Republicans Using Election Security As A Sword, Says Former CISA Director | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Every time I ask a Trumper to present actual evidence, he will invariably tell me to “do the research”. Never any reasonable proof, or links to any official documents – just an encouragement to go to conspiracy theorist websites. They seem pretty much exactly like flat earthers – there is no convincing them otherwise.

    1. I can convince any reasonable, open minded person on earth, there was fraud in 2020… If you Qualify @ me.

    2. @Trump Fan Network 2 No one is claiming that ZERO fraud occurred. It usually does occur in very isolated incidents in every election. But you’re going to have a very high hill to climb if you’re going to claim enough fraud took place to have swung the election to Trump.
      We are not fooled by this effort – we all know that Trump will not replace Biden in the White House. The point of your nasty little exercise is to create MISTRUST and SUSPICION of the democratic process itself.
      Your goal – and Trump’s goal – is to destroy democracy. You are simping for the enemies of America. We can SEE you.

    3. @omi god – So, you are ok with “some fraud?”
      How much fraud do you think should be allowed? I dont think any should take place, but after reading your idiotic comment, you claim, fraud happens every election. So sit back and take it..
      Secondly, YOU have no idea what my goal is, you don’t know me. You read 1 comment, now you have me figured out completely from top to bottom? I dont think so…
      I said, I could convince any reasonable, open minded person that fraud occurred in 2020. Instead of waiting to find out what I had to assert, you jumped into a complete definition of everything I had to say???? If you are so psychic, post tomorrow’s PowerBall numbers… lmao @ you!

  2. Where it asks how one would talk to a friend who’d been brainwashed…
    I would not anymore. I talked to all of them early on and they didn’t listen, and now they’re just gone. It’s really sad too.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 Unfortunately, their could be 6 biliion people who could respond without having studied voting, indepth. However, one problem I’m now aware of is the fact that some people live in rural areas that are more than 50 miles from their nearest State ID facility. Some don’t have (nor need) a driver’s license because they live on a farm and only drive farm equipment. There are many other examples, but this is not my expertise. Some classes on the history of voting in the United States will help you to better understand (if that’s what you want).

    2. @mistatk I understand what you saying but I live in a country where people could not vote when I was young there is a difference between having hurdles to having no access.

    3. I hear all your comments, but surely there must be a solution which is based upon a foundation of proof, which ultimately must come down to ID. You need it to buy alcohol, to go to a bar, to travel, so why not for singularly the most important thing you will do in respect of the governance of your country? Surely, surely, surely, any issues regarding the availability of ID for all could be resolved without too much trouble.

      As to the comments about voter suppression, that sounds like a mantra that’s trotted out by the press. And to the comments about doubts, these have been going on for quite some time, so stop thinking automatically about Bad Orange Man and think about the integrity of the system. This isn’t a difficult point, so stop over complicating and, worse, politicising it. It’s purely about integrity, and nothing more.

    4. @mike briganti Ah, your GQP tears are delicious. Unlike GQP trolls like yourself, I realize not everyone has the blessing of good health or stable income to navigate the roadblocks to rightful voters. Keep crying, troll! 😂

    5. @TheDiamond2009 As I mentioned before America tends to think that their solution must be re-invented instead of looking what the rest of the developed world does. Yes the rest of the world has ID cards, also the rest of the world votes on Sundays and although you can vote by mail is not often used because in peak time it will take 90m max to vote.

  3. Invest in education. Get money out of politics. Help the people not the corporations. That’s all it is.

    1. @NCRailProductions Democrats never tried to overturn an election with an insurrection. They aren’t passing voter suppression bills and lying to people about the outcome of the election. Both parties engage in gerrymandering, but the right does it far more. I’m against it regardless of who does it though.

    2. @NCRailProductions I think you are projecting… I lived under an autocracy, I love democracy because of how the system works not who is elected.

    3. Easy to cheat with mail in ballots and no ID on a computer voting machines! A first grader could figure that out!

    4. @Pat Cornwell it would help if you tried operating beyond the level of a first grader. That’s why you don’t get it.

