1. @BostonBruins 88
      NEWSFLASH… Your AR15 won’t do crap against marine blackhawks lol. First flyover & you run home & wait for the fbi to knock on your door.

    2. @BostonBruins 88 but trump has had way more executive orders than biden ever will have. Trump was only writing orders that benefited him and his lackies and diminished citizens literally ordered an attack against his own party and government.

    3. @Wonder Wonderful
      The ENTIRE REPUBLICAN PARTY enabled 4+ years of corruption, harm, death, & damage it will take a generation to repair (if it ever can be).

    1. Movements like Trumpism happens when egotistical monsters manipulates their followers to be convinced not to trust anything or anyone other than them or their movement.

    2. Dang it, with that type of logic you can justify anything including genicide, Ohh wait what’s this you already do with buzz phrases like by body my choice. Good look when the food runs out.

  1. We knew he’d be acquitted, nothing new here. The disgraced republican cult can have and keep him.
    #Vote #Vote #Vote

    1. @Lady A You just called me a racist bigot. What racist category does that put you in? Does your wife feel as you do?

    2. The GOPQ is anti-intellectual, anti-democracy and anti-american. It’s become a dangerous cult who would stop at nothing to advance its radical ideas.

    3. @evil khor I didn’t call you anything but the shoe seems to fit well mr. “trump 2024” 😂
      I don’t have the energy it takes to hate like racist people do. 🤷🏾‍♀️😎
      And you seem to have gone off the rails buddy. Wife??? Lay off the sauce.😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Yes, you’re right. Trump reminds me of King Midas in a different way; everything Trump touches goes down in shame, humiliation, and conviction. Think about all of the former Trump associates who’ve gotten arrested and indicted.

    1. Democrats handed millions to rich lawyers for chasing Trump, while our homeless freeze in the streets from lack of money to rent warm shelter. Biden lied about helping the poor!

    2. @Lynne Titus and then we’re going to lose to the Republicans who will mess it up again and the cycle continues……..

  2. GOP is an autocratic minority party that refuses to evolve to survive. Shame on us for ever giving them the benefit of the doubt

    1. When a party turn their back to science and facts then embraces conspiracy they go down a dark path… i hope they dont drag down everyone with them

    2. @Pong Bautista It thought you were making claims about the political tastes of Gen Z as opposed to the Boomers. My take is that its the Boomers who have fallen into sloth and decay and started voting Republican. Or worse. The Hippie Generation turned out to be larger, but not much different, from those before and after. If you can tell me more about Gen Z I’d be please to read it.

    3. The GOPQ is anti-intellectual, anti-democracy and anti-american. It’s become a dangerous cult who would stop at nothing to advance its radical ideas.

    1. @born ectomorph live mesomorph You kids are just pathetic. You understand you were born because your mom was lonely and expected you to love them – when it should have been the other way around.
      You poor, suffering creatures….
      Best of luck.

    2. @born ectomorph live mesomorph You sad and pain-ridden soul…So sad.
      Same goes for you as the other fool.
      My wishes for a quick recovery…Give your dad a call – won’t ya’

    1. Meanwhile 100% of democrats hold a warm and comfortable place for evil right there in your dim and depressed soul.

    2. Enemy of the state? Trump has so far been found *NOT GUILTY* of every conspiracy theory you’ve accused him of, as your own tear through American streets with violence, looting and anarchy. For 4 years have you tried to have a democratically elected president removed based on conspiracy theories and slander alone, kicking and screaming like little toddlers because the election didnt go your way. And non-stop spreading your hate, division and viciousness fully backed by the Liberal mainstream media. *You* have become the fascist you pretend to fight against. You frothing-at-the-mouth hypocrites.

    3. @jr goxy Yes we are, as opposed to you clowns who have been kicking,n screaming and crying foul play for 4 years trying to have a democratically elected president removed based on your own unproven slanderous accusations as your own groups took to the streets spreading violence and anarchy for months. But now, after 4 years of going berserk, and that you have your establishment back into power you suddenly want “PeAcE AnD UniTy”?? Are you imageboard weasels for real? Unbelievable.

    4. @D mpk lol that was an exceptionally long winded way of saying “TrUmP MaN BaD!”. You people effectively argue nothing, ever. Clowns.

  3. That’s what we do for children, we praise them for doing good but we should not have to praise adults especially those in the Senate they should know better or not be there.

    1. Republican base = white supremacist, Qanon nuts, fake patriots who openly supports domestic terrorists, uneducated trump supporters.

