Republican Senators Stall Vote On January 6 Commission | MSNBC 1

Republican Senators Stall Vote On January 6 Commission | MSNBC


Republican senators overnight stalled a crucial vote on the January 6 commission, debating an unrelated bill to delay the vote. Also, 74 percent of GOP voters think it's time to move on from the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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Republican Senators Stall Vote On January 6 Commission | MSNBC


    1. Upcoming court cases, particularly Swalwell’s, will reveal much. Possibly: whether Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn was on the phone with Trump during the riots, and both were delaying deployment of nearby Nat’l Guard troops by over 3 hours.

    2. @Ken Albertsen You are 100% full of it. It ha already came out that Trump asked for National Guard along with more police presents was the Mayor and Pentagon said NO. Try researching.

    3. @Wisconsin Man I have a masters in math. Do you know how to read? That’s rich a trumpanzee calling a non qtard remedial. FYI elections are not popular they are voting districts and trump did win az y’all just forgot 4 years ago. The person with the most voting districts gets all the electorate votes. That’s how Republicans keep control it is what is called gerrymandering, just so you know. The country has mass amnesia.

    4. @Wisconsin Man just a little info about the recount they check to see if the paper and the digital match. If it changed your vote that’s when we would see.

    1. @David Eby The Democrats? Don’t you think you have that backwards? If memory serves me, the last 4 years Republicans held everything. So how are you blaming Democrats for crap done by Republicans? Oh yeah. That’s right Republicans can do no wrong. Forgot that point. Proof of that is in the hypocrisy of the party. Say one thing one day snd contradict it the next day. Or blame BLM for what they say and do. Anyone but themselves.

    2. @Juan Fortharoad wow, that was special. Well I would be content to have a conversation with you, if you had anything of substance to say or at least something that was debatable. I wasn’t kidding about the thesaurus or the word of the day. Expand your vocabulary a little bit and stay on subject, without resorting to 3rd grade name calling and people might take you seriously.

    3. @David Gordon Veggie Biden gives you a stimulus then he gives you record inflation to eat up your stimulus check and you’re so stupid you’re happy!!! LOL

    4. @danny Torrance …or not robbing a bank but someone spending millions and wasting years investigating it!! LOL Dems are great at that!! How about investigating voter fraud? How about investigating VP Veggie Biden with holding aid to Ukraine? How about investigating Hunters laptop? No? Guess it depends on who it is,huh? Democrats are just hateful slugs.

  1. Criminals stalling investigations into their own crimes and also wanting everyone to forget them?

    1. You mean Joe and Nancy right, that explains their unending pursuit of no longer existent Trump. Republicans don’t give him as much attention as you do.

    2. No one put this much effort into Portland or other HOT spots (pun intended). Cities burning under dem control is patriotic or something?

    3. @Nodens Bertilak Persecute. Prosecute. Execute. Electrocute At any rate, “cute” those Republican traitors to death in front of all Americans so we know justice is still alive in this country. I would chose burning them at the stake. Or an electrocution gone wrong like in the move “Green Mile.” That’s the kind of suffering they deserve.

    4. @Arent blacks lovely why?
      Joe was private citizen at that time.
      He was free to earn as muvh money at that time as you are now.
      You have no argument here.
      A big part from the Trumps money came from Russia.
      I gues you are reflecting,again.

    1. @Terry G a kid trying to save his friends business is white supreme. The pedophiles he put down in self-defense were the good guys.

    2. @Scott Manerez he said peacefully once and fight more than twenty times. You are trying to use a loophole. You are being disingenuous as usual clown.

    3. @Shen Tsu A kid should not have been sacrificed for the evil ones. His life is over and they don’t care. Lets talk about trumps close relationship with Epstein or grab them by the puxxy or how he would like to date his own daughter. The accusations you make are just that, accusations! The above are facts. Want to talk about Matt Gatz’s or Joe Arpaio.

  2. Oh interesting I thought we had a legal tradition where those suspected of crimes can’t obstruct their own investigation.