  4. You know it’s about stopping Democratic voters because instead of starting legal and secure voting registration early to ensure security, they are going about making it harder to vote. Saying this fact is how you shut down the right’s argument instantly.

  5. This just really breaks my heart. The GOP and DJT wants so badly to be Winners, this cry reminds me of the story of “Pinocchio”, and his cries, “I just want to be a real boy”. Reality is Reality.

    1. @Nancy Ross Only Cult are the DemonRATS trying to destroy, divide our country , slowly starting Socialisum then comes Communisum with the demented fraud in office with harris

    2. @Linda Campbell And if you truly believe that l have some home grown bamboo l can sell you when you make up some paper ballots that allegedly came from China you can include as “proof” of your so called fraudulent election results!

    3. Nancy, I think you’ve missed the point. Everything you’ve pointed out is straight from the narrative, as portrayed by the media you choose to believe. One is true, the other is false, and that’s clearly the way you think, there are no shades of grey. I’m afraid that life is slightly more nuanced, and to even be believing in Republican versus Democrat is simplistic in my view. These issues are far more complex, but far easier to understand if you view it from the standpoint of the establishment, and not any particular party. If you can do that, things might be become a little clearer. Shift focus, view through a different lens.

  6. The former guy reminds me of the bully in middle school who loses a running race and continually blames it on the track, or the officials, or the crowd, or anyone but him.

    1. @rrrjjj trump reminds me of a Bully Crime Mob Boss that loses everything he touches including the 2020 Election and threatens every QGOP retrumplican who Dares to tell the TRUTH and speaks against his Lies and Fraud of WINNING the 2020 Election LMAO.😁😁trump thinks if he keep saying the Election was Rigged so many times it will become True and they Over turn the Results Several Months Later SMFH.have you guys seen any Space Martians from Mars Stealing Votes Lately???

    2. @mike briganti yawn…typical Dumper deflection. Only bully we’ve had for awhile was the Dumpster. He also lost, so get over it.

  7. The Republicans have always been about destroying those that are not as rich as them and even then destroying each other to stay in the lead

    1. Wait to see what happens next before you fully form your view. You’re in for a rude awakening.

    2. @howard matts We can’t help it your republican senators all voted against you guys GETTING ANYTHING.

    1. BTC is a fraud. 100% liar, I have debunked that little soyboy so many times its hilarious at this point. Anyone who watches him, to actually be informed, is seriously stuck on stupid.

    2. oh yeah, why would you tell someone to “watch” something without posting the link? You think so highly of that garbage, you didn’t even take the time, to post a direct link to it? lmao @ you!

  8. The cult people say the number of people at the rallies are proof of the leader’s support. If you total all the people at those rallies you wouldn’t reach a million.

    1. I have never heard anyone say that… Post a link of one person making that claim… Or you are a liar.

  9. More like nunchukus in the hands of novices. They have a better chance of seriously hurting themselves than they do of defending against anything. These are the people that I want to run with scissors and play with guns at home.

  10. What made me question this entire thing is that if the GQP is so concerned about “voter integrity”, why did they decide to do this now when they are losing instead of earlier? Not taking sides btw.

    1. Well, here in Gee-or-gee-a, Guv Lyin’ Brian Kemp attempted to have a spine against Covid-45 by stating ‘no fraud’ then did a *180* (for coming election year) pivoting by saying need to ‘restore voter confidence’ hmmm…to Dems who won or.. Repugnicans who lost? If he had ‘doubled down’ on initial affirmation, THAT would have restored voter confidence! He also says voter reform is needed to ‘make it easier to vote, harder to cheat’…who cheated? And this was safest, easiest election in history! Sigh…he’s trying to make up solutions in search of problems.

  11. Washington post reported yesterday that Trump had planned the Big Lie two years ago in Texas, when he realized his numbers weren’t where they needed to be.

  12. “It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain

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