Republicans Say ‘My Body, My Choice’ For Vaccines As They Attack Abortion Access Activists Say 1

Republicans Say ‘My Body, My Choice’ For Vaccines As They Attack Abortion Access Activists Say


GOP attacks on abortion access naitonwide are escalating, yet many conservatives say ‘my body, my choice’ when it comes to COVID-19 vaccines. This is hypocritical activists tell Tiffany Cross in for Joy Reid.
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  1. I didn’t know some people don’t go to doctors because they dont believe in science. I heard some of them think the earth is flat?!!

    I learn something new everyday

    1. @thegreen iguana2 month old troll account with hundreds of post. Don’t feed the trolls folks.

    2. I think that’s why it’s also important to acknowledge it head-on. Stoking anger is almost as bad as pretending a problem is not there. That’s why they are typically deuce line droppers who never return for a substantial exchange.
      It’s those exact attention-grabbers causing conspiracies or misinformation to mislead people.

  2. Republicans… “My body my choice.“ Where have I heard that before? I guess Republicans are going pro-choice. 😱

    1. @Louis Tully not getting a vaccine endangers everyone you come in contact with that cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons. Your argument is invalid.

    2. @Janet Dotson Its up to anyone to protect themself, your health is not my concern nor is mine your conceen

    3. @Louis Tully Boo hoo hoo hoo, unnamed lump of DNA has died 😢 One like = one prayer. So important when they’re not even born. Forget em when they’re born but still in the womb and not wanted? Oh the travesty! When they’re actually born? Eh, who cares. BUT WHEN THEY ARE A FETUS??? Boo hoo hoo hoo 😢

    4. @Papa Noggin You are sheep for believing disinformation. You refuse to research a single thing and don’t think for yourself. Education reduces the sheepiness of Republican rejection of change, evolution, and science.

    1. @Leonie Romanes do you honestly believe that what happens in the US doesn’t have an impact on decisions made in other parts of the world? This ridiculous and petty partisan bs spreads. Hatred for conservatives or anyone that won’t get in line and think the way liberals do seems to deserve ridicule and ire. This whole piece is a false equivalency. The premise is Vaccine=babies because you need a body for both. It’s just a petty smear and attack on conservatives and another attempt to say that all conservatives are anti abortion. Identity politics.

    2. @Communication Failure7600 Obviously it’s not ALL republicans…but it’s so many that we need to talk about it…again though, why do you care…? You sound awfully interested in American politics for someone who allegedly is “not American.” Also your comment saying why you care did not answer the person’s question so again I ask: why do you care lol

    3. @Marceline A. Because what happens in the US has a way of influencing decisions and policy in similar Democratic countries. Also I’m just interested.

  3. Thank you! Finally the hypocrisy is showcased. It appears their “stance” is based on an interpretation of “biblical patriarchy”

  4. First we need to get Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Who’s surprised that GOP doesn’t care about individual rights unless it serves them. Hypocrisy is their middle name.

    1. Because this is not the first time; this is what the GOP does! At this point, trying to point out the irony is useless, let alone teaching them to read!

    1. @Bom Randers I’m assuming you’re probably too much of a coward to continue this conversation. People like you want to drop nonsensical unreliable bits of misinformation causing more confusion in people trying to make choices for their own house.

      I would just like to comment, because yes; these vaccinations were for emergency use and are still considered that way. However; in the very likely case you were to come down with covid those SAME treatments are also experimental…. So please since you’re going to object- don’t even waste our tax paying money to go to the hospital if/ when you do get sick

      BTW hundreds of thousands of people sign up for experimental treatments all the time how do you think medicine will ever progress?

    2. @Bom Randers The vaccines save lives and our safe and effective. Its been vetted and shows it is saving lives. Stop believing right wing lies.

    3. @Bom Randers difference is you’re given a choice on the vaccine. CHOICE. And before you go there, businesses then have the choice to let you in or not.

  5. Right! People should have the choice… except when it comes to the way they want their vote delivered or who they want to deliver it…because they just can’t be trusted with that 👌

  6. The irony is lost on the republicans. Abortion… you can decicde for your self. It snot your body, it is not your choice. Anti vax … it is my body, it is my choice ….

    1. Yeah, they’re pro-life. Republicans believe life begins at conception and ends at birth. They don’t give a s*** about anybody.

    2. Same for ‘pro-choice’ and saying abortion is a ‘woman’s health issue’. Cuz the baby ain’t got no choice and it sure ain’t a baby’s health issue. Slogans are stupid

    3. @John Clarke you RepubliKKKans are pro fetus, definitely not pro life. You couldn’t GAF about the actual living unless they’re white and rich.

  7. And this “discussion” / issue NEVER gets to the point where the reality part gets spelled out — it is NOT just about whether or not you carry a pregnancy full term or not, but its “trickle down” effect will not stop – birth control, sexual relationships, wellness checks for poor women, etc.

  8. “My body, my choice” so what about assisted suicide for the terminally ill people with no chance of recovery? People like Terri Schiavo. How do Republicans think about that?

    1. Terri Schiavo had nothing to do with assisted suicide. She was comatose and had others making decisions for control of her body

  9. “My body, my choice!” scream the republicans that don’t want a woman to have that same right.

    1. @thegreen iguana until the tissue can live on its own without sustenance from the host, it has no rights. You are FORCING a woman to carry what is essentially a parasite.

    2. @thegags Yes and its a live parasite. cats dogs and all mammals carry their parasite offspring.Animals never have an abortion.Roe vs wade will be overturned.

    3. @thegreen iguana forgetting nothing, but its not up to YOU or the State to determine what a mother decides is in her best interests, just as anti-vaxers claim that their Freedom to not be vaccinated is in their best interest

    4. @thegreen iguana “Animals never have an abortion” well gee, I can tell I’m arguing with a genius here. Animals also sometimes eat their offspring, so I suppose you’d be okay with that?

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