Republicans Didn’t Go To Trump Hotels Until He Became POTUS | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Republicans Didn't Go To Trump Hotels Until He Became POTUS | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC 1


Travel journalist Zach Everson joins The Beat to discuss Trump’s strategy to profit from his presidency. Everson reports ‘26 out of 53 Republican Senators’ have visited Trump’s hotel in D.C, including the RNC which ‘has spent $400K.’ This revelation comes as House Dems probe Trump’s efforts to use taxpayer’s dollars to line his pockets.
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Republicans Didn't Go To Trump Hotels Until He Became POTUS | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

41 Comments on "Republicans Didn’t Go To Trump Hotels Until He Became POTUS | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC"

  1. Let them go to the hotels. The ones down here in Florida keep failing health inspections.

  2. Of course, they realize who butters their bread. They could not get the presidency before Trump, now they will do and say anything to keep it.

  3. Great research! I have always felt that this was FAKE POTUS’s way to get his properties out of bankruptcy court! As long as this guy is stealing money he’s happy! Remember that the National Security group and others, are holding their official meetings at his New Jersey golf property. Why? That’s his agreed paycheck from the GOP 1%✓

  4. The corruption is so blatant

    • @Internet Troll thing is you forgot; No POTUS in our history has never not put their interests into a blind trust. Not. One.

      Donald Trump promised he would, well, until he didnt. His sons would run his empire. Sad isnt it? Side note. Like how Eric Trump took money from his charity for sick kids and funneled the money to his businesses?

    • Captain Ron the Drumfph family were Nazis in Germany.

    • @Internet Troll
      Don’t be any stupider than you have to. If Trump wants to put them up for nothing there is no crime. These people were not staying at Trump properties BEFORE he was elected. These are obviously attempts to buy favor with the President. This is why decent, honorable Presidents use blind trusts. Or Trump could publicly come out and tell politicians, activists, and other world leaders NOT to stay at his hotels, or even make it a policy that they cannot rent to such people This is illegal because it creates a clear conflict of interest.

    • @Internet Troll and it would be wrong if obama did it too. Duh huh

  5. Impeach this SOB NOW!!!!!

  6. Drain the swamp and replace it with a cesspool.

  7. Ben Sasse at 1:10. Yikes, that undermines his anti-Trump message severely. All talk and ZERO action, it’s the cowardly ReTrumplican way.

  8. Amazing – The level of stink and filth that must coat the walls of Trump hotels… What a joke they’ve played on America….

  9. This corruption is probably worse than many third world dictatorships.

    • @themarbleking The POTUS mis-appropriating funds from the DOD to his stupid wall. Last I looked, the executive is supposed to spend funds as appropriated by congress, not waste the funds on what Mexico is promised to pay for.

    • The hotel wasn’t there before he was elected.

    • @themarbleking And the worst of all: A President who is above the law and does the bidding of the leader of a hostile nation. An imbecile who casually leaks classified information via Twitter and thus compromises the national security of the country he is sworn to protect. Treason at the highest level… and that’s just on a Tuesday.

    • @Stacey N That’s _your_ mother that we shouldn’t listen to. Our moms are fine.

    • @Thornback Your mothers should have used better judgement and exercised their abortion rights.

  10. The GOP members used to avoid Trump hotels because of bed 🐛 , 🐜 , 🐀& mould. Now they stay to curry favor.

  11. It’s hard to say “I told you so” but… . What is most shocking is the apparent incapacity to rein in this obvious crook and hold him to account.

  12. This a bunch of bullsh!t.
    Instead of defending the constitution against him, they rent out rooms in his overpriced, rat and rodent infested hellholes.

  13. Con-man Don has all his swamp creatures lining his pockets with money, well they all keep spending taxpayer dollars. 💰 💵

  14. Trump’s properties wouldn’t be losing profits if he started charging the bedbugs, roaches, rats, and other vermin that currently call his properties home. They make up the bulk of the occupantcies at his properties, and they don’t pay anything for their meals or lodging. They are basically on the dole,  just like our welfare queen “billionaire” in the the Oval Office.

  15. Out of his own pocket??? All thefts are brazen ,whether it’s a candy bar or billions of dollars from the public purse..

  16. George Washington | September 6, 2019 at 10:37 PM | Reply

    Barr is betting that there will be a vacancy on the Supreme Court, and he wants that appointment

  17. President Pedophile was going to pardon his BFF Epstein.

  18. The thumbnail for this looked like a police lineup of the usual suspects……republicans.

  19. Larry Betancourt | September 6, 2019 at 11:06 PM | Reply

    Epstein was supplying the girls. Corrupted government

  20. People were saying “collusion” but the real problem is the Emoluments clause. He’s directly profiting from being the President

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