Republicans Choose Cries Of Freedom Over Science And Mandates 1

Republicans Choose Cries Of Freedom Over Science And Mandates


Senior columnist at Bloomberg Opinion Tim O’Brien and director of the Republican Accountability Project Olivia Troye react to the resistance from Republicans to vaccine and mask mandates.

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  1. The number of infections coming out of FloriDUH is not surprising, thanks to the DeSantis Variant.

    1. @NICHOLE LOL when TF did I make a comment on this thread about medications?! Unless, omg did you think my ED / lasting 12hrs or longer joke above was an actual commentary on US drug policy ?!? LOLOLOL

    2. @NICHOLE uh….. sorry that wasn’t me tho. Like. I don’t know how to better explain it to you how to check your comment history. Idk why you commented @ me, but maybe check your sh*t before spraying your crazy, yea?

    3. @NICHOLE omgggg I see it now… you were arguing with the lady bolski person and maybe accidentally replied to me instead?! And then got confused about who you were saying what to?! Omg honey, you poor thing

  2. Republicans used to be obsessed with “personal responsibility”. Now that’s gone out the window.

    1. @NICHOLE omg I can’t believe you actually said that. wow. I love when people pretend to know what they are talking about. go learn about this stuff if you want to sound intelligent

    2. @james overholt viral loads have nothing to do with transmission?! Really?? Multivariate analysis showed that for each log10 increase in viral load, the odds of onward transmission increased by 30%.

    3. @Arulane if you’re referring to the vaccine and mutation. Maybe that’s not how it works EXACTLY but there is more evidence to make it appear that way than not. Variants didn’t start popping up till vaccine trials started, children were not the target of the main virus, this “variant” seems to effect alot more children, although if you paid attention to India’s experience with it, that’s not what happened. I haven’t looked into the UKs experience with it. Its not weird to you the variants are popping up 1 per country.

    4. @Arulane oh and you can’t hear me so learn how to properly insult someone’s intelligence in written form BEFORE you comment.

    1. @Saul Teanuts seems the left is a bunch of bootlickers also by complying with what the government is ordering you to do

    2. @Saul Teanuts you wear that diaper on your face because you were told to and you took the vaccine cuz you were told to

  3. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”
    -Mark Twain

    1. @Terminal Impact as for a mask who said I don’t wear one my whole family wears one when I let them leave home.

    2. @Kim Pifer then your good. The vaccine is still working out the kinks but should be up and running much better. But as long as you wear a mask indoors and in crowded areas then your fine. Home is fine…

      Oh and one more disclaimer:
      Everyone’s side effects are different; for me I felt basically nothing and was well, but for others, they might get flu-like symptoms, plus fevers. If your unsure, try asking a doctor about the side effects and safety of the vaccine. stay safe.

    3. @Clay Ballard The same people who believe in social Darwinism while at the same time believing that evolution is not real. Oh the irony that they’d be lining up to receive the Darwin Award.

    4. @Kim Pifer You know that Clay is not saying that. You know he is limiting his comment to adults who are physically able refusing the vaccine. Why be a sh*t stirrer? (Oh, I see why… you’re being disingenuous.)

    5. @Kim Pifer Unless you have a immune condition that prevents you from getting the vaccine and you promote anti-vaccine BS (as you are doing here by trolling and sh*t stirring), then the answer to your question – So, because I haven’t got the vaccine, I’m ignorant? – is YES. (I corrected your punctuation for you.)

  4. Interestingly if a child gets close to something dangerous that they do not understand you move them away from the danger. As a responsible adult. It would appear that some adults are exhibiting that childish behavior

  5. Stupid is as stupid does:
    “A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.”
    “A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.”

    Economic Historian Carlo Cipolla (The Third and Fifth Basic Laws of Human Stupidity)

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I missed that back when it was published (his essay on stupidity). Republicans politicians are showing themselves to be perfect examples of what Cipolla calls bandits – smart people whose behaviour “inevitably strengthens the destructive power” of their persistently stupid fellow citizens.

  6. How is the solution to Desantis’ “freedom problem” to defund schools? In what world is punishing educators that we trust to care for our children eight hours a day a good idea?

    1. @Kim Giannotti Their teaching hate because they do not want to infect the children they are responsible for!? JFC you are so sad! SMDH!

    2. I used to think DeSantis was best governor in America, but after he put out these blatant anti-education legislations, I can’t, in good faith, continue to see him in that light. There’s limits to “triggering the libs”, cutting the pay of teachers who are already underpaid out of political resentment is absolutely unacceptable. Teachers and parents should strike over this.

  7. Yes, people have rights but they also have responsibilities for example to provide a common defense.

    1. @Traci Frost Common sense can be a trap. Many critical things can be counter intuitive and common sense depends on background , experience and learned information which may well be flawed

  8. When you look at what is happening in Afghanistan, you realize that Republicans are the American Taliban.

    1. @ItsMyLoginName I’d would have thought it’s blatently obvious how they come to THAT conclusion what is a violent and bloody Insurrection tantamount to Terrorism

  9. Freedom comes with responsibility. If you can’t take the responsibility, you don’t deserve the freedom.

    1. @Effscott Fitz-gee I’m curious if all those anti-vaxxers who slowly, painfully suffocated to death after denying the vaccine and spreading anti-vaccine sentiment to their relatives and friends were screaming “fReEdOm” as they took their last breath, or if they were begging for the doctors to vaccinate them when it was already too late?

      It’s curious how they don’t believe in a pandemic that billions worldwide have acknowledged and battled until they’ve personally died from it… Do you want to know what the antithesis of “freedom” is? Being dead in a pine box 6 feet under. But hey, I guess Dy Ng is the ultimate form of “owning the libs”, right?

    2. @adjwindu70

      I expect soft azz leftists to not acknowledge facts and get hurt feelings, it doesnt bother me at all. The fact that you DID respond with absolutely no substance to the subject isn’t shocking either

    3. @Effscott Fitz-gee Abortion isn’t a contagious disease that spreads to others and mutates into something worse.

  10. I like her poster ”Always find the time to do the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

  11. It’s becoming a race of death between the two authoritarian governors. Who will win? Certainly not citizens. Remove them both from government forever! Beyond pathetic.

    1. Honestly, this is an impeachable offence. I was rooting for DeSantis to run as governor again in 22 and in the primary in 24, but his recent war on schools have disqualified him in my eyes. Either he stops this blatant war on teachers and students or he should get impeached, simple as that.

    1. Free on YouTube everyone should watch that is America in the future. It’s one of my favorites

    2. Somebody had said that congresspeople should wear suits with their corporate donor logos on them. Great idea!

  12. You can have the freedom you want, just think how little freedom you’ll have when your on a ventilator or dead.

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