‘Republicans Are Fighting Themselves’ Says Rep. Joe Neguse | The Last Word | MSNBC

‘Republicans Are Fighting Themselves’ Says Rep. Joe Neguse | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. Right now it’s democracy that’s at stake. You can’t have a good government without at least 2 strong parties that are working for the PEOPLE

    1. @Nathaniel Erskine They should. NOBODY in the world but Warmongers and Pedo’s will support them.

  2. They all want the former guy gone, but they’re too chicken. It’s embarrassing to see grown men so pitiful.

    1. He’ll likely move up to one of our Senate seats first, but I’d gladly vote for him any time he’s on the ballot.

    2. The only argument I have against this is that electing another black President will get that would-be president the same kind of hate that Obama did. Obama was the best president ever, in my view. But his eight years spawned the racial vitriol. Having Biden there now, despite him being a white man, is probably better right now than anyone else in the Oval, period. The Republicans need to learn to accept other races and genders before Neguse runs, because the race card would be played ad nauseum on Bulls#%t Mountain if he were to win.

  3. Keep making us proud in Colorado Rep Neguse, we are so proud of you and your work in the 2nd Impeachment proceedings.

    1. Let’s see how this plays out for Lawrence and your Hero. You are sending Crypto’s to the moon.

  4. Nothing says “republican leadership” like being afraid to admit the worst president in history lost re-election. 😅😂

  5. This is what happens when there is no leader. They put all their eggs in the Trump basket, and Cheney has more eggs than all GOP men in Congress.

  6. I have heard of Wolfe’s among sheep. But Liz is a sheep among Wolfe’s. Not fair, is it. I admire her for her Principles.

  7. Thank you Kevin McQarthy, your preaching to a shrinking audience. True Conservatives and independents are being forced to their displeasue into the Democratic camp 😱

    1. …..but it is apparent at this time the concern of the democrats are that of the
      People and the progression of the country not just for one party but all
      People….not upholding party but for the
      Greater whole of the body….the whole
      Country REGUARDLESS of party…… meaning all people.

  8. They took the turn and train went RIGHT off the rails! ( Some are DOING them 😉)

  9. That same interview with Wallace, watch his eyes and voice inflection. Classic signs of lying when he denies witness tampering. We need to start holding all politicians accountable for their actions.

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