    2. Plus we know Trump wants a dictatorship in the US. WE ALL MUST SPEAK AND STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND MORAL.

    3. The goal of praising good behaviour is that the adult gets that praise intrinsically. It comes from within because you know when you’ve done something right and good. No one did that for tRump as he was growing up. That’s the basis for his narcissism. Love me, praise me, see how good I am. He had to establish his own intrinsic values and he failed miserably.

    1. @BeeZ NeeZ hes not going to prison..gop just gave him secret service for life..can’t lock up the agents too and can’t lock up 45 in a federal prison for state crimes..he will get slapped on the wrist n fines that he will never pay..

    2. @Susan Heaton steve schmidt left the LP to make room for a woman to be seated..nobody there is leaving the ship silly. They’ve got plans and I’m loving them..you butthurt cuz they raise so much $$$$ for our dem party? Awww..

    3. Ah ha. So the Republicans who convicted were bad. What MSNBC bs. And souls? Are you kidding ? As if you have the right to judge

    1. @Ron Allen It’s not Socialism that we have or Bernie advocates . It’s Social Democracy. You have it there as well. You pay taxes and it’s used to help your citizens… unemployment, Covid relief, pensions etc.
      It’s just that we opt to put a proportion to national healthcare and the US opts to spend more than the next 8-9 countries combined, on the military.
      Different priorities. That’s all.

    2. @tyler dawson absolutely wrong. Being acquitted means the jury does not find you guilty beyond reasonable doubt. That does
      not mean proven innocent. Know the difference

  4. I don’t give “the seven” much credit at all. They have helped to bring the GOP to this point, although the GOP heading towards this black hole started decades ago before most of these folks were in office.

    1. @Elaine  And Trump didnt, as the court proved with evidence. Yet another accusation falling flat in the ocean of accusations youve thrown at Trump over the years. The DNC lawyers were even caught *tampering with evidence* ffs.. So they question you people should start asking yourselves: “Since everything we accuse Trump of falls flat in court/cant be proven, are WE the ones spreading misinformation and on the side of fake news?”… But the DNC/Biden & Co sure did encourage and cheer on the even more violent and destructive 5 month long Antifa/BLM riots, and the issue is that you people dont hold your own political representatives/groups *to the same standards.* That makes you hypocrites adhering to double standards, and that is what people are calling out. But you people think you can just dismiss EVERYTHING BAD THING YOU DO by just saying “BuT MuH TrUmP MaN BaD!”…thats not how it works.

    2. @toasteh You continue to bring the argument back to BLM and the months of unrest…that was not what was being investigated!! BLM has legitimate groused and that sxdown whether or not you agree with their position. Further, It appears that you’re making some false equivalency.
      As per your first sentence, in which court was there an investigation? Are you looking into the future? I don’t follow your remaining arguments.

    3. @Elaine We are calling out your hypocrisy!! You sat quiet and cheered on these violent rioters for MONTHS and said nothing, but when the other side does something similar for 4 hours (hardly even destroying anything) you demand a full blown investigation and cry foul, all while you ignore your own groups committing far worse atrocities and when called on it its suddenly “WhAtAbOuTiSm”…Are you people 12 years old?? Violent riots are NOT legitimate AT ALL. And BLM does not have a green card to just exempt themselves from the law and order and destroy innocent peoples lives you ignorant hack. “Rules for thee, not for me”, thats the point we are making. *And yet again* Trump has been found innocent of your bs hysterical accusations, as all the slander you have accused him of fail. If you people didnt have double standards you wouldnt have any standards at all.



    1. The whole world laughs even America is laughing at it self for letting such a manic off while we throw people in jail and take their kids for not sending their kids to school during a pandemic

    1. @L R ok ,but you have not mentioned any policies of his. I am assuming your’re using your parents account ,hopefully they can raise you a bit better.

    2. If he was ‘GUILTY’ why didn’t the DemonKratz mentioned the bombs placed the night before. ? It was reportedly that same day. Even Trump’s lawyers mentioned and the demonkratz completely ignored it
      So that right there says everything.
      And yet people still brainwashed by the MediaMob..

    3. @UC4YC3G-kkmUBcVT5iULnmWw did you mention biden in your sentence with tara reade ps trump hasn’t done any of that by the way.

  6. They can keep their coward Emperor, just keep his foolishness away from the rest of us Americans that actually want to feel safe and abundant in our country that we built on our backs?

  7. When we praise people for *_rarely displaying an infinitesimal trace of integrity,_* we teach children to believe that it’s praiseworthy to rarely display an infinitesimal trace of integrity.

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