    1. @Im Gold Leader that’s hilarious. You’re on a whole new level of crazy… good luck tying your shoes, let alone having a cohesive thought. Entertaining though, so thank you. Lol

    2. @Tom you insulted my intelligence and have yet to say anything of merit. You like that bubble you live in. But what happens when Biden spends 6 trillion in the next 3 years and bankrupts the poor of this nation? You got tangible assets, or will you be in bread lines like the rest of the Dems? Cause we know Republicans know how to farm and survive

    3. @Im Gold Leader I grew up on a farm, I have a masters degree, I served in the military, I have many assets. Lol…
      Your what about-isms don’t work against logic. Oh, it’s have, not got assets. Grammar is important when you’re trying to be rude. Lol
      I’m insulting your intelligence because you’re ignoring reality, you don’t understand the technology that you’re using, and yet… you won’t acknowledge anything I say, you just deflect like a true Drumpfer. Lol… it’s sad actually.
      I do however like that we both agree that all of the investigations against Hillary Clinton were unjust. Glad you’re against them at least for that. This one however, is a justified investigation. Lol… I know, that’s new for you but breathe, think about it like an adult, and realize that it NEEDS to happen. If everyone is innocent, nothing will come of it. However, I think you are so sensitive about this because you know that won’t be the case.

    4. @Arent blacks lovely Stop with the false equivalencies. The two events were completely different. BLM are protesting over centuries of human rights abuses, police brutality and racism. You MAGAts lost an election. And to the point, most of the BLM riots and looting were gangs, rightwing insurgents and opportunists. The VAST majority were extremely peaceful. But you go ahead with your little talking points and white privilege tantrums, I’m sure someone is interested

    5. @nemo4evr very well said. I think they’re just bots/trolls though, sadly no sign of their bubble being popped.

  3. So what they’re saying is.. come visit DC and have your own insurrection.. we won’t mind you trying to put our traitorious heads on a pole.

  4. It’s time to get rid of the Republican party and get a new party in office. A party that cares about the USA

    1. @claudbase You have to be kidding. Until Covid Hit Trump was guaranteed to be re-elected.
      The economy was doing better than it had in 50 years. Then the Wuhan laboratory presented (as we are finding out ) a strategic tool to stop the great antichrist who was making America great again
      [He brokered peace between Israel and the arabs. He shut up little Hitler in North Korea and stopped Chinas predatory actions on the good faith beliefs in American trade. He was even tougher on Russia. ]
      As a total over reaction to this threat coupled with Trumps horrible Rhetoric( not everyone thinks he is great when he opens his mouth. But he is an excellent manager as the rational part of the country has found out) the economy came to a screeching halt and without any facts at all the Democrats convinced the world it was all Trumps fault.

      Outright lie after outright lie.
      We know they were lies because Biden did absolutely nothing different than Trump was doing concerning covid when he came into office. It only took 100 days before the Jews and arabs were at it again. It only took 100 days to increase inflation by 2.4% ( which is huge). Unemployment is at 6.1% and we are headed for a recession. Lies told by the party of lies how much better Biden would be than Trump.

      We are even finding out that all this masking crap was BS. Only N95 masks are effective and not enough are available to the masses the doctors need them. We have been told that there was no treatment for Covid when there actually was. Breaking the law that requires it to be used before a vaccine could be allowed to be fast tracked like it was. And now they want to make it mandatory when it hasn’t even been approved by the FDA as being safe. More Democratic lies. They stopped testing it on animals because they kept dying. Instead released it on the population.

      Never before in history has 4,000 people died from a vaccine and yet it still being used. Prior to this if 15 people died within the first 100,000 doses the vaccine was pulled off the market. Currently the ratio is 25,000. 4 times higher AND ITS NOT BEEN APPROVED YET BECAUSE THE EXTENSIVE TRIALS HAVE BEEN BYPASSED. all others have been. Just more lies and BS. We have no idea what the long term effects will be.

    2. @Jey Frye Let me take 5 minutes to explain what an economic bubble is: When President Trump took office in January 2017, the national debt stood at $19.9 trillion. In October 2020 (before covid…), the national debt reached a new high of $27 trillion. That’s an increase of almost 36% in less than four years. Cutting the corporate taxes did help the unemployment (3.5% VS Obama 4.7%), but this was at a cost over 2 trillion dollars in deficit, that the average Joe will eventually have to pay when their portion of the Trump tax cut expire, while corporations will keep their tax cut.
      In Trump’s first three years, 6.6 million jobs where created. Assuming an increase in deficit of 2 trillions, the Trump tax cut added about 300000$ to the deficit per new job.
      P.S. Please, do everybody a favor and do not take the vaccine. Natural selection will take care of proving who is right and who has been conned by some dumb political propaganda…

    3. @claudbase Since its obvious your not good with Financials let me explain reality. It would have went up no matter who was president. But the biggest reasons were because of QE. remmember all the money Obama printed? Yeah that money backed by absolutely nothing. It drove the value of the dollar down increasing debt and consequently interest. But you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until Cornpop and Trixie are finished. Since 63% of Democrats live at or near the poverty level and only pay 1% of the Taxes I can see why you think like you do. But when the Middle class who pay 70% of the Taxes and are Republicans are unable to pay their taxes all that free stuff you thought you were going to get will dry up. Recession is coming and we cant carry your dumb @$$ forever.

