'Republicans Have To Cheat In Order To Win': Eric Holder On Gerrymandering 1

‘Republicans Have To Cheat In Order To Win’: Eric Holder On Gerrymandering


Former Attorney General Eric Holder, chair of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Democrats benefit from fair voting district maps and the importance of Americans keeping the pressure on politicians to make a priority of passing legislation to protect voting rights. 
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    1. Say no more, that’s it! Dictatorship, it is, plan and simple! So what are they waiting for to get the criminals in jail?

    2. @Aaron Hashem
      What/who gives you the self righteous authority to pass judgment on other people? In the U.S. you have the right to express your opinions freely, and so do I—EQUALLY!!!

    3. @Swagman21
      You’re right, greed is why we’re in this and every past, present and likely future political mess– foreign and domestic. Allowing politicians to be legally bought and influence policy has just made the greed worse! Why, to it benefit a few of the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the rest of the country’s 328 million citizens.

    4. @Kryptonarie 63 I can see your incompetence so I have the natural ability and right to vocalize it to you or whoever else I might choose. You didn’t rebuff my low regard for your competence.

  1. What is stopping us from breaking apart the Voting Rights bill into its components and forcing cloture votes on each of those? Let’s see which Republicans want to go on record opposing gerrymander reform, simplified registration, easy and secure voting access for every eligible citizen. Start out with voter ID laws so they have to start with a yes. Then they will be locked in or will look like hypocrites in 2022. Show some guts, Democrats!

    1. The GOP don’t care what they look like to people that know what fox news is. Their voters watch their news and read and believe what gets sent to them on Facebook, etc.

    1. @TheCraftsman Which Republicans can ballet? And, why does their ability to dance have anything to do with this?

    2. @Nita Ross But, you DO trust the Republicans who have been LYING to you constantly about the 2020 election being stolen? And, you DO trust a pathological compulsive liar like Donald Trump? Really?

    3. @Richard Owens if the election wasn’t stolen, why is leftist msm pushing the issue so hard? it seems more like a desperate coverup- what are they hiding? the fact that they’re still rambling on about Trump, the 2020 election and jan 6th 7 MONTHS LATER is very suspect imo

  2. The real democracies in this world look on American gerrymandering and it’s “Electoral College” with dismay. Those two factors alone disqualify US claims to be a democracy.

    1. @Chuck Cox Check your cabin pressure Chuck, you must have a leak, the persistent lack of O2 has killed bunch of your brain cells.

  3. Joe Stalin asserted that the only thing that counts in elections is who does the counting not who votes. The GOP intends to declare themselves the winners at every instance.

    1. @Addendum kebic How is it t that you are the sole source of drivel you just posted? Worshipping a pathological liar is of zero use to anyone.

    2. @Joe Mama Accept they don’t.

      Of course, keep guzzling the koolaid. Don’t forget, the only people who were caught committing voter fraud were Trump supporters!

    3. @Censorship Is real I’m not saying fraud doesn’t exist, I’m saying fraud is so rare you’re more likely to be struck by lightning, twice, than you are to actually encounter it.

      And there’s more ways to cheat at elections than simple fraud.

  4. If the For The People Act doesn’t pass then we’re screwed and we’ll lose this democracy. Republicans aren’t merely seeking to make voting more difficult. They’re seeking to vastly increase their chances of success in their soon to come second coup attempt.

    1. @hellboundTX333 and Biden openly admitted to putting together the best fraudlet election ever on live television, and openly used racist remarks toward black Americans, but this is one of the millions of legally registered black republicans that did not vote for him, but you know I am still a proud black man , my race did not change because I didn’t vote for him,

    2. @Joyrobin if you’re willing to let the left change the integrity of our most sacred free electorial process , then we as Americans should just stop having an election any longer, and America will be non existent, when we start letting one dictator group start making all the decisions for all of us we have failed the society that bonds the structure of our democracy, the crying left always whining about justice has not met thier criteria, just stop and ask yourself what exactly are they calling for, if you question the government of the Democratic party, you’re automatically placed in a corner of being considered a racist or anti American, so let it be known that they are the ones pushing for a comunist lead nation so they can make the decisions of how you live your life, and only do as they see fit for you to prosper, only big government can have , and the citizen can’t, only taxes being taken to evolve for thier well being,

