Republicans Still Have Time To Do The Right Thing, Says Congresswoman | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Republicans Still Have Time To Do The Right Thing, Says Congresswoman | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla, weighs in on Republican response to the impeachment trial and why she says some GOP skeptics still have time to 'do the right thing.' Aired on 2/11/2021.
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Republicans Still Have Time To Do The Right Thing, Says Congresswoman | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Rural Village Sigh. How many times do I have to tell you people? I don’t click on links in YouTube comments, particularly with no explanation given.

  1. They don’t actually need to do much, just stay home on the day of the vote, they could pretend to have a virus!

    1. @Rose X Or enough to not turn up to the voting session. If 25 Republicans stay in their office and cast no ballot then all you need is 50 for there to be “2/3 of members present” in favour…

  2. They have no spine to do the right thing, with the exception of a few. All they think about is getting re elected to save their own cowardly, immoral , skin.

    1. God rest the souls of those heroic police officers who died protecting our elected leaders.The question now is will those elected leaders for whom the officers sacrificed their lives,hold true to defending our Constitution by voting yes to impeach Trump and censure him from ever holding any Federal office again? Will they show the dedication to our country that those honorable officers paid the ultimate price to protect?

    1. @The Truth Is Out 777 Your desperation makes me certain you”ll be winning a Darwin Award in the not so distant future. Although you try and try and try to hurt my feelings and shut me up it ain’t gonna happen. If you cant stand the heat get out of the FIRE!

  3. It’s true that this disgraceful scenes that took place were the result of careful manipulation over a period of time. Even the appointment of Dejoy was part and parcel of this heinous plans.

    1. @Jude Chima DeJoy is still the US Postmaster General. He shouldn’t be, because DeJoy aided and abetted Trump in the obviously overt election cheating of slowing down the mails after Trump instructed his supporters to vote in-person. There were lots of ballots left in post offices on election day by Trump’s design.

    2. And Trump installed Christopher Miller as Secretary of Defense the day they called the election for Biden way back in early November. Then Trump planned a rally at the Capitol on Jan. 6th that ended just as Pence was certifying the election.
      Jan. 3rd Miller issued a memo requiring his personal authorization for the DC National Guard to employ.

      Jan. 6th Miller didn’t authorize deployment until four and a half hours after the riot was over.

  4. Schumer should show videos of each of the Senators who were ignoring the evidence. Then should remove them for betraying their oath to be fair and impartial. How can you be one, if you failed and ignored the evidence? They have already made a decision not to take it seriously. Remove them, then vote.

    1. Agree..but.we will know who they are when they vote to acquit/convict..karma comes in 2022, 24, 26…unless we can make it happen sooner..def worth a shot..esp for cruz, Hawley n graham..mcconnell too would be great, but I dont see that happening

    2. Zulu Baby yup and then he got convicted even though he didn’t physically killed those people, even though it was his followers.

    3. @J lock Schumer sure as S**T can remove a Senator. He can have them IMPEACHED AND REMOVED. READ THE CONSTITUTION.

    4. @Hankakah Don’t take it back and dont let them bully you. You were right to begin with. Senators CAN IMPEACH AND REMOVE OTHER SENATORS. It’s right there in the opening pages of the Constitution.

    1. Our servicemen and women fought and gave their lives or endured torture. GOP is seduced by corruption and MUST be cut out like the cancer they are.

    2. I think Republicans who are against impeachment must be either they are accomplice like Cruz and Hawley, or being threatened by Trump that their crimes they have done before will be revealed by Trump side if they betray Trump.
      Other than above reasons, there is no way to defend such criminal like Trump.
      If there will be somebody who vote against impeachment, they should DEEPLY be INVESTIGATED for their deeds.
      And voters should call their Senators to press them to vote for impeachment.

    3. @You Tabe Then the democrats need to make them afraid of them. All is not over if they vote to acquit. They have threatened the lives of members of congress. Congress must shut these villains out of democracy since they have stated a preference against it.

  5. This Capitol assault was so poorly conceived and executed that it’s obvious Donald Trump was directly involved.
    It’s his modus operandi.

    1. @s1rhcs1vad right, I forgot to incorporate bad grammar. How bout this, instead of “We have surperiur jeans.” I should have said “We got surperiur jeans.” that would have been spot on.

    2. @Tyler Scofield why do you think your economy is failing, Because trump didn’t deal with Covid, I live in Australia and our governments especially State Governments (the Prime Minister didn’t deny it was a Pandemic he is useless and has done nothing, but he didn’t downplay the seriousness and take actions like increase the unemployment benefit to a liveable amount for 9 months, he also wore a mask and he was a trump sycophant Scott Morrison look it up. Now in my State we have had two Lockdowns the 2nd wave one for 3 months, and it was brutal. But we eradicated it for 60 consecutive days without one case, we have a cluster right now, as it spread to hotel quarantine worker’s and is the more contagious British strain. But besides a few hundred nutter’s, the whole country has dealt really well with it, and as soon as there is a cluster people go and get tested, and then isolate so that combined with wearing masks, means our economy is nearly back to normal, people around Australia have gone on holidays. Also it was clear from this distance that trump invited those people and had been for months. It was only luck that saved Mike Pence from assassination and Pelosi, and mitt Romney, well that was down to one man office Goodman and the VP should thank him too, as it was only his quick thinking that diverted those insurrectionists from meter’s away from where Mike Pence was. trump then sat back and did nothing but enjoy the TV show, how do you explain his not sending help, he fired the defence minister right before he announced his Jan 6th rally in fact the rally went for two day’s he was the last speaker, Giuliani also phoned senators asking them to contest every state that they claimed was stolen a completely fabricated lie, even William Barr said there was no election fraud, after they had done an investigation. You people are constant revisionists. Your country will never recover, and all those dead people from 9/11 especially the one’s who took back the plane and crashed it into the field did so to protect your government, a Republicans government at that, but those people on plane didn’t say oh I only want to protect the Republicans, your country went to war over it and plenty of Australian’s died joining you because we are allies, you definitely aren’t going to get any allies to join you in your oil and political wars anymore, if trump is not convicted say goodbye to the world helping you.

