Rescued Sudbury miner describes what it was like underground 1

Rescued Sudbury miner describes what it was like underground


Henry Bertrand describes his ordeal and what it looks like underground.

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  1. In mining terms…they were slinging a scoop and it had an unexpected movement getting stuck in the shaft so the conveyance couldn’t be moved. So they had to go up the ladder way. FYI , that ladder way has to be climbed and inspected from top to bottom once every month…for situations like this. They probably didn’t climb right away because they were told the problem would be fixed by the end of shift …where have I heard that before ?

  2. hope the rest make it back, too. glad this is looking to be a happy ending overall. props for acknowledging the rescue workers!

  3. In a way the he was talking was really sad, I know a guy that got cancer and still felt he had to go to work and then a few days later he was dead. It’s like the job became his life or reason for living…kind of messed up how that happens.. You go to work so you can live and enjoy life but when work becomes your reason for living.. it’s like a part of you has died…

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