    4. @Jey Frye Obama took office in the worst of the Bush catastrophic financial crisis and double digit unemployment, ended up increasing the US deficit by 9.3 trillions in 8 years and brought the unemployment rate to 4.7%. In his first 3 years, Trump managed to increase the US deficit by 7 trillion in an economy that was already very good. This, in my opinion, is in no way an indication of Trump’s great budget management skills.

  5. If Americans forget about January 6th, that gives other so called patriots the chance to storm the Capitol again. Next time it maybe worst!

    1. @Tushara Raghavan You almost lost in in early January. And the insanity has even grown larger since. Be wary.

    2. David Greene, there’s an old story about Lincoln, he was walking down a road and saw a farmer beating and tugging a mule to get him to pull A cart. Lincoln said to the farmer “that’s not they way to do it, you have to coax him, convince him” the farmer said “you try it if you know so much” with that Lincoln picked up a fence post and bashed the mule over the head. The farmer aghast said “I thought you said to coax him, convince him” Lincoln replied “first you have to get his attention”. Schumer and the Democrats have to get their attention. Eliminate the filibuster and slam through legislation without the Republicans and increase the Supreme Court to fifteen members, and let the Republicans know that they can also play hardball. The Democrats had better realize they owe their constituents fealty more than they owe Republicans courtesy.

    3. Jennifer Middleton, the “good guys” are defined by the winner, They write the history. Had Hitler decided not to try to conquer Europe, he might have gotten away with the holocaust. The European countries allowed him to annex several countries and territories, Franco and Mussolini were also sympathetic fascists, Hitler had sympathizers in England, Ireland and the U.S.France had no interest in challenging him, and Stalin and Hitler had a non aggression pact. Had he not started WW II, he might have continued murdering Jews and dissidents unabated.

    4. The usual explanation was his rejection as a artist, bitterness about losing WW I, blaming it on the Jews. His narcissism, and insanity are my guess, the others are just excuses.

    1. @Alex Hardy Useless to feed the trolls. Probably paid bonuses for your replies. Just report them and make them respawn.

    2. @Tammy Brothers You probably give bonuses to the trolls with your replies. Or you might be a sock puppet. Just report them and make them respawn.

    3. @Dave Greene Are you trying to feed bonuses to the trolls? Or are you another sock puppet. Report, forget, and assume they respawn.

  6. ‘Don’t believe what you saw with your own eyes’ – Derek Chauvin defense and current GOP strategy to avoid 1/6 commission.

    1. @William Kinkade all of America for most of 2020? Or are you talking about the Cuomo elderly Genocide?

    2. _The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command._

    3. @tigress and the u-fraidees i love when the party of the regime quotes Orwell to me.
      You having fun with your book burning yet. It was your party that supported and defended slavery. But now you’ve “changed” just like Obama wanted.

    4. @Im Gold Leader I’d advise you to go take some history classes because the Republican now we’re called the Democrats back then and they are the ones that created the KKK and they still are the KKK today under the Republican go take some history classes for goodness sakes

    5. @Tammy Brothers No they were not. The Democrats control the education system and have completely ruined it. The universities are just Debt allocation centers to give kids worthless degrees and crushing debt so they can control them with emotion and the drivel their minds have been reprogrammed with.
      This Lie about a Great Switch, where black became white, red became blue, hate became love, is a construct of the Party of the Confederate States of America, the same party of President Lyndon Baines Johnson who said, “Get them N*****s on welfare and they’ll be voting Democrat for 200 years”. With a Hard “R” on the end.

  7. It is up to the voters to discipline the Republican party. They have place party above country.

  8. They’re making it easier easier to spot the traitors in the Republican Party. You do not negotiate with traitors.

    1. @HW Wong They are. They should’ve been outlawed when they fired on fort Sumter to keep their slaves.

