Republicans Really Don't Want To Talk About Matt Gaetz | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Republicans Really Don’t Want To Talk About Matt Gaetz | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As Matt Gaetz remains defiant and the scandal involving a sex trafficking investigation around him continues to grow, it's hard to find a Republican on Capitol Hill that has much to say about all of it. We discuss it with Eugene Robinson and Matt K. Lewis. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Republicans Really Don't Want To Talk About Matt Gaetz | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Jeremy Backup their viewer are already ignorant inbreds since the beggining of the human dream…..

    1. Gaetz is hilarious. He looks like a cross between ghostbusters’ Dan Akroyd and Ace Ventura pet detective.

    2. The Junbug and Austin Show – No it’s not. It’s well known after the last 50 years exactly who and what Donald Trump is. If anybody is stupid enough to align themselves with him…..they get what they deserve.

    3. @Kimberly Christine – That’s a genius take. Really puts into perspective. Matty must be a real catch.

  1. He has made his bed he will have to lie in it. Unfortunately for him it will be in a federal prison.

    1. If this was AOC involved in something unsavory, the Republicans and Fox would be pounding her unrelenting

    1. That’s if he doesn’t get the Epstein treatment and finds himself conveniently unable to testify. These people are shady and will do anything to save their skins.

    2. @Vincentia Van Gogh – It’s far more likely Joel Greenberg would get “sudicided” before Gaetz, but i agree you’re on the right track.

  2. Because Republicans don’t want to be questioned by law enforcement or testify in court about Matt Gaetz.

    Matt Getz is now an outcast from his own party, even a Coffee Boy has higher status than him.

  3. Gaetzgate just doesn’t stop giving more and more insanity by the day, hour and lately, even by the minute.

    1. @Xavier Smoke no i have seen them do stories on him , they are bad to, not close to this bad , fox got many stories on how terrible so much of what the left does is news , thats why ya run anything that can tallk about trump. when people hate you so much its flattering plus being caught making up stories about him is priceless.

    2. Really?? Did you know that your reading fake news? The fake news keeps on making up stories to side line you idiots. They feed you the hate to be sure you hate Trump and all that support him and the Conservative party. Wake up you bone heads and start doing some research away from fake news. Come on.. I dare you to stay away from fake news for 3 days. Get your information from a bunch of different sources on the internet. Your welcome

    1. @ihatecrackhead there isnt anything that they could of done about that laptop…just because it was left behind at a repair shop the owner of the shop screwed up by releasing the contents before it was handed over to law enforcement…the moment he saw which is questionable since he is legally blind…it was supposed to go straight to fbi/ law enforcement but he made copies and released it to Rudy Giuliani and news outlets he’s lucky he didn’t get arrested since technically that would be evidence tampering…since it was well known the news had it before the law did…thank your political party for dropping the ball…besides Hunter isn’t the one who ran for office nor does he hold any political position…if your running for office and your kid who is a adult is found to killed or has done some crazy sh*t would you like to be held accountable for something you had no clue was happening by your kid?

    2. Casue hunter isnt a crackhead. Lmao. The pot calling the kettle black right there. God you’re ignorant. Smdh

    3. @Vote Fraud Joe I earn these things from lawyers on youtube, i don’t watch news like all these fascists

    4. @ihatecrackhead
      Ah yes the good old YouTube University of Lawology ‘n’ Stuff. Know why nothing came of the laptop? Nothing illegal on it, disturbing yes illegal no. Now the Repubics in Congress held their own fully resourced investigation into Hunter Biden but their report exonerated him when they were desperate to prosecute, it was such a “nothing berder” they released their little report in the middle of the night on a Wednesday to downplay their findings. Now there is something new and not really related in the form of potential tax fraud but I heard the DOJ can’t have his records because his accounts are under audit and will be for some time…….Hypocrite much? Unlike with your Gawd Emperor orange loser you love if Hunter broke the law he will be prosecuted and rightfully so, just like Pizzagaetz should.

  4. When I think of Matt Gaetz the first things that come to mind are coke, ecstasy, and teenage girls. Oddly, I can’t think of one single thing he’s done as a lawmaker.

    1. @JayRo So tell me,…..what has he accomplished? You appear to want to be known as informed. We are waiting……..

    2. My images of Gaetz are repulsive.
      He’s not a lawmaker, he’s a right wing, trump worshipping TROLL.

  5. Brian Williams & Anderson Cooper are competing for who can be deliver the news in more sacarstic and funny ways. They are always Epic with the delivery.

    1. Gaetz is not jailbait, his ‘girlfriends’ are. They caught a big one here and I wonder how many others as well. They are shutting down on any commentary about this like they are personally involved ?

    1. @TexasJohnny
      How do you know when Rep. Matt Gaetz is hosting a party ?
      When there are tricycles parked in his driveway.

    2. @Jeffrey Germaine Hilarious. How do you know when Hunter Biden is having a party? When there are tricycles in his driveway.

    3. @Jeffrey Germaine Your a joke Jeffrey. Your comments are the epitome of lacking selfawarness…You should also ditch the lack luster attitude like i said before and try again. Maybe a little confidence and comprehension could help if you could purchase some in your area. Doubt it.
      Now….. 3….2….1… go!

      (P.S. You’ve taken the hook, line , and sinker..)
      Humor me some more Germaine.

  6. This is the gift that keeps on coming.. I thought Guliani, my pillow guy, Marjorie & Cancun cruise was great.. Gaetz is just better.. Venmo lol. Now they have his iPhone.

    1. How do you know when Rep. Matt Gaetz is hosting a party ?
      When there are tricycles parked in his driveway.

    1. @G Lane 7 World Trade Center refers to two buildings that have existed at the same location within the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan, New York City. The original structure, part of the original World Trade Center, was completed in 1987 and was destroyed in the September 11 attacks in 2001.

    2. @G Lane lol you see how they try to hide evidence! they’re saying on wiki, buildings that existed and got destroyed. Undermining the truth.

    3. @G Lane except, apparently, in his case there are multiple witnesses and receipts. So yeah, close but not the same.

  7. Sounds like if Gaetz doesn’t have any good enough dirt on a bigger fish he will become the fresh fish

    1. ‘Didn’t really know him, he really wasn’t that involved, not for all that long…’. You know. The usual.

    2. How do you know when Rep. Matt Gaetz is hosting a party ?
      When there are tricycles parked in his driveway.

  8. They’re not defending him or asking him to resign because many in the GOP are as guilty as Gaetz is!

    1. @iwinzeazy there will be…as long as pious Christians feel self-righteous and see the right to choose as murder….he’ll consistently support all the other evils that Republicans commit I. Some hypocritical alternative universe justification.

    2. @George Schnakenberg
      Really? Trump was in pictures with Epstein.
      They were buddies .
      They palled around for years.

  9. We should probably be talking more about joel greenberg and others like them. He isn’t the only one. These journalists need to follow the smaller fish that are part of this swamp food chain.

  10. Daddy Gaetz in tears: ‘Son did I not teach you anything, how could could you do this, so much shame for us all. I’m so angry with you – what’s the one thing I told you again and again’.

    ‘Don’t get caught’

    1. @Octavio Tapatío instead of yourself and being self centered and not caring for other people and causing harm to them

    2. @Sgt Blackburn I guess you are gullible enough to wear your mask alone in your car. Do you also wear it when you’re alone in your house?

    3. @Sgt Blackburn Ok. You’re only partly brainwashed. I’m glad you thought for yourself on that one and common sense prevailed.

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