Republican says he'll vote for impeachment: There's no excuse 1

Republican says he’ll vote for impeachment: There’s no excuse


During a debate in the House of Representative over the motion to impeach President Donald Trump a second time, Republican Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) explained why he will break with his party and vote to impeach the President. #CNN #News


    1. @Brandon N except they didnt. Invedtigation concluded that it was an unintentional spillage for those sent on the wrong enclave, and what was sent mostly was classified post sending. Because it was unintentional and in that case she was absolved as a standard cmi procedure.

    2. @Brandon N that lead to 34 indictments and 9 arrests,and was only absolved not acquitted. The republicans refused to go to trial.


    2. @Stan Wilson Let me ask you one thing. Is discriminating against a white person racist? I want a genuine answer.

      Edit: If you are Asain, Black, or Hispanic and you are doing the discriminating that is.


    1. Sorry Don-Chingolo, america’s soul is being sucked by an orange demon.

      Edit: Check back next summer, it might be better

    1. @Reason Looked at several polls. There are lots of backers in the party no matter how you swing it. Who cares if they didnt actually do it, its still an endorsement of action from the people in the party.

    2. @PubstarHero : Lumping everyone together like that is an ignorant way to think. If you want to form an opinion of 75 million different individuals based on a poll then go right ahead.

    1. *ahem* I don’t know if you’re watching the same footage I am, but if so, I think you missed something: they ain’t even acting NOW!!!!

    2. That’s right! Let’s wait until it’s these Republicans own that is dead. But again republicans have no soul. They are just full of darkness and lies.

    1. @ilhamrj Oh, you mean the bill they passed that gave massive amounts to foreign countries and little to help US citizens and businesses? BTW: Are you a citizen? Not a lot of people over here with names like yours.

    2. @Anthony S2K04 Don’t worry Anthony! New York and California are run so well that we can have confidence our country is in good hands come the 20 th!

    3. @Jonny G only 2 Democrats voted no on the omnibus with the 600 bucks and 50 Republicans voted no! They all suck though! It is annoying though that they complain about it on Twitter after backlash when they voted yes! They wanted everybody to do what they do which is argue over the identity politics that allows them to continue to basically screw all of us!!!

  1. Steve Chabot said they had no time to debate yet he’s standing there debating the POTUS’s rightful impeachment?

    1. You know how it is. You warn others theyre wasting time but they dont listen, so you have to repeat until its understood.

    2. Eric Thompson Garbage comment. The rioters were Trump White Nationalists whose economics are anarcho-capitalist.

    3. @Anthony S2K04 Conservative political ideologies are based on denial, symbolic patriotism (Yes my friend, there’s a difference), and a concerning lack of critical thinking. Leftist political ideologies are based upon truth, saving the earth (Because yes, that’s all the Green New Deal wants to do, it’s not hidden communism or socialism, not that modern day democratic socialism is a bad thing. Look it up), concern for the inner workings of our Constitution that marginalize certain kinds of people and allow horrible acts to be committed upon them with no punishment whatsoever, skills in critical thinking, and empathy for those who are ignored in America. We may sound bitter but it’s because we’re talking to brick walls. 360s are regular occurrences from the Conservatives to try to rationalize their side’s mistakes. When leftists care about people dying from Covid, conservatives were pissed that they were talking about it so much. Now, Conservatives are leveraging the economic and emotional impacts of Covid by saying that we shouldn’t impeach and remove Trump because we aren’t focused on Covid. The hypocrisy is insane and if you can’t see that, open your eyes, it’s right in front of you. To be absolutely clear, Trump is being impeached and removed so that he cannot run again after inciting a seditious riot on the Capitol because he lost both the electoral college and popular vote. (He has never won the popular vote which is why people hate the electoral college. Hillary won in the eyes of the American people but the electoral college thought otherwise). Besides, Trump has refused to help encourage Covid safety protocols for both himself and the American people. He won’t do anything to help get rid of Covid. As much as I personally believe Pence is not much better, he will take some semblance of action. It may not fix everything, but hey, he won’t incite a violent super spreader riot that ended in the deaths of 6 people. What more damage can Pence do in 7 days than Trump could do? We’ve seen what Trump both wants to and will do to get his way.

