

    1. @Diego Cervantes two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. @Diego Cervantes Your fun fact is what the real world calls a fantasy. Post the evidence, from a reliable source.

    3. @Diego Cervantes not so fun fact, 600,000 plus people have died due to the pandemic. Not so fun fact, red states such as Florida and Texas are out of control due to right wing political games.

    1. I am not so sure. Eroding civil liberties is a very sore point and even liberal Democrats may not support forced vaccine mandates. They will likely view this as authoritarian🤷🏾‍♂️. Well, at least, I think so🤔

  8. It’s sad when you have to wait to see if your elected officials, out of benefit for themselves, chooses to science or lunacy.

    1. If they’re Republican, you don’t have to wait and see. You know which they’re going to choose. Republican elected official: “I’ll take lunacy, please”.

    2. Their not following the Science. Vaccine isn’t preventing the spread. Also you vaccinate all American citizens but not illegals. How is that smart Science.

    3. @Guyinthecommentsection They’re trying to change what we call reality.
      Bizzare double standards. The Republicans are hypocrites, but not to this level of lunacy.

  9. GOOD for Biden! Lets take care of business, end this dang pandemic! Then we can focus on other things like police reform, education reform, immigration reform, tax reform, and climate change as well as wages!

    1. And you have full faith that the Democrats can do lots of good in those areas you mentioned? It don’t seem to me that they are doing a very good job so far. I know, I know blame the Republicans for the Democrats bad policies. Yeah ok. (Can’t get a Democrat to take full responsibility for their actions ever). When you say Police reform…. You mean no cops at all right? And when you say education reform you mean free college education and indoctrinate all kids to be Democrats right? Everybody is racists right? That education? And when you say immigration reform you mean no borders right? And when you say tax reform you mean tax everybody to the poor house except politicians right? And when you say climate change you mean to put all our tax money to a guy like John Kerry with his private jets and those Democrats who fly private jets to escape having to earn the money the tax payers pay them.

  10. Try reading a history book this already bin done and thought the courts.
    “On February 20, 1905, the Supreme Court, by a 7-2 majority, said in Jacobson v. Massachusetts that the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts could fine residents who refused to receive smallpox injections. In 1901, a smallpox epidemic swept through the Northeast and Cambridge, and Massachusetts reacted by requiring all adults receive smallpox inoculations subject to a $5 fine. In 1902, Pastor Henning Jacobson, suggesting that he and his son both were injured by previous vaccines, refused to be vaccinated and to pay the fine. In state court, Jacobson argued the vaccine law violated the Massachusetts and federal constitutions. The state courts, including the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, rejected his claims. Before the Supreme Court, Jacobson argued that, “compulsion to introduce disease into a healthy system is a violation of liberty.”

  11. What I believe is happening is the GOP decided to go against anything and everything Biden proposes—even if it’s good for their constituents. They want to see him fail.

    1. They dont have to see him fail, notice their fixation on the inflation and the “bad economy” even though DOW, NASDAQ and S&P say otherwise. They just have to get their lowly educated constituents to believe he is failing. Seeing isnt believing to them, believing is seeing.

    2. And Democrats wanted Trump to succeed? This is nothing new…bipartisan politics has led most politicians in DC to put their party before the people.

  12. Agree with Juanita Tolliver on everything. As far as the economic situation – the holiday season (about 70% of GNP) is now coming up & most companies are going to need a lot more workers & Santa Claus is on his way to the USA. Its a win win situation for Uncle Joe & Vaccine requirements take center stage.

  13. 3,000 people die: “a 4 ounce shampoo bottle is a deadly weapon.” 660,000 people die: “our job is to be polite to the people who don’t care that this is happening. Prosecute them!

    1. Read the Historic Document, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, to better understand the Truth about Vaccination Programs. Look up Dr Peter McCullough, Texas Cardiologist, for Truth.

  14. If Biden mandated Americans breathe Qonservatives would collectively suffocate themselves to “resist tyranny”. Seriously, you cant help those that dont want it.

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