Republicans Attempt To Pass Wave of Voter Restriction Bills Across The Country | MSNBC 1

Republicans Attempt To Pass Wave of Voter Restriction Bills Across The Country | MSNBC


As Republican state legislatures seek to pass a wave of bills restricting voting rights and the right to protest, there’s one key wedge issue that continues to drive conservative voters to keep these lawmakers in office. Meghan Milloy, Founder & Executive Director of “Republican Women for Progress” and bestselling author Matt Dowd, Founder of “Country Over Party” and Former Chief Strategist of the Bush-Cheney administration, join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the state of the post-Trump. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Republicans Attempt To Pass Wave of Voter Restriction Bills Across The Country | MSNBC


    1. They Call It Madness , It’s Plain To See , That Is What They Mean To Be , Madness Madness I Call It Gladness.

    2. @Profound Thoughts My guess is no. When an entire party chooses to back a loser of monumental proportions, they have signed their death warrant on the credibility scale. These Trumplicans have based their party on a destructive cult leader who only cares about himself. They cannot admit that, so either way they are doomed. After the disaster of January 6, anyone who continues to support the insurrectionsist in chief is an unpatriotic fool.

    1. Eric Swalwell abandoned his wife and America, but he hasn’t abandoned Biden! Ouch that had to sting didn’t it?

  1. Dam right. There is no saving this GOP. No rehabilitation. No redemption. No mea culpa. This party is done. It’s not even a party any more. They are not participating in democracy. They are a faction.

    1. @Happy Dance not sure you do with that kind of statement.
      Republicans have fallen for the big lie.

    2. What is wrong with people on the LEFT, that is the question I will ask every single time

    3. Adam Schiff was supposed to stop Trump completely! With his more than “Circumstantial Evidence”of Treason by Colluding with the Russians! Also just like Brennan, Clapper, Rice and far to many other’s to list! TOLD US ALL! But when Adam had them behind closed doors! UNDER OATH! They all stated they had nothing! Not even hear say! I think they where threatened to say that! Maybe by Antifa or BLM! Cause those 3 are also True Patriots Like Mr. Schiff! So I’m gonna still wait! Never lose Faith! Just like with this Ridiculous Arizona Audit! The Truth always shines through! AND WILL BE PROVEN! That Biden won in the Cleanest Election Ever! And is The Most Popular President Ever! I can’t wait for Orange man to eat his words!

  2. What is going on our people??? We have chosen to build upon lies instead of embracing truth

    1. @YouTube Moderator are you serious??compared to trumps lies and continous lying Bidens a saint

    2. @Alex Hamilton they use fox as a legal defense for the insurrection. What does that tell you trumpeters?

    3. @Alex Hamilton the very people who spew the lies denounce them and. They are abandoned as the rule of law walks them down just ask rudy

  3. I guess this is what we are paying members of Congress to do now. Why are our tax dollars being spent on two idiots on a national tour to promote the republican party?

    1. They’re probably spending campaign funds (or the proceeds of their latest grift). They’re desperate for money right now (mostly to pay their lawyers.)

    1. @William Springer Yeah…they’re not great for you…but it beats killing our fellow Americans

    2. @Kenny Mason Freedom isn’t something every man is prepared to fight for. You’ve proven it…

    3. @William Springer What a BS statement! The wearing of mask have reduced the number of people who normally get the flu and common cold each year! If you nuts want to come up with a conspiracy come up with ones that can’t be disproved in a second!

  4. If an Id is required to vote the government should give you one free no charge and come to your community center or send bus pass something like that, some states require you to have one just for walking around or at least I did when I was in South Florida the cops said it was against the law not carrying one and two would get you arrested.

    1. In Canada, if you have ever obtained a Government document, of filed a tax return, you are registered to vote in any election at any time. You never have to check the voter rolls, you never have to re-register.

    2. Do you know what ID is being required to vote or do you even realized you suggestion actually makes it *harder* for people? As for FL, they require you to have a Drivers License to identify you aren’t a homeless individual (i’m not defending or attacking their reasoning), it’s not a random thing. But back to the ID requirement for voting, as far as TX and GA, they are specifically in their bills having it; DL, college ID, birth certificate, utility bill. Not exactly the most “difficult” of things to get your hands on now are they?

  5. Time to start working on ways to get people to vote buses, people offering rides etc, Signing them up for registration. etc

    1. @WEEGEE LANA Yes that’s great if your not old and maybe can t walk really well or get confused. Or maybe blind and can t see to dial it. Especially the ones with medical conditions

    2. @WEEGEE LANA What to drive 6 hours to a polling station and 3 hours waiting in line and then another 6 hours home. Yes the elderly can do that.

    1. @Giles Bowman SOUND FAMILIAR, TROLL?? Internet trolls invaded news media sites and massively posted pro-Trump comments in broken English.Trolls take shifts writing mainly in blogs on LiveJournal and Vkontakte, about subjects along the propaganda lines assigned. Included among the employees are artists who draw political cartoons. They work for 12 hours every other two days. A blogger’s quota is ten posts per shift, each post at least 750 characters. A commenter’s norm is 126 comments and two posts per account. Each blogger is in charge of three accounts.

      An employee interviewed by The Washington Post described the work:

      “I immediately felt like a character in the book 1984 by George Orwell — a place where you have to write that white is black and black is white. Your first feeling, when you ended up there, was that you were in some kind of factory that turned lying, telling untruths, into an industrial assembly line.”

  6. Those two sure are weird looking crazy, men . happy mother’s day . don’t be cheap dig up some flowers for mom

    1. Precisely. Democrats are still too eggshell-walking. Call this what it is, AND remember that if it were the other way around, Republicans would absolutely have all guns a blazing.

  7. The GOP is now an actual threat to America and everything it is supposed to stand for and value.
    How do those people sleep at night…,?

  8. Matt Gaetz declares “We have never abandoned Trump.” Meanwhile, Trump has totally abandoned Matt Gaetz. Too damned funny.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Someday you’re going to become a trophy on my wall.

    2. @yu stu Dems, BLM, and media are separate, not one.
      It looks like you’re the ding-a-ling being manipulated.

    3. @Bonnie Kerr American corporate media are simply stenographers for the Democrat Party. That’s why the NYPost story of Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed by Facebook, NYT, ABC, CBS, WaPo, Twitter, etc. etc. That’s just one example. BLM exists simply to get Democrats elected. Dems are weak on crime, and ignore law, i.e. immigration law; kommie paying the bail of arsonists and looters. I’m actually providing examples, not just accusations, but, I’ll stop there because I know I’m wasting my time.

  9. Lets see what the GOP when Trump and co start facing indictments and prosecutions… the GOP is not only splitting, people are leaving the party in droves…

  10. Michael Wood in Texas got only 3% of the vote. The rest went to candidates who believe that the election was stolen. Now in Virginia everyone of the candidates believes that the election was stolen.

    1. I live on the Southside of Chicago. I’m embarrassed people think Barack is one of us.

  11. How can the supreme Court sit by and do nothing when a political party takes away or restricts American citizens the right to vote. Since when does lies and deception rule the day.

    1. If you’re placing your hopes on John Roberts and this SCOTUS, where have you been for the last few years? They allowed Citizens United, and gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and you think they’ll do anything now, to protect people’s rights?

  12. What gives the republicans the right to stop someone they don’t even know to stop them from doing what they need to do with their own body ??
    Who TF do they think they are ???

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