Republicans Attack Biden Infrastructure Plan’s $2T Price Tag | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Republicans Attack Biden Infrastructure Plan's $2T Price Tag | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. His aggressive stance toward ending the filibuster & now infrastructure indicates what he fears most is Joe being successful ergo making it near on impossible to get back into power. Poor politics, poor form. He doesn’t have the people’s best interests at heart, only his interests.

  1. Folks in DC are so out of touch of course Americans want Corporations to pay more and rebuild this country..folks are tired of seeing super boats and G700’s and luxury homes all over the world….tired of it..time to make the masses feel needed and wanted.

    1. @Winston Porter the lady doth protest too much methinks. Sure you do buddy. The way you write, the language you use and all the BS you have been spouting says otherwise. Any more conspiracies theories or lies that you want to tell today Cleetus? You’ve been around since the 50s🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴. Whatever. Go back under your rock MAGAt. Just because you’ve worked for a company that’s gone public doesn’t mean you get to share in its success. Especially when you probably just pushed the broom. I bet you’re ecstatic that they’re going to raise it to a $15 minimum wage. You’ll finally be able to get out of that trailer.

    2. @Winston Porter since you joined YouTube 4 months ago Grandpa, I’m guessing you’re the communist. STFU and go away now.

    3. @J SMARTIN believe what ever you like, it does not change reality. Biden and the communist Democrats have already caused a 70 cent per gallon rise in the price of gasoline. Soon enough you will experience inflation induced price increases the likes of which we have not seen sine the 70s. You will then pay the price for being so foolish. At that point, remember this 87 year-old “old man” told you so…you and I will both know that you destroyed yourself…and you will not be able to lie to yourself…that will be when you will be forced to face reality.

    4. @Winston Porter here’s another one for you sweetheart.
      Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. This applies to you.
      Advanced degrees🤣🤣🤣 Did you have to look that up? Did you read anything that you wrote? I’d be surprised if you even graduated high school. If you have even an AA, I’m the pope. 87 wow. Your time is over. You are irrelevant. Your ideologies are fading into dust. It’s doubtful you will vote in another primary. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bye.

  2. No!! The mega rich will start paying their fair share of taxes. It’s about Fu::into time.

    1. Not at 28% they won’t. That’s less than they paid befor Trump slashed it to nothing

    2. Why are Demonrats so jealous of the rich? Get off the couch.Get a job. Stop stealing from your great grandchildren.Act like a grown up.

  3. So Mitch complains that they’re trying to undo Trump’s 2017 Tax Grift for The Wealthy. Well duh, that’s what the 99% of us want!

  4. You go Joe! Get it done, and don’t let the rich and big corporations get out of paying their taxes. Tax the rich big.

    1. Exactly Americans need jobs tax corporations extra for manufacturing their products outside the country.

    2. You news held accountable for down fall of america. Biden can travel to lie but cant stop by the border

  5. Not a peep outta them when Trump gave the 1% and their corporations a $2.1 trillion tax break.

    1. It takes cult-like faith to believe your vote is significant when Billionaires exist. Both parties control who gets on TV for the presidential debates. The entire proportion democracy can work with capitalism is a farce.

    2. @NEAR TERM EXTINCTION – HUMAN We have to wait for a majority opinion for anything else. At my age, I’ll take whatever I can get.

    3. I think you are missing some of the Republicans’ largess to their billionaire/millionaire constituents:
      The Republicans passed a $1.5 Trillion tax cut where 80% went to the millionaires/billionaires:
      > $1.5 Trillion x 80% = $1.2 Trillion
      and 43,000 millionaires/billionaires received $1.6 million each from CAREs:
      > $1.6 million x 43,000 = $68.8 Billion
      and 3/4 of the $2.2 trillion of the first COVID-19 bailout went to the millionaires/billionaires
      > $2.2 x 75% = $1.65 Trillion
      So that is $3.469 Trillion to their friends and supporters.

    4. @Scott Davis I don’t have any hope with half the voter think the rest of us can go along with an orange turd. Nothing has changed & I remember watching the news when four students were killed at Kent State.

  6. Biden should have just said that Mexico will pay for it. Problem solved. Worked for the last guy, didn’t it?

  7. If the Republicans are making noise it means Biden’s doing something right. When Republicans are silent, that’s when Biden needs to show caution. They won’t interrupt Biden making a mistake by any means

  8. The cost of food has been going up since 2009, and went up by 15-20% because of Trump’s covid-19 debacle.

  9. You need to remove the tax loopholes, it wont matter much to raise the corperate tax %. There is so many ways, to eliminate your tax as a company. 🤔

    1. If you earn enough to be able to afford a CPA, you likely aren’t paying any taxes. If you are willing to itemize and keep track of your expenses all year, you won’t have to pay any taxes either.

      My brother is an expert at it. The last few years, he’s gotten more back in taxes, than he paid in. It’s all about how you file, and how much time you are willing to devote to tracking your expenses.

      To your point, until these types of loopholes are fixed, there will always be people who use them to abuse the system.

  10. Don’t care. Push it through. It’s what they would do. Stop being so nice if they won’t work with us.

  11. If you have a house in disrepair it’s always gonna cost you to get it fixed. Biden has decided to bite the bullet and get it fixed!

    1. of course Republicans will argue.. they don’t ever offer solutions, just drag others down except their rich greedy racist buddies

    2. True my dear , true, I mean since last four of republican leadership , nothing meaningful has ever been done in america, except make the rich richer,and no serious innovation or development cos trump/republican party is standing against innovators and scientist in the name of people who refuse reality in the south and since has been drawing the nation down,look where that leads us , —loosing our place in the world and china is now putting their fingers in our eyes,what republican chooses is bickering and even if the get the power , they will go back to same old , same old, enriching the rich while the citizens suffers , it is obvious ,that they cannot govern in this modern era cos they are not intouch with where the world is heading to.

    3. I don’t understand how you can say it at the house of representatives is in disrepair because it is now under democratic control. I do agree with you that we should reach across the aisle and work in conjunction with the Republicans to get majors past as we have always done. Joe said that he wanted to work across the aisle. I think he’s been given some very bad advice but some of his staff members and he needs to put that practice in the play.

  12. Civilian Conservation Corps 1935 a Federal jobs program that helped get us out of the Depression.

    1. Yes I agree. Before or after the logging camps are done cutting trees same camps are used for Fire Protection

  13. Finally, a president doing something good for you guys. As they say, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate

  14. “He invited Republicans to _work_ with him…” That’s your problem right there. Mitch and his senators are not there to work, but to obstruct.

    1. You know that Fox News and other right wing media and Conservatives would still have attacked Biden because they hate him not to mention Biden is in a damned if he do and damned if he doesn’t situation

    2. The party of no said no to infrastructure even when Trump was President. They also said no to his wall and no to new healthcare. They say yes to new tax cuts for the wealthy. Everything else is too expensive…

  15. Lesson number one (from old Fram commercials): you can pay me now, or pay me later! Republican prioritization of tax cuts for the wealthy and inaction on a crumbling infrastructure has brought us to the point where going big is the only option.

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