    1. Nope. Watching this is like being at a kindergarten for budding malignant narcissists and their sycophants. Oh, wait… if we’re watching the Republicans, that’s what we ARE watching….

    1. Yeah, for people that talk so much about draining the swamp, theres sure a lot of swamp monsters reveling themselves.

  2. They can’t help but expose themselves for who they really are. They’re desperate and in a panic.

    1. And you and I have nothing to worry about . The swamp is under Deep Clean mode . Time to make popcorn and watch the show .

    2. @Anthony S2K04 Your talking about Russia China North Korea Saudi Arabia Turkey all his dictator that he loves to hang around the dictator

  3. If they can RAM through a Supreme Court Judge nominee with in a week, a process that usually takes months. They can Impeach a sitting president with in a week.

    1. @Elaine Teut like raquel rodriguez? Almost 7,000 ballots were purged. There’s a fraud.. raquel rodriguez did that for republican…

    2. @MsJustJenna he’s not going to jail. He’s not going to prison. Believe all you want. You sound like those QAnon weirdos. Go ahead and hold your breath.

    3. @Charlito Guzman being impeached and convicted cannot bar a president from ever running for office again. While the Senate COULD vote again on whether or not to bar him from running it likely won’t happen anyway. Because they’re never going to convict him. The evidence just isn’t there. No matter how many times you repeat it or hear it on the tv Trump did not incite a riot. He said absolutely nothing even close to that. In his speech that day he told them to march peacefully on the capitol. AND they were already storming the capitol before his speech was even over!! This impeachment was just a big show. All it will end up achieving is making his supporters even more angry and making them feel even more isolated. Stupid move by the house.

    4. @Man with No Name I know Hari said about him going to prison but you’re right, he may not. That was a rash stateme not by me. I do not necessarily believe he will be convicted but if he is, I actually have a hard time believing that he’d actually be sentenced to that because of how poorly he’d be treated by fellow convicts and guards alike. But I do know that he’s facing trial and if he were anlrdi ary citizen, prison would be a given. I do, however, stem g,y believe he deserves imprisonment, just as anyone else who committed those offenses would.

      As for q-anon… LMAO. Seriously, that was funny as hell. Mostly because it’s YOUR side who generally believes that b.s. I do not know a single liberal who actually believes that crap. I ha e a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that at least one of their cult members has infiltrated the House of Representatives. This country is going to hell in a handbasket and I’m just sorry I brought a child into this world to witness it.

  4. She: ” Can’t take anymore of your actions we need to divorce” Him : putting down his beer “Okay okay we can go to counseling”

  5. “Our reputation as the world’s leading democracy” hahah I spit water out of my nose when I heard this

    1. It would help the USA greatly to get rid of this idea of exceptionalism. People need to travel more, educate themselves more and read more – to open their minds to the rest of the world. It might be a big country, but big doesn’t always equate to best. (Hope your nose has recovered 🙂

    2. No they are not the worlds’ leading democracy. What system allows the weakest candidate in US History – ie trump – to win an election (2016) with three MILLION fewer votes?

  6. “We haven’t heard testimony from a single witness…” and yet it was your party that rejected witness testimony during the last impeachment.

    1. One thing for sure, there were a lot of Pagans and Devil-worshipping Satanists in that mob. Trump’s fine group of people.

    1. @Oscar Palencia I concur that I don’t know what that word means.

      And I also concur that it sounds fantastic.

      I yield my time.

  7. ” … haven’t heard testimony from a single witness. ” Wtf? Do these guys at all, watch news, like what goes on in front of the camera? I bet they do, though they try to play unknowing.
    That this process goes fast instead of months, don’t need one single word of explanation. One just need a pair of eyes to see what is going on.

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