Republicans Embrace Trump On Covid And Jan. 6 Capitol Attack 1

Republicans Embrace Trump On Covid And Jan. 6 Capitol Attack


Chuck Todd breaks down how Republicans are appeasing former President Trump on the January 6th Capitol attack and the coronavirus. 
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  1. This is like the passengers on the titanic passing out violins and joining the band as the ship sinks.

    1. @JohnnyD 67 government AND Corporate interests AND Billionaires. But the left is totally against 2 out of 3…

    2. @BLAIR B why are you freaks so weird? You have such bizarre fantasies, it looks more like you’re projecting than anything else.

    3. @Daniel Luis
      You do know nothing is free.

      Take a look at the amount of taxes paid in these countries with free health care.

      Anyone from Canada that has the means comes to the US to avoid the waiting months for non- emergency procedures.

      The UK recently canceled 50,000 surgeries for lack of funding.

      And I assure you that the U.S. has the best health care in the world.

  2. The GQP still backs the blue, except for that one, that one, that one, him over there, those two, him over there, her, and…

    1. The capital police are not real cops like every day cops in the nation.more like baby sitters in the capital make sure Congress reps behave themselves. And what was Pelosi role in all this?

    2. @Wisconsin Man do you have the balls to stand against a crowd of thousands who actively wanted to murder everyone in the capitol building? No? Then STFU

    3. @Wisconsin Man
      It appears to me. That white people need to be condoning the senseless cop killings as well.

    4. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr they are still law enforcement, and Pelosi’s only role in all this is funding

  3. What would American politics look like if donations to elected officials were considered bribery as in Europe?

    1. @Raymond Smith
      Thank you for your well thought out response. It was filled with facts and references. It must have taken hours to compile this knowledge. You should be proud of the time and effort you put into this reply. I look forward to your next acknowledgement. Well done.

    2. @E Garza no.
      Let’s do an equation:
      The capitol attack without Trump:
      Why would they attack?
      They tried to stop a steal
      The capitol attack without Pelosi:
      I mean the people still would have tried to stop the steal, by protesting


  4. It proves they are not dealing with reality and jobs should be lost. The govt has no place for delusional people like these

    1. @Oldmanjinkins/Skyrim more like juvenile and asanine. When you have nothing else resort to insults.

    2. @Tim how much did hunter Biden get paid from the mayors wife of Moscow and I’m sure the big guy got his 10%

    3. You need help. You dont even know that Biden is a cognitive 5 yr old. You think you look noble and rightous in this deal here but you really look like complete pyhcotic morons. BTW are the cops you people are fawning over right now the same ones Biden called white supremacist and racist and said they would have “Shot or gassed black protesters on sight” at the Capital?

  5. “Beware the power of stupid people in large groups. Before you know it, they’ve all got little hats”
    – George Carlin

    1. @J Lopez Clint Eastwood changed his republican ways to not vote Trump. Arnold the Terminator a Republican gives Trump the bird. Kurt Russell played Wyatt Earp in Tombstone who cut no slack on the red sash cowboys. Red sash and red hat will bring american justice.

    2. Speaking of stooopid and obsessed, the only place you hear about Trump is on MSNBC.

      You still feel smart for quoting Carlin?

  6. It takes a real adult to admit that they are wrong and then do the right thing. None of those here.

    1. @Shawn Hartmann fun fact that it mainly happens to thugs who resist arrest Again dimwit, how can 300 unarmed people overthrow the gov’t

    2. @Shawn Hartmann “why would you bring baseball bats, batons, Molotov cocktails etc. to a protest?”

      Idk ask antifa and BurnLootMurder.

    3. @Shawn Hartmann “the other attempts to overthrow the foundations of government”

      Just pretend you haven’t seen all the videos of BLM setting fires to federal courthouses and police stations across the country.

    1. @Evan Devries sounds to based for Trump supporters but with those antifa people I’d believe it

    2. @Jörgen Well you certainly proved my point. Are you going to be ok? Do I need to all your parents?

  7. Ad-libbing “I’m still recovering from those hugs and kisses” was boss! Certainly, the most effective retort and places the event in the proper perspective.

  8. “embraced”. They were lovers you see? Brought together by years of systematic
    abuse. I would imagine all of them have applied for sexual reassignment and were turned down.

    1. @Orange Taco good one. Now try using logic to show how he is wrong

      My bad… i just realized what you are

    2. @Refund Replay ???? He literally just said rage some more and used an emojis. It’s not a fact it’s literally a blank statement what sort of drugs you on?

  9. Any committees, hearings, or commissions for a full year of BLM George Kirby Rioting in 2020?
    Guess we’ll all keep our fingers crossed.

  10. It’s funny how everyone will trash politicians in Congress yet will jump to their immediate defense when their voters scare them for once

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