Rescue Workers Continue Searching Rubble Of FL Condo Collapse 1

Rescue Workers Continue Searching Rubble Of FL Condo Collapse


The number of people unaccounted for in Surfside, FL has now reached 159 as emergency and fire officials continue to search the rubble of a collapse condo building. MSNBC's Ali Velshi joins Brian Williams live from Surfside with the very latest.
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  1. This is so tragic. I believe the Florida Building Code may need an overhaul and perhaps a lot more inspectors.

    1. @James Quincey Holden the collapse couldve been due to salt water intrusion, when this happens on coastlines, the foundation that carries the weight of the building moves where now the building can not carry its own weight. In construction, on coastlines sand goes very deep and sand is not good for holding building weight so a lot of buildings need really deep foundations. And then the risk for salt water intrusion due to sea level rise is also a huge problem… its just all around not a stable ground to build on

    2. @Y Y, I’m an engineer. I can “overhaul America.” But I must warn you, I don’t come cheap. 😁

    3. @Y Y, I’m actually in automotive working on the electrification of the American automotive industry. It’s not going well. I actually have been spending more time as of late decommissioning assembly lines that were meant to build parts for electric vehicles as the industry way overestimated the demand.

      Unfortunately, electric vehicles aren’t a solution to climate change or our fossil fuel dependency. I wish I could say otherwise but I can’t. With today’s technology, the only possible solution is public transportation. We have to get away from the idea we need to move a two ton vehicle to move our 180 pound body to get to work.

    4. @Aldos Snow you know items “Made in the USA” are of better quality than those in China because of regulations and safety right? Chinese products are cheap because they’re mass produced for profit with inferior materials and very little regulation. Less regulation to save a buck for mass profit isn’t a good thing, if that’s what you want you’re welcome to move to China.

    1. Are they able to use whatever machine it was that the Lebanese officials and rescuers were using that checking for heart beats or something like that??? When that blast hit in Lebanon. I saw a report about it I dunno maybe it would help

    2. @Sina Haase – I don’t believe the equipment they’re using is sensitive enough to detect heartbeats. They obviously can’t benefit from heat detectors because of the ongoing fire. What I heard them say was they were investigating for sounds of shifting, repeating patterns, voices and other human sounds like moaning. They’ve also got the emergency canines that can help immensely.

  2. This is a 40 year old building that was declared unstable more than a year ago. The people who could do something are so far saying they didn’t know. There’s not much rescue to hope for anymore, just recovery

    1. @Joni Beehive
      In all the years I’ve been an ironworker I’ve NEVER seen “shoddy” inspections, the inspectors reputation, job, and possibly going to jail all depends on him doing his job properly.
      What I just found out watching another news interview with an architect/engineer from down there is that some type of maintenance was currently going on with that building, I’d lay odds that we’re eventually going to find out that someone screwed up by cutting into something that caused this, like with the World Trade Center collapse if a floor higher up gives and “pancakes” onto the floor below then that floor will break and from there they keep pancaking all the way to the bottom and pull the vertical columns down.
      I had just read in the comments of another video that this building was built 40 years ago and hadn’t yet gone through it’s 40 year inspection that was scheduled for sometime this year, quite possibly the maintenance work was scheduled to be finished before it was given it’s 40 year inspection, that would make sense to me from my experience because otherwise right after the work was done it’d just have to be inspected again.

    2. @Duke Craig shoddy inspections are everywhere. used to have the electrical company come out and inspect my utility poles. every single one of the ground wires had been hacked off by previous tenants for scrap and could even be seen dangling from the top, but they got the A-OK from the electrical company and an inspection tag each time with the date on it apparently! The bottom line is that something this catastrophic should NEVER happen in a first world country under ANY circumstances….. you cant tell me someone somewhere didnt know something about this building that prevented it from being safe, there is simply no way.

    3. @Kitten in Mittens
      I wouldn’t know about that because I wasn’t an electrician but I can assure you that the structural engineers and inspectors of buildings are first class, you’re comparing apples to oranges.
      Have you worked in either the electrical or structural engineering fields? Because if not you’re just being a typical know-it-all.

