'Republicans Can't Keep Folding': Klobuchar Presses Gun Safety 1

‘Republicans Can’t Keep Folding’: Klobuchar Presses Gun Safety


Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow about why she's hopeful that univeral background checks for gun purchases can still pass the senate.
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  1. We need MORE than just background checks, we NEED MENTAL Evaluations BEFORE someone can buy ANY gun.. If you fail NO Weapon.. Just because your parents kept you alive for 18 years, should NOT automatically qualify you to own a gun..

    1. @Skippy Skipperson It’s just capitalism, supply and demand. The consumer with $ doesn’t give a F what the law is. Some people make guns, some make heroin…it’s just business.

    2. Lying on a form 447A, the form you must fill out before buying a firearm is a felony offence! The consequences are 5 years in jail and a fine. One of the questions on form 447A is “Are you an unlawful user of , or addicted to Marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, or any other controlled substance”, Hunter Biden admitted accidendly in his book at the time he bought the gun that he was at the very least smoking meth and Dementia Joe said in a presidential debate with Trump Hunter had a drug addiction problem.

    3. What the government seem to ignore is the most sensible gun owners approve background checks. They also approve – before you save for a gun – save for the safe you are going to put it in.

    4. @Chilkat River What happens when you get caught buying the heroin? Same should happen if you buy a gun.

    1. Trading crypto now would be wise but trading without a professional is really bad I’m a living testimony of Expert Charles Washington.

  2. Two words. Port Arthur. Look it up. Love Australia. when will you all learn. It’s not a right to own a gun. It’s a privilege.

    1. @Kennedy Suggs Go Bare Arms at a police station and get the facts. They’ll probably shoot you for carrying the gun. It’s what they do when you “Bare Arms”.

    2. @Kennedy Suggs You should be more worried about Cancer coming to your door, or heart disease. You just get off on the violence.

    3. @It Was A Good Idea At The Time LOL! How was the 18th repealed?! Read some history boy!

    4. @Kennedy Suggs how many times can you shoot a shotgun before reloading? Now compare that to how many rounds are in a magazine for your ‘armalite rifle’. Which one of these weapons has the capacity to do more damage in fatalities based around reloads and rate of fire? These are the things that should be taken into consideration

  3. Background check, psychological evaluation, risk assessment. All should be done BEFORE someone can APPLY for a gun license.
    Then there should be a strict licensing test for every TYPE of weapon (just as they do with vehicles). So you’d need a license for pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc.
    And anything beyond a pistol would need extensive testing and approval. Nobody needs an assault rifle. If you want a hunting rifle, you’d need to prove that you will be able to use it properly and responsibly (as well as having a hunting license beforehand). But there’s no reason for any civilian to have military grade weapons. Ever.

    1. @T S
      what do you want one for….???????
      definition: its killed a f n lot of ppl…….

    2. Adam Taylor it is however the right of every human to be able to defend themselves, god given or otherwise. If you think you can legislate evil off of this planet, I think you’re sadly mistaken. And if you’re a law abiding citizen you should be able to own anything that the military owns. Every time a government has disarmed its citizens, the government has then killed many of those citizens.

    3. @T S How does owning a gun let someone defend themselves? Who are you defending against? The government? Because that’s not happening. No amount of weapons will EVER allow you to defend yourself from the government if they want to come after you.

      Against burglars? There’s a reason most deaths that happen during home invasions result from someone being shot by their own gun (either self inflicted or the burglar steals the gun and shoots them).

      From a mugger on the street? They’ll have a gun too, and they’ll have you dead before you can draw.

      There is no reason for civilians to own guns. Period.

  4. We live in a generation where teasing and laughing at Americans is the norm.
    Covid deaths US 606,179 Mexico 222,232 UK 127,748 Canada 25,361 China 4,636 Australia 910 Taiwan 46 NZ 26.
    232 mass shootings in 147 days, 180 school shootings in 10 years, Pinky power, Asian bashing, Antisemitism, Riots, MAGATs and QANON.
    Mass shootings in the US are a ‘National Embarrassment’ – J.Biden.

  5. Ms. Klobachar
    Political Savvy
    Hard Working
    Very Good Person

    1. “Snow-woman Klobuchar”
      Political Establishment
      Talking head for Corporate Media.

    2. @Oldies are Goldies Correct. She is a little bit elitist and arrogant. Or at least comes off like that.

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much So whatever problem you have Jesus has the solution,What’s there to lose by trying right?

    Like so more people can see this

    Word of the day

    Proverbs 10 : 19

    Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut

  7. Have you met the current crop of Republicans? A cult like that can fold until they are all dead.

  8. In the past gun, regulation was impossible with the TQP. Odds look much better for gun regulation now TQP has an Armed Tourist Caucus even objecting to metal detectors.

  9. As a gun owner, I believe every gun should be registered to a certified owner. This could be achieved with the support of state and local Police.

    1. in Australia they work it like the DMV…you have to have a licence and EVERY weapon is registered to an owner. whenever it changes hands after that, it gets anew owner. just like ownin a car

  10. I don’t care what you say Rachel, Democrats will never get 10 Republicans to vote yes on any bill that includes guns until they feel the pain themselves personally.

  11. Guns are so old fashioned/out-dated and only cause more unnecessary deaths. In Europe almost no one has a gun, so much safer.

    1. We have lots of guns in canada but we have strict gun laws so mass shooting’s arent a thing here. Banning guns outright is a fascist governments wet dream. Europe is so screwed, you have no rights lol

  12. The GQP will keep folding when the money comes in… get money out of politics! Stop the corruption!

  13. Losing your mind and massacring innocent people with assault weapons is as American as apple pie.

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