Republicans Promote Covid Relief They Voted Against | The Last Word | MSNBC

Republicans Promote Covid Relief They Voted Against | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. Mo Ses, your lost but well named. Hope it takes less than 40 years to stop being lost

    2. @Duncan Downham judging by the rate Im aging, I have a good 6000 years to master the universe. I hope you were able to solve the important problems first.

    3. @Duncan Downham you admit you’re not american elsewhere, so I’ll ignore your sloppy english and rebuff your dismissal of american ideals

  1. I think you’re told the right shouldn’t know what the left is doing 🤡 I wouldn’t sit near Kevin McCarthy in s dark theatre 🎭.
    They take the money and run

    1. MLK Jr. “ nothing is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”. I think this great quote is so appropriate.

    2. They pride themselves on being ignorant. Watching Tucker causes instant intellectual decline, and they LOVE every second of it.

  2. The modern GQP is totally out of touch with reality. The lies are so deep, a person needs an icebreaker to push through them.
    At the midterms, the Democrats need to remind voters of the GQPs actions, and inaction.
    The Republicans did nothing to help the American people.

  3. The Republican party did turn into Trump…Riding other peoples hard work and taking credit for it!

    1. @Jey Frye Truman had a little bit of a recession though but that’s excusable because he had millions soldiers come home from overseas while the war manufacturing effort stopped but after 16 years of FDR and 8 years of Truman America was Truly great and truly wealthy ! It took Reagan and his trickle down economics and the modern Republican party in the last 40 years to really screw things up for working American families!

    2. @Shad Rock 500 thousand dead and 28 million LESS jobs and no enjoying my Laker season tickets…YEAH ! Trump set back America 50 years killed more American people than two world wars!

    3. THat is just ignorant….democRATs haven’t done anything in 50 years….Laughable, I’m sure you’re a democrAT.

  4. GQP: “Do you think our voters will care if we look like hypocrites?”
    Maga cult: “Hippo crate? What’s that? What zoo’s use to ship animals?!”
    GQP: “Problem solved.”
    Maga cult: “Seriously…that’s one big box!”



    2. GQP: Please donate generously to the effort to find bamboo in illegal Chinese ballots.
      MAGAs: Yeah! Yeah! Fight the steal!
      GQP (6 months later): Ya’ll knew this was a recurring monthly donation, right?

    1. @Covid Commander The Russian troll farm in St. Petersburg called _Glavset_ recruits unemployed university graduates many of whom have studied abroad. They also use VPNs with exit nodes in the US to have a local IP address. Russia really has an evil influence on the world.

    2. @S McDonald I’m aware of it, but I wasn’t aware of the specifics. Thanks for that info. I know that they watch Tucker, Dore, Rogan, The Rising, Pool, and others in order to strategize for the day, or for info on certain topics. All of those YouTubers and FQX type media talking heads should be charged with crimes against humanity. I’m waiting for the day that the DOJ finally charges these idiots. That’s the day that democracy will be saved.

    3. @S McDonald Or those “journalists” are fed the info first, then the trolls align… one or the other, or possibly both.

    4. @Covid Commander Fox is banned in several European country. They have also left the UK “voluntarily” in 2017 after running afoul of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code for years.

  5. The Republican Party’s attempt to take credit for President Biden’s legislative accomplishments reminds me of how the former President took credit for policies enacted under the Obama-Biden administration. The GOP is pathetic.

    1. God help America if the people fool for this pathetic Republican ploy. As a Brit I truly don’t understand the purpose and methods of the Republican party. They don’t make sense.

    2. @Rebecca Mumford the Republicans are appealing to all of the people that lost work when manufacturing was off shored. They are also appealing to a culture war for those that are racist and homophobic.

  6. The Dem. needs to go out and tell the population repeatedly of their success. Biden needs to use his pulpits tell the people what and why he doing what he is doing .

    1. @Helene Flamand Democracy, unfortunately, DOES depend on voting in 2022. And the fascist party (R) is trying to take that away from us, too.

    2. @David tinch And, at midterm, they should not let anyone forget what the R stand for: absolutely nothing, not even democracy.

    1. So, I think the people who voted the crybabies in, need to send all that money back. All three stimulus checks and be banned from using the extra “tax credits” they got, also.

    2. That’s because it wasn’t covid relief it was Nancy and chucks pet project fund and here’s a few bucks so you will vote for us bill,total joke

  7. The GOP party is in a sad, sad, state…
    I can not name a single Policy or Improvement they are bringing to the table for the “better of America”. What do they stand for these days…?

    Truly a party that has lost its soul….

    1. Been that way since regan. He started the fateful decline. Or it happened in one of his rip van winkle administrations

    2. They stand for hate and division , look who they chose, a white supremacist like Trump , shows how hateful they are

  8. “It puts the lotion in the basket. It does this whenever it’s told” -Buffalo Bill

  9. I really, really hope he wins.. If I lived up there I would absolutely vote for him. One of the best Progressives out there that wants too help we the people!!

  10. I love this guy.
    Texas AG :”$1 mil for anyone who finds voter fraud”
    Pennsylvania AG: “ I found a guy voting for his dead mother”
    Texas AG :“ oh good. That’s proof the dems rigged the election. Show me the ballot”
    Pennsylvania AG:“ sure. His dead mother voted Trump though, not Biden. Now where’s the money ?”
    Texas AG *starts to hide.

  11. No one is suprised that these no plan law makers would claim Biden’s popular plan as their own.🥴👈

  12. As the old GOP mutates into the monstrosity it is becoming, nobody seems to know what they’re doing…… sort-of-like the crew on in the movie Alien where the creature pops out of the guy’s chest and sends everyone into a tizzy.

  13. They do things like this because they know their supporters will believe them. Truth doesn’t matter, right and wrong doesn’t matter, it’s the”R” in front of their names that matters.

  14. As a resident of PA I love this guy! We need more down to earth politicians just like him in PA. & around the entire USA !

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