Republican Impeachment Calculus Considers Immediate Trump Rage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Republican Impeachment Calculus Considers Immediate Trump Rage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


  1. When Boltons book comes out and he makes MORE revelations, the GOP will say they are shocked and then ask why Bolton didn’t come forward.

    1. @Sharon Mores Sharon i wish people like yourself cared enough to persecute the corrupt politicians in your own party. Biden BLACKMAILED the Ukrainian government and then bragged about like mob boss.

    2. @mark toney Where have you been? “The Whistleblower” is irrelevant! Now we have mountains of independent evidence confirming “the whistlebler’s” concerns, none of it hinges on “the whistleblower”. Yours is literally the dumbest argument anyone could make…and yes, some Senators are kind of dumb…

    3. @fredy gump
      The Fake whistleblower is a CIA leaker that worked for Joe Biden and colluded with Adam Schiff. Are you STUPID or something ? The Fake whistleblower and his Coup collaborators are the case …

    1. go to middle east..u will find. US is not for removing democratically elected president by few goons

  2. USA has become the biggest dictatorship in the world!
    So please don’t come lecturing third world countries about democracy and rule of law again, ever!!!

    1. @Darrell Knott By ‘rigged trial’s’ you must be referring to when Hillary & the DNC paid Christopher Steele for a fake Russia dossier, then gave it to the FBI, in order to start investigating Trump?
      Or are you referring to when CNN employee Donna Brazille gave Hillary the debate Questions before the debate?
      Or are you referring to Hillary & the DNC screwing Sanders out of his nomination?
      Or are you referring to the Dems giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in Hope’s of getting votes????
      Let me know.
      I’ll be waiting for another non answer from a clueless tv watching moron!

    2. And once things are really really really bad with King Donald the First, don’t think Canadians will welcome you here. We already have to deal with a minority-pleasing Liberal government and a PM aiming for the Nobel Peace Prize and who screws all the non-minority Canadians

  3. Exodus 23
    8 “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the innocent.

    1. 2 Corinthians 1:24 (KJV)
      Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand.

    2. “The Lard Bottom President shall corrupt the land.  His ball less and P*ssy grabbed followers shall help his gigantic rump rule the land”.. Genesis 3:17

  4. This is a ploy to get Susan Collins reelected, sorry, too little too late!!!
    Now its up to We the people!!!

    1. @AB Mia this has nothing to do with the outcome. Should be this way regardless. These politicians should be able to vote according to the facts and their own decisions, not forced to abide to their party in fear of retaliation. And this goes for either side

    2. @hopndon you make a fair point. Personally, those who I vote to elect are chosen based on their integrity and moral compass. I don’t want them voting on behalf of their party, but instead on what is right. If it takes secret ballots to rid them of fear of retaliation of their party, so be it. Do we have a better solution? Because this is definitely an issue. For both sides. The only other solution I can think of is going to a one party system.

  5. The party of “limited government” apparently has no qualms with an unchecked leader and has a complete disregard for the legislative and judicial branches. Let this be a reminder that all Republicans are frauds and have never had any principles or values, just know that they will sell-out in a heartbeat if it meant earning an extra dollar at the expense of the country.

  6. My actions are the public’s interest so I can break the law since its in my interest to do so..
    Don’t worry I robbed this bank but don’t worry its ok it was in the public’s interest, since its my interest to get rich!

    1. @Richard Marr 90 percent keep calling Trump law breaker and…Even if Trump did a quid pro quo to investigate burdens. it was bad optics at worst. Besides Trump should be a hero to Dems. He refused to deliver weapons of war. Aren’t they for peace?? Lol Burdens was a typo. Trump should add that to lazy Joe.

    2. Mike Mower see that’s the thing I don’t get. Lets say Biden is as dirty as they come, what does that have to do with Trump’s abuse of power? Are you saying that because Biden is dirty Trump should be excused for his impeachable offenses?

    1. Vote rep. Out of office. Starting with Mitch. And Graham defenders of trump master. Come on America wake up. Drain the swamp yeah right….. 2020 Bloomberg bring some sanity back

  7. Defense: I will get really angry
    Jury: no need for a trial then, you’re free to go
    The system is BROKEN

    1. @Chester Adams joep is just telling the Truth. That’s why we keep winning. Were on the RIGHT side. Lollol

    2. @autumn rain call it what you want. I have friends that are in ur boat and their not happy unless their watching fake news

  8. “Land of the Free and the home of the Brave”?, ”
    Constitution” ? Maybe the text in the constitution and the National Anthem has to been changed.? But I think, that tr… ??? can do that in a heartbeat. Just like he can get away with all the rest “he can do, cause he’s the ( president???). My thoughts are with all of you, that are not blinded by a man, who’s a danger to the US – but also the rest of the world

  9. Wow, never thought I would see the death of our Republic in my lifetime. Goodbye America, nice to know you.

    1. I would not be discouraged. I think what is disappearing here is the Democratic party. Just like people with bad breath sometimes go “nose blind”, the democratic party has gone “civility blind.”
      Their rage that a Down to earth builder / Commoner Could become president and change America for the better is an old age. Read the history of Cincinnatus, or the movie gladiator. Sometimes people with their feet on the ground can see further than those in a lofty pose.

  10. *This impeachment trial will go down in history as the moment US has become a pathetic Trump dictatorship and the format for WW3 started, Names will be remembered history will judge*

    1. No they’re not. They will simply fall back and regroup as they try to concoct another scheme to ‘resist’ and impeach.

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