    3. @Jacques Tamlyn I have had prbly 20 conversations with Auzies about this whole pandemic. Dunno how old u were when 9/11 happened but I did 3 tours, in 1 theater and 1 in another dnt need you to lecture me on war. Second your country didnt join that fight out of the goodness of your hearts. If you were attacked by someone say I dunno China, how long would your country last? In ww2 the only reason Japan didnt run you over, is that and I am sorry to say you had nothing they needed at the time. They needed to deal with US Navy first, and it would be the same for China so dnt act so altruistic. Then we could get into economics and I could explain to you how much food the US supplies the world compared to Australia. Then u would do like your other country men and tell me how much beef you provide and I will give you a quick run down. US exports 128,718,100 compared to Australia 44,000,000. If we were like you and were able to say hey everyone stop working, ok, you will create a bigger problem than what this virus has caused, and u know I am so tired of hearing about masks, I see people wearing any sort of mask, not a medical grade mask. I dnt see them dispose of that mask properly after each place they have gone, wash there hands and put on a new proper mask when they enter the next place they go. I hate to break this to you but people die every single day from some sort of sickness, do you know what the survival rate is for people under 60? 99.3%, I have worst odds of dieing driving to work. You hate Trump good great for you, did I like Trump not so much, did I like jom putting money in my pocket yep. Is it his fault a virus came out of CHINA. Nope he wanted to shut down this country while all the Democrats were doing was I’m impeachment, he is just going after Muslim countries, 4 months later, OMG he didnt shut country down fast enough. The Hypocrisy is so dumb founding its really unbelievable. Listen you think its cool letting your government shutting down, and taking scrapes off the governments table, you say “oh we get unemployment” the fk do I want a quarter of what I could make if left alone for? And hey if your in that risk category, stay the fk home. Take some personal responsibility, and the people that say hey I am willing to risk it, then let them. Who the fk are you to take away someone liberty, these are free citizens. Jesus imagine the Spanish Flu happening now, you would be crawling underneath a rock till u dam near starved to death, and hey u wanna go that route get after it. Speaking from someone who, actually fought in wars you are trying to lecture me about I been shot at more times than I can count, done things, seen things….pssh now u want me to crawl underneath a rock because I “could get sick” what do you guys say bugger off, ah maybe that’s the English. Every Auzie I have had the pleasure of meeting, would say exactly what I am, all of em tough guys, guys i wouldnt mind being in a fire fight with. Ah prbly like the Kids in the US, yall just talk a lot.

  6. Sincerely hope that Josh Lawley loses his seat in the next election, for his utter disregard for the solemn proceedings prosecuting Donald Trump. By his stupid action, Josh Hawley has proved that he is unfit to represent electors in the senate.

    1. Sometimes, when a brilliant idea pops into my mind, I run it by you to make sure it’s not super stupid, which is often the right thing to do.

    1. @angela bluebird60 Turns out the 6 corporations who own mass media outlets were spreading lies about the police officer who died at the march, Brian Sicknick. He was never beaten with a fire extinguisher or anything at all. Coroners found no assault or violence to his body, and the chief of capital police surmise he died of a stroke. Fake news is amplifying louder and louder, and they are not correcting their mistakes. Sources named on this thread below.

    2. @Miles Susans Well, I’d sure hate to think that those same people chanting “Blue lives matter” turned out to be complete hypocrites when they killed Sicknick. Wouldn’t you?

    3. I think Republicans who are against impeachment must be either they are accomplice like Cruz and Hawley, or being threatened by Trump that their crimes they have done before will be revealed by Trump side if they betray Trump.
      Other than above reasons, there is no way to defend such criminal like Trump.
      If there will be somebody who vote against impeachment, they should DEEPLY be INVESTIGATED for their deeds.

    1. @Wonder Wonderful True dems are 100% hypocrites fueled by projection based on delusions. Don’t feel bad I don’t read replies GFY.

    1. nope… they are republicans .. fox news has been brain washing them from the time they turn 4 which has turned them into brainless zombies that they keep voting for the same people stealing from them.. thats how the republican base works. They literally vote the same people making the rules screwing them over … North Korea kinda mentality.. just mention that you support guns and the right to defend yourself and then u can say anything you want like “im going to tax you %99” and get away with it.

  7. If they don’t convict this so call of a man, we want to make sure that he don’t run again. Also we are going to vote Cruz, johnson, Hawley and the others out in 2024. The rest know who they are.

  8. Write your Senator’s and Congressmen. Voice your vote. The represent the people and if we remain quiet they will think they are doing the right thing. Let our voices be heard.

    1. @Honest E Dems may have thought calling them out would further solidify an exoneration. Maybe the idea is giving them a chance to redeem themselves?

    2. @Ken Rimmer This should be about holding everyone to account, not trying to garner favor. Plus, by holding them accountable, they will have a much harder time ignoring the content and just voting to acquit because of they do this becomes one more reason to impeach them later, as well.

    3. @Honest E I agree but it’s a flawed system, slam dunk if it was private votes. More difficult when some of the enablers are also the jury.

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