Republican lawmaker: Trump is a loser and we will move on 1

Republican lawmaker: Trump is a loser and we will move on


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) speaks to CNN's Alisyn Camerota about why he thinks that the Republican Party will move on from former President Donald Trump.

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    1. @Viola X Politics are very complicated, like voting for Saudi arm sales despite Yemen, but Kinzinger saw too many Constitutional lines crossed after the election. Again, I salute your links!

  1. Adam’s made a complete break from the cult. Hopefully his constituency has enough senses to keep the standup dude in congress.

    1. Has Adam changed parties? If not he is not doing what his constituents want. That makes him a poor representative.

    1. @Ginny Murray Joe gives interviews on a mountain bikes while Trump has to be helped on and off the stage… okay Karen

    1. From the party which has brought us “Trickle Down” economics, tax cuts for the wealthiest companies/Individuals, voter suppression, and excessive spending on a military which is unequipped for black swan pandemic events.

    1. @don stroud you misspelled Yo Bi Den, who owns 10% in Chinese companies. Do y’all our own research.

  2. Kinzinger & the rest of those named need to be careful. Everybody knows when tRUMP names names his psychotic base takes as a call to HANG people. PLEASE be safe. And the news should be encouraging the FBI to be on their toes with this speech

    1. @Calvin Parish That was no prop and them calling to hang Mike Pence wasn’t satire. If they would have gotten a hold of Pence or ANY Democratic they would have hung them!!! That’s reality you Trumptard!!!

    2. From 2016 to 2020, there were thousands of assaults, ranging from attempted murder to arson, committed along political lines. Over ninety percent were committed by Democrats against Republicans. Yet we constantly hear how violent Trump supporters are. Hmmm….

    3. @Jo Smotherman What Republicans were assaulted? Which Republicans were almost murdered?
      Which Republicans were set on fire?
      To make such statements you should back them up with facts. I realize that facts are a strange thing to you retRumplicans but they are your friend and nothing to be afraid of.

  3. Hawley is despicable. When he objected to the certification he was playing to the camera, to trumps base & then he brings it up at CPAC after peoples lives had been lost because of his actions & lies about the election being stolen. It’s inconceivable he’s going to get away with the part he played..

    1. Hawley doesn’t even live in the State he represents and still has the nerve to claim that’s what his constituents wanted him to do on Jan 6th. Meanwhile they’re ordering him to resign. The man is a bigtime fraud!

    2. Maybe not, the FBI has all the phone numbers and they are looking into connections with the insurrectionists. If he did anything more than a fist pump they’ll know and apparently they will be investigating and prosecuting everyone regardless of political party or standing.
      It will all come out in the wash.

  4. I’m a Democrat from Illinois, but I am so happy this Republican leader has put country over Trump!

    1. @Eighteen Rabbit Sorry had to pick myself up off the floor. That was the funniest thing I’ve read for a long time. Man you really have had to many drinks of the coolaid. Best you go have a nice lie down.

    2. @Crispin Fornoff they will have their 30 minutes of fame and then it will be over because the policies Biden is implementing are going to f*ck a lot of people over including the brainless dipshits who voted for him and they will come to realize we were right all along there are already a lot of Biden voters who regret voting for him just ask the residents of Portland lmao

    3. @Bill Foster you may laugh now, but to avoid crying later you should admit Donald Trump into your heart as your personal savior by liking this comment

    1. Remember when the libtards were screaming “Avanatti 2020”?
      Satan would just have to be anti trump, and suddenly become a hero to the left.

    1. @darena12 who hurt you? You seriously need to take a step back from the computer. You sound extremely judgmental.

    2. @darena12 yes. Indeed you are correct about the fact that Republicans are lacking faith in their ability to win thus resorting to criminality …again. it’s disgusting and Natl terrorism. However, he was one of the few ppl who did not support Trump’s lies regarding the election. Instead he acted morally and constitutionally, obviously a rarity in the Republicans party.

    3. @darena12 Fox is not even creatable facts. They continue to run on Roger Els broadcasting tactics since 1995. Fox has never been News. They have no clue what is real journalism. They are pathetic.

  5. He seems as sensible as Larry Hogan. Still won’t trust anyone with an R by their name. Not after all of this.

    1. Not the All American boy that you think he is. Even his family disowned him. Just trying to make a name for himself. The Rebel Republican . If he was honest he would switch parties…

    2. @Ginny Murray thank you for the input, as I stated my comment is based on the interview it really is the first time i even hear him mentioned tbh

  6. As a Democrat I must say this man gets it and is so incredibly intelligent and represents is party well.

  7. “When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” – Isaac Asimov

    1. @Bill Foster and look at all the good little CNN sheep defending their master! Boy do I not envy you brainwashed sycophants

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