    3. @Barry Probber you don’t even have to do that , just send more of the ballots to other countries to be tabulated like from the 2020 election, did you not learn anything from your last time, pay attention, just sit at home let dominion do the job, it worked last time

    4. @Joyrobin proven to be lies , you should widen your news source from just of the 24/7 coverage you get from MSNBC, start watching Newsmax and Real Americans voice and see the proven fraud in the election of 2020, don’t get caught with your pants down , over 20 million American legal registered voters has seen the fraudlet election that voted for Biden and now wants their vote recalled, with the over 75 million that did vote for president Trump’s 2nd term his base is at more than 90 million strong supporters

    5. @J Wright The GQP had its day in court – over 60 of them in fact – and were laughed out of court time and time again because there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Facts don’t care about your feelings, snowflake.

  5. Well I’m up “Way Too Early” looking for Rallies, Pre-Inauguration Statements, Cyber Symposium’s, Online Speeches from the Supposed;
    Friday, August 13th, ReInstatement of Ex Presidente Don Juan Dorito. Aka Individual #1.
    Im Expecting Huge, Classy Crowds, Huge Crowds, Crowds like Probably Nobody has Ever Seen Before. Many People Have Told me This Would Happen Today. Many Smart People. People you Don’t Know.
    WARNING! Disclaimer!
    The above is Purely Political Satire.

    ClownCar Production’s

    1. Hahahaha love it. But those crowds will be in their millions, like nobody has had crowds before!

    1. @johan iojo not a troll. Democrats seriously don’t think black people have enough competence or money to acquire an id. If that’s not racist I don’t know what is?

  6. I’ve been TRYING HARD to get my voice heard here in Ohio I’ve been calling and putting my voice out PEOPLE WE CAN DO THIS!!!

    1. Antifa and blm are both radical LEFTIST terrorist groups. They’re not conservative. Please don’t type *honest* unless you’re ACTUALLY going to be honest

    2. Oh so the GOP was burning looting and destroying cities all of last year? Wear a Biden hat and see how long it takes for you to be assaulted or berated. Now wear a Trump hat and see how long it takes to be assaulted, spit on or berated. You’ll be attacked by childish emotional liberals in no time at all.

    3. @Nita Ross I’m no fan of either group, but neither has any official connection to the DNC. Trump lied about the election for months and then sent a bunch of hooligans to trash The Capitol so he could overthrow the election and everyone in the country knows it. This whataboutism is precisely what you people use to whitewash Trump’s lies, and you only make him look worse.

  7. Gerrymandering has been going on wayyyy too long already which is why the republican party gets as far as it does. If it doesn’t gerrymander it’s districts, it would never get anyone in the whitehouse.

  8. Why can’t we just use the majority vote. The candidate that gets the most votes, over all, wins. All levels of races from President to Mayor, etc.

    1. Better to have a proportional representation system like Australia instead of fist past the post. This system helps stop a person wining because of vote splitting were the vote is slit between two popular candidates letting the less popular third candidate win .

  9. As a American citizen it’s my right to vote! Have a plan to vote in 2022 and 2024! I will stand in line all day and night by your side!


  10. Problem is the majority conservative Supreme Court are showing more and more they are in favor of voter suppression but we can defeat that if we fully engage and stop wasting time over the internet with idiots who want to throw democracy away. They have absolutely no power!

  11. Rachel: Instead of just getting me all riled up with nowhere to go, how about providing links to actual petitions? Phone numbers of my state (or higher) representatives? Web sites about organizing marches?
    — Powerless in the Comments Section

  12. Isn’t it interesting that these protestors are planning on getting arrested when they march, yet 1/6 protestors never did. Just an observation

  13. Unfortunately, gerrymandering has the full support of all Republicans in government including The Trump McConnell Supreme Court as well as Republicans in the Senate including Manchin and Sinema.

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