Republicans Apparently Shocked To Learn Biden Nominee Shares Biden's Views | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Republicans Apparently Shocked To Learn Biden Nominee Shares Biden’s Views | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at the bad faith Republican objection to President Joe Biden's nominee for Interior Secretary, Rep. Deb Haaland, that Haaland shares Biden's concerns about drilling for oil on public land, concerns that Biden voices in the campaign for president, that he won. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Republicans Apparently Shocked To Learn Biden Nominee Shares Biden's Views | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Not to mention they’re still exempt from the clean water act just ask southern West Virginians about their polluted toxic well water and learn what lies upstream

    1. @nova396 
      You know the difference between federal and state lawmakers? I don’t think so otherwise you would know that the flint water scandal was caused by decisions made by Republican officials (Rick Snyder and his bootlickers). Not to mention that those people ended in court when the name of the US president was Donald Trump with the known result.

    2. @Colin Sheehan What am I deflecting from again . I’m sorry that I don’t regurgitate lying talking points from the media I have my own brain And I know how to discern truth from lies

    3. @michael huppertz I’m pretty sure those on the right understand full well the difference between state and federal government. We also know that Obama promised to help those in flint and didn’t. We also know the republican governor, not wanting to interfere at the local level ,was only going along with what had already been in the process. The process was started by the city counsel of flint ( democrats)as a way to save money to help balance their budget because they spent the city into near bankruptcy.

    1. @OranDrite They feed your addiction to Trump. Just be honest, this hate for the orange man is all you have left in life, isn’t it?

    2. @bobba fett yes, it includes FOX news as well as MSNBC. They are both propaganda manufactured on behalf of oligarchs. Gutter trash.

    3. @J.P. McMurphy believing trump about what? What a moronic statement. I suppose the bad orangeman is wrong about everything he’s ever said…

    4. @OlderG0ds i always wished he would come out and say that being alive is patriotic and breathing is good for you. It would’ve solved a lot of problems.

    1. Remember when they bashed Trumps nominations because they were worried that they didn’t want babies killed and a secure border. A bunch of hypocritical idiots!

    1. @GrassDanishes your lack of literacy or ability to comprehend my question (though not directed at you) reinforces the stereotypes of the uneducated Republican voter. Go read a book or maybe a newspaper or something? Maybe less time on the cell phone huh?

  2. They want to dictate to Joe to nominate only Republicans like Green and Johnson and Republican democrat Joe Manchin.

    1. Pretty sure he’ll do that over his dead body now that so many of them protected Trump in the impeachment trial.

  3. It’s about time we had someone who cares for the land and water and air in a position where action he needs to be taken with care and serious forethought.

  4. Question: Who in our government, would have the authority to FIRE a Senator? Is it the State said senator is supposed to be representing? or…

  5. Why should I (that’s never had any Slaves) pay Reparations to someone (that’s never been a Slave) compensations!? America wake up and see….this is getting crazier every day!

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