Republicans Vote To Remove Rep. Liz Cheney From GOP Leadership | MSNBC

Republicans Vote To Remove Rep. Liz Cheney From GOP Leadership | MSNBC 1


  1. The people that say they hate cancel culture just cancel somebody who’s trying to tell the truth Sounds about Republican

    1. @Charlie Brown she was voted out, by voice vote (so members didn’t have to take responsibility for their votes) for telling the truth. She was saying the same things Kevin McCarthy was saying in Jan/Feb.

      Your type is really just horribly dishonest.

    2. @Charlie Brown Im thinking his bacon greased arteries likely take that prospect off the table baby.

    1. @Will Payne they are scapegoating her because she (unlike those other morons) understands reality and wont be a lap dog to baby donnie’s spoiled brat lies, again, like the rest of them. The gop house is a clown car full of village idiots.

  2. This sends a great message to American children. Tell the truth and be punished or lie and be rewarded.

    1. @skippythetubrat it would make more sense that way lol. They just make up numbers and facts by unreliable sources. So thirsty to hear the lie they believe anyone with the koolaid 🤦‍♀️ it sure is getting old. And if I have to explain gas prices and how that works one more time I’m going to start charging lol

    1. @Tina C; Ya think, they turned in their ‘SANITY” cards – now all there is left to do is put the empty shells out of their misery.

  3. Hiding their names? Why? Because they know they’re being creeps and don’t want to loose their feed bags in case it backfires. Puh-Leez.

    1. @Greg Ha, Ha! Imagine if you will a dimension in time and space, were government is open and transparent and people really knew what they’re up to…

    2. @Sproo Town The government WAS transparent during john barron’s reign…we could see right thru him.

  4. This is actually a great day for her to get out of the leadership of that rats nest, START A THIRD PARTY

    1. @Sandy McConnell so apparently some politicians are not liars and cheaters? Why don’t you call Dominion voting systems and tell him how you feel. And file a lawsuit against them.

  5. If it would have been a secret vote she would’ve retained her position just like the last vote

    1. As expected the cowardly republicans don’t have the integrity to go on record with their votes so the world can know who the traitors to democracy really are. But no surprise … there are very few in the GOP who have any character or integrity and most are unfit to hold office.

  6. They are kneecapping themselves. I’m enjoying watching them set fire to their house and continue to sit on their sofa as it burns down around them. Fascinating.

    1. Jon hoge as a Canadian – butt out! Intelligent Americans realize all of DC is a joke- the dems the reps- even Trump – a bunch of puppets.

    2. @Sue Sue I believe that you are correct. It has been quite sometime since politicians made their own decisions. They are told what to do. And the voting population is not in that conversation.

    1. She does not represent the Reblpublicans in this country. Since you have so much appreciation for her you can welcome her to your side of the aisle. We do not want her!

  7. This is so sad ,it’s saying if we don’t stick together regardless truth or not you want be there typical them no matter what they do right or wrong stick together no matter whom it hurts.

  8. Well she gets a first hand view of what kind of cut throat crew she is in. They will sell out anyone if they think it will keep them in power.

    1. Linda Graham’s words will turn out prophetic.
      “Trump will tear is down and we will have deserved it”

      And then he took it back and reversed again and said he loved Trump and then that his journey with Trump had ended and then that Trump is the only way forward for the party..
      I am sure he was right at least once.

  9. I just couldn’t be in a party that is like this.. There is no way I would ever want to be apart of a group that didn’t want me in it because I told the truth and did the right thing.. Ooh of course it was secret, cowards!!

  10. They are still eating their young, just as their leader instructed them to do,sad but that’s the price of following a mob crime boss who has blackmailed his whole life i can’t even look at any of them .

  11. The crazies are out of control! Someone needs to step in and put them in check before something really bad happens!!

  12. The Slithering: Part 9 “Snakes do what Snakes do; bite, hide and seek”
    These slitherings, won’t even be transparent nor honorable by name.

  13. When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.” – Isaac Asimov

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