  9. I assume that the GOP are complicit and all GOP senators can be presumed guilty as charged.

    1. @Lynn World no idea what you’re talking about, what hole did you find that under? So many lies from you Trumpists, there’s just no way to trust anything you say.

    2. @Unified Vision of course you have no idea. You dont go fact searching. Capitol hill only has magnetic locks, only opened from the inside. Why no inside camera footage released?

    3. @Lynn World oh boy. Tell me you’re NOT a Trump supporter, pretty obvious you are. Looking for excuses rather than admitting the truth, that is was TRUMP SUPPORTERS who did this. It’s gotten to be ridiculous, since you Trumpists lie constantly and hold on to the lies. Jesus is not pleased.

    4. @RL O’H ha, I’ll argue political history any day with you fool, except since you’re a Trumpist, there is no point, all you do is lie and play little head games.

    5. @RL O’H right back at ya fool, and I don’t really argue, I just continue until they prove themselves to be Trump supporters. No talking with those nutcases.

  10. Opposing the Bipartisan Commision is an obvious and clear sign of cover up of the criminal conducts relating to the attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

    1. @Brian Ward no Every Democrat wanted Bernie but the Established Order wanted Biden. According to Princeton University, since 1981 Americans have passed popular legislation 18% of the time. Meanwhile corporate or federally backed policy passes 45% of the time. So no we ALL LOST. INCLUDING YOU.

    2. They’re afraid we’re going to find out that the Republican Senators were involved in this insurrection so they’re trying everything they can to dismiss this

    3. @Tammy Brothers this was declared incorrect by the FBI and Capitol Police. They seized phones from the congress and senate members suspected and nothing damning was found.

    4. @Brian Ward IMO it has everything to do with the story. First off, I will not insult you or degrade you for your political beliefs. That being said- the reason people are wary of this investigation is because of the fact that there has been no effort to investigate other instances of violence and “insurrection” that have been taking place all over the country. You have to hold everybody to the same standard, which frankly is not currently happening. Until we reach a point where both parties agree to treat every person equally under the law, people are not going to want to hear it because they feel that it is extremely unfair and just a further attempt to disenfranchise their side. This is just my objective opinion.

  11. The Republicans need to take a trip to the Wizard of Oz where they can get a brain, a heart and courage.

    1. @Tammy Brothers Absolutely! That’s what trolls do. They come to stir up trouble. We need to not entertain them.

    2. @Arent blacks lovely Most of the biggest gov’t hand-outs go to large Republican-led corps. Kushner recently got sweetheart loans (interest-only payments for 10 yrs) from Feds to buy large apt blocks in MD. The Big 3 automakers got handouts which they’ll never pay back. Wall Street got bailed out in 2008, incl the world’s biggest insurer, AIC.

    3. @Tammy Brothers Democrats convince youth every 15 years theyre the anti-racist, anti-war, anti-elite party. Yet they started, got us into, or voted for every major war of the last century. Every atrociously racist policy in the US, and the entire upper echelon are ultra elitists.

    4. @Arent blacks lovely Handouts? Republicans are nothing but welfare collectors. 85% of you freeloaders are on welfare. I know because I grew up in KS. You people love giving handouts to billionaires. You gave them $1.5 Bil this round. Ps. That’s a classy name you have there.

    1. GQP criminal organization did 9 investigations into Benghazi over conspiracy theories that they had made up about Hillary, but now they want to squash an investigation into their own treasonous insurrection crimes! What pathetic, dishonest, hypocritical crooks!

    1. If they’re claiming it was BLM or ANTIFA shouldn’t that be all the more reason why Republicans would want an investigation? Definitely a head scratcher.

    1. @Arent blacks lovelysounds like a bleach drinking clown, every comment you leave is so laughable!

    2. @Arent blacks lovely You want to know who’s in hock to China? Trump owes between 260 and 420 million $$’s to Chinese banks – mostly because all the metals and all the appliances for his many building are bought from Chinese companies, and everything he does involves borrowing funds (in these cases, from Chinese banks).

    3. @Lord Vader The Leftie Ivanka and Jared made 680 million dollars over trump’s 4 year period in office that is wrong.

    1. COCKROACHES ARE EXACTLY WHAT THE GOP ARE! They make REAL AMERICANS SICK TO OUR STOMACHS! I vote to not provide security for these traitors!!

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