    4. @Joni Beehive
      If you did indeed have the experience you’re claiming you do then you wouldn’t have applied a term like “uninhabitable” to something when an entirely different word was used and then claim I was “splitting hairs”.
      What is your occupation with the outfit you work for and what’s your degree in? Structural engineering? Or do you do manual labor or work as a secretary at the company, please, tell me your occupation with the company and what your credentials are as far as your degree.

    5. @Mask explain to me how somebody who has been president for 5 months is responsible for a 40 year old building collapsing.

  3. The best thing in this unimaginable situation is that anyone on the bottom passed with the collapse….better to die quickly than linger in pain knowing you’ll never be reached in time. This never should have happened. RIP to those lost & condolences to their family & friends 😔

    1. We were working on retrofitting the footing of a building two blocks away from this building a month ago and the company that a work for pulled us off the job site and terminated the contract with the Building owner because the foundations of these building are so eroded and cracked that there is no way to repair them . Only way is to tear the whole building down and rebuild in stable soil. All the buildings in this are are Compromised.

    2. @Elaine Daprano You got that right. The Miami area is well known for sink holes which can undermine the foundation of a building and cause a collapse. This is a prime example why endless development like Miami Beach is not sustainable.

    3. @Boxer Florence thanks for sharing that. Now we need to share that with all those people living there

    4. What a joke! MSNBC attempting now to report actual NEWS after a federal judge ruled MSNBC was not a news organization but only a biased OPINION broadcasting network. Can’t wait till Rachel Maddow declares that this building collapse was Trump’s fault and a GOP conspiracy.

    1. @sodarndone stop the lies
      Inevitably there will be at least one that stands a chance… the fires, water and prospective rain may close that window for any others. The hazards of shifting and settling make speed limited. It would be even more catastrophic if the rescuers were also buried in the rubble and killed as a result of trying to progress carelessly or hastily.

    2. The media should be ashamed for skewing the story like this to keep viewers on the hook. They’re all dead. I could’ve told you that when this was first reported as 1 dead 99 missing. That means about 100 dead in this case.

    3. @ww Attention Callousness—
      It’s a common courtesy to withhold announcements proclaiming the dead without confirmations. No one is baiting anyone, people are merely holding our hope and praying for survivors and loved ones.
      Shame on YOU‼️⛔️😈

    4. @ww That’s not how search and rescue works. Until it’s a recovery operation (they’re not calling it that, yet and it’s too early to shift to that) the missing are presumed alive until found otherwise. (Source: CERT training).

    1. Trump is so mad with the immigrants who voted for Joe the “Creeper”, he literally ordered the building to be taken out. Good luck with your “Chosen One” and the Muslim guy “O’bama”, the pajama.

    1. The national guard. To pick up the pieces of flesh? It’s been 2 days and they got 1 kid out alive.

  4. this should not have been able to happen. i know people die in horrific ways every day, but it’s the needlessness of the tragedy and the sheer violence of what happened that i think is impacting us so much.

    1. this could of avoided if FL state keeps up with maintenance from erosion, natural disasters, ect…

    2. @ba sook I may be mistaken, but isn’t the condo building located extremely close to a beach? would that have something to do with the building collapse?

    3. @hikaruPiano yes, condo was located stripe of basically sand. I am not a civil engineer, but in general engineer stand point, condo need strong foundation; metal tubes that goes into bed rock to support the weight of the building plus the materials. or don’t built the condo in stripe of sand

  5. Sadly…heat, fumes from fire make the slim chance of survival much smaller…this is heartbreaking!.

  6. These rescues workers are real hero’s! This is such a tragic sad thing, keep praying for these family’s❤️

    1. Thank you for your warmth and prayers, Cate. I live three blocks from the collapse, this is truly horrifying. It reminds me to be grateful for every single day because you never know what can happen..

    1. Why not the people who are unharmed as well? or the workers who are trying to save the survivors! or think of the people in Africa!!!

  7. Sending prayers of Love and Peace to those going through this tragic time. May the Great Spirit and Mother Earth be with you all.

  8. Condolences to all the families of the deceased and 🙏 for more live survivors to be found.

  9. If half the city’s population went out there to help so much could be accomplished in just one day… That not happening is truly what’s sad.

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