Republican served with lawsuit related to Capitol insurrection 1

Republican served with lawsuit related to Capitol insurrection


Alabama GOP Rep. Mo Brooks was served with a lawsuit filed by California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell seeking to hold him partially accountable for the January 6 insurrection, according to a tweet from Brooks and an attorney for Swalwell.
"Well, Swalwell FINALLY did his job, served complaint (on my WIFE). HORRIBLE Swalwell's team committed a CRIME by unlawfully sneaking INTO MY HOUSE & accosting my wife!" Brooks wrote on Twitter.
Swalwell's legal team had had difficulty serving Brooks and hired a private investigator to give him the papers, according to court filings. Swalwell's attorney, Matthew Kaiser, told CNN Sunday that a private investigator had left the papers with Brooks' wife at their home in Alabama.
CNN is unable to corroborate Brooks' claim that Swalwell's team committed a crime. CNN has reached out to the offices of both Brooks and Swalwell for comment.
The Swalwell legal team has not formally notified the court that Brooks has been served, but that likely will be coming soon. The process server will have to provide a sworn affidavit to the court, as is typical in this procedural phase of a lawsuit. Serving the papers is important because it starts a clock in court for Brooks, the defendant, to respond to Swalwell's accusations, which seek to hold him, ex-President Donald Trump and others liable for the January 6 attack on Congress.
If Brooks doesn't believe he was properly served, he will have the opportunity to contest it in court.

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    1. @Nathaniel Erskine yea they have most of guns and they stormed the capitol, and believe in conspiracy theories about the election, plus they’re training and preparing to start the next civil war creating illegal militias, yeaaa they are way more violent. LOL

    2. @Pixxie Snitt what fraud? We need proof not just a bunch of lies

    3. @666th PROFET of the God that don’t exist Training for Civil War? Talk about Conspiracy Theories. Ha ha you’re right about the Republican Party having the most guns. That’d be a short war.

    4. @666th PROFET of the God that don’t exist
      The corporate beast system and all of lucifers kids prove Christ is real instantly.
      You are the proof, demon baby, literally..
      See how easy that was..
      Now you have faith in Christ

  1. Nothing proves election fraud like getting laughed out of every court room in the country.

    1. @RYNNY KITTY Exclamation points do not confer validity. Apparently, more than 60 federal judges and two SCOTUS denials to review are mistaken according to you.
      Now, tell us why the voter restrictions that directly affect minorities are going to ensure the election is “valid” after the last election was certified by the disgraced former officeholder’s *own* administration as being “the most secure in American history.”
      You know, by one of the “best” people he appointed that he fired over this comment. You know, like Bill Barr finally admitted as he went out the door.
      Anonymous death threats to a person with whom you disagree is nothing more than a cowardly act that forces someone to have to protect themselves against that possibility. Sometimes that protection involves the use of firearms.
      Death threats are criminal behavior, just not as severe as insurrection.
      NRN EOD – keep drinking that Kool-Aid, my dear. It makes everything orange again.
      ‘bye now

    2. And guess what, seven states have audits and arizona will be ready in a few days. Better hope it reveals nothing.

    3. @Queens Rule voter ID! Everyone has to have an ID! That racist thing the left uses is b.s.!

      Truth means nothing to the wicked, all democrats are lucifers army and all their AI and bots killing the very fabrics of life itself

    1. @Nathaniel Erskine More like cute in an emasculated pitiful kind of way. You are definitely a bottom.

    2. @Nathaniel Erskine I don’t care about that stuff personally, but im not surprised you do.

  2. Make sure y’all stay informed about your local, state, presidential elections and go out and vote. Thank you.

    1. @Bob Cubellis to bad demorats are trying to get everybody in the world to vote. Coarse they would need to to get elected.

    2. @George Furman plz, talk about parroting the media, Crow, plz not very bright are you? Speaking of criminals, i believe it was demorats sending ballots to felons. Bet ya dont even know anything about jim crow.

    3. @UCt0yWgiGgABJgxDyX7wKyyg
      Lucifers kids are dropping like flies as you spiral into the abyss with all your evil pipe dreams stuck right up your unholy wazzoo

  3. what gets me, he knew he was going to be served and a judge would overrule on this one. and this guy is a lawyer and knows this.

    1. Every republican/seditionist. thinks that they are above the law or that laws do not pertain to them.

  4. Someone better check on his wife. This man seems like the type to blame her for his troubles because she took the paper.

    1. That guy’s own family spoke negatively about him and said that he is unhinged and a psycho

    2. @Earl Frazier says the woman that was never invited to family events and was jealous of trump for decades. Yeah, good source.

    3. @daniel banks triggered LOL. Nobody even talking about the trumps LOL.

    4. @666th PROFET of the God that don’t exist maybe you should actually read the feeds boy.

  5. “Surprised me on my front lawn with unpleasant legal paperwork.” is a FAR CRY from “Snuck into my HOUSE and “ACCOSTED” my wife.”

  6. Mo Brooks should be censured he must resign or else he will be expelled and must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. They’re too busy censuring Liz Cheney for not towing the line of a senile old man’s dementia influenced lies.

      (“Cancel culture” is so 2 months ago)

  7. Good for him. Others should do the same that are able to seeing that the Republicans refuse to investigate the insurrection.

  8. Why does it look like more and more everyday, that being a politician is the way to go for those with criminal ambitions?

    1. Pretty much… politicians, entertainment and religion has all been colonized by criminals

    2. They are “elected officials” and federal employees. Small victory, but a start. Civil cases can take 2-10 years. The ball has been tossed and received. Let’s see what will happen.

  9. This BS of hiding and dodging and running away from LEGAL processes is BS.
    Oh, and did I mention the BS part?

  10. Brooks will obviously fund raise like there was no tomorrow… don’t give him your money!

    1. @Dale Trotman what happened , did Fox Entertainment station had to shut down their comments section again. And you found yourself here lost all alone sad little boy. Trump lost get over it

  11. They’re all acting like they can’t be touched! We’re not blind, you’re going to be held accountable at a slow pace because the wheels turn very slow in gov but you will be held accountable regardless

  12. The funniest part of this is that Brookes’ outraged tweet included a photo of his laptop… With his Gmail password on display.

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