Republicans Struggle To Make Their Attacks On Biden Stick 1

Republicans Struggle To Make Their Attacks On Biden Stick


Susan Page of USA Today reacts to the GOP's inability to land any real attacks on Pres. Biden, so many Republicans are relying on culture war issues to gin up their base.
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  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. 😊😄😅😅😅 Now, now don’t be mean to the “uneducated” you’ll hurt their feelings. 😋

  2. The republicans even tried to make Joe Biden and Jill Biden’s marriage into a fake marriage like Donald Trump and Melania’s is😂

    1. Lol Donald Chump and his kids are going to jail for Fraud. But you keep believing your hunter Biden fairytale

    2. “Tolerant”?? Oh, now these Conspiracy Freaks who spread Hate and Lies want US to be More Tolerant??🖕 There are many Americans who suffer from addiction in one form or another. Even Liars are Addicted to LYING! Truth is, Hunter Biden DOES have the Education and the Credentials to have held the Positions he has had. Which is more that could be said about any one of the Fraudulent Trumps!!

    3. Sometimes, after a Trumpist Troll attacks in a common thread, I will get an Extremists Channel, like Ben Shapiro, showing up in my “Suggested” video feed from YT. The Algorithm has caught some kind of connection between my comment and theirs, under their fake user names. I continue to ask YT to Not Suggest Channels because they are Irrelevant but, after a random Loser Trump Troll Comment, there it is again. There are a number of these Far Right Freaks who pay others to do the dirty work for them. And now?? Today?? I have the pleasure of being “offered” a suggestion for Ted Cruz, himself!! Its been since the Bernie Townhall Days that I’ve had that happen!! Looks like the Repugs are having to step in for the lack of Republican Troll Support!! Is it this VERY NEW “Conservative Interrupted” YT account holder that has linked us?? Baby Teddy?? Is that you??

    4. @Annie Warbux Believe all women. Kamala Harris accused Joe Biden of being a racist and of sexual misconduct. 🤮

  3. Nobody who dislikes Trump even cares about the things that the republicans are trying to force down everybody’s throats. I think republican desperation is hilarious.

    1. WE SHOULD CARE. THIS TRAITOR IWANTS AN ATTACK ON WHITE HOUSE AGAIN. HICKS. and crazy hillbillys will come a runnin

    2. The sad thing is Trump couldn’t remember the items from his dementia evaluation; he just described the things he saw at the time in that TV interview: the person sitting in front of him, the woman and man off camera, the camera and the TV monitor. He’s pathetically stupid and a calm liar.

    3. @Ann van de Kew actually trump is ignorant, which means he doesn’t know…no political background so no political decorum. Why would anyone with any level of common sense make some of the responses he’s made? Like injecting ultra violet light or especially bleach when it says on the bottle not to ingest. OR his response to climate change it will get cooler…you’ll see. Bone spurs to keep from going to the military, supposedly paying someone to take his SAT, not to mention downplaying the virus, dismantling the CDC bc he couldn’t see paying people to just sit around doing nothing…I could go on but it would take the next 4yrs.

  4. I love the comic stand up’s that the republican bring to the table. this crap is better than a trump rally.

  5. Trump can seize the opportunity of becoming Haiti’s new President. He’ll be the greatest President they’ve ever seen!😏😂😂😂

    1. @Thomas HarteBased on election results, there are still 74 million plus voters supported Trump. As a 3rd party , my opinion is that anyone can do much better than Biden.

    2. @t Kay Dems lost in 2016 because they lost MI, WI, and PA. All they had to do to win in 2020 was to nominate someone who could take MI, WI, and PA. All they had to do to do that was to nominate somebody who wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

    3. @t Kay So sorry about your ignorance. I think they know what Trump is. They’ll burn him at the stake

  6. The my pillow guy should be a definitive sign from God, that the GOP needs to wake up, and stop sleeping on the country they claim they love..

    1. It amazes me how y’all Republicans and Democrats are so full of your own political party that you always blame the other party for problems.

      For example Donald Trump love him or hating I don’t care but when it came to the BOARDER we saw the lowest numbers in a long time

      Now Joe biden’s office we see the highest numbers in 21 years althought y’all can just put Donald Trump policies back in place. Ya’ll continue to allow hundreds of thousand illegal people to come across you’re trying to expand your voting base just say it.

      Y’all say u want to address the root cause it been almost half a year since Joe Biden gotten office in the numbers of people crossing the border has remained high but you’re not going to admit it because y’all so full of your own party

      That you can’t see the BS and the Democrats will to stay in power for as long as possible even if that means changing rules calling people racist and etc

  7. The bubblegum lies just gets bigger. They need to put their big boy pants on & man up to the truth

    1. They won’t. Only the spineless use lies to win fights. In the end, our brains disconnect from reality when we lie so the truth tellers are able to handle life in ways liers cannot

  8. The irony is that that dude is saying his 1st amendment is being attacked but he is still alive giving speeches. In Russia or North Korea, he’d be already dead for just speaking against the government.


    2. I shouldn’t have to point this out, but “not being killed for what you say” is not exactly the traditional First Amendment standard we evaluate freedom of speech by in this country 😂

    3. The “irony” is that you are trying to use a North Korean standard as an argument for why the guy has it so good here. I guess I shouldn’t expect lefties to approve of anything outside their own countries.

    1. @Jaqan Jones both sides definitely have there issues but about the last 30yrs republicans have been leaning towards fascism & now it’s going full Fascism, look up the definition, study the beginning of fascism, it’s what we fought against in world war II , watch A Night at the Garden, looks like history repeating itself in a horrible way, it’s not just here, Europe has seen a rise in Fascism and Nazis in government, and now it’s in our government. Fox is a big fascist propaganda machine. It should be taken seriously .

    2. @Jaqan Jones Not the good vs. the bad. More like the not-so-bad vs. the truly awful. The economy is still troubled, we’re not out of the COVID woods yet, and all those clowns can toss out there is Mr. Potato Head.

    3. @Jaqan JonesI agree with you when you say our diversity is a good thing.
      Then why do Republicans go out of their way to exclude certain groups of people, making it impossible for them to achieve their idea of the American dream?

    4. @J Barron I respect your opinion well you say Republican are moving toward fascism. Correct me If I am wrong ” Fascism is a system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism,

      If that what it’s I honestly believe Democrat are moving towards it.
      Here’s my point of view Democrat received most money form big tech not only that there has been lots example of them censored replulican. This seem like
      suppressing opposition.
      Not only that vaccine they are making rule that implied u got to get the vaccine like kids who has not taken the vaccine will still have to where mask

      My biggest issues are

      Big tech censorship
      Transdeger issue (FYI no HATE)
      Election laws
      Everyone should be repsent

    5. @Jaqan Jones there’s more to fascism & I see both sides dabbling with hate, fear & division which is a part of fascism, but when it enters the realm of like Qanon then it’s gone to far with lie’s & conspiracy theories which is also fascist , it looks like history repeating itself in a horrible way

  9. There are no dictatorial socialists in Washington. There are many dictatorial fascists though and Mo Brooks is one of them.

  10. CPAC reminds me of the old Seinfeld bit about the airing of grievances during festivus, they’re really not saying anything just repeating their same old talking points.

  11. It wasn’t an “event” on 1/6/21. Call it what it really was – a riot or insurrection – your choice.

  12. Fun Fact: “The Republican Party grapples with deep divisions over the extent to which it should embrace Trump after losing the White House and both chambers of Congress…”

  13. “It’s the economy, stupid.” (James Carville) Understand that socio-economic status usually rises to the top. As Biden’s economy improves, so will his political capital.

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