Researchers Tracking If Covid Vaccine Boosters Will Be Needed: Dr. Fauci 1

Researchers Tracking If Covid Vaccine Boosters Will Be Needed: Dr. Fauci


Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, explains to Rachel Maddow what aspects of Covid-19 immunity are being researched now to find out if vaccine booster shots will be necessary at some point in the future. 
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    1. @Pew pew McPewface
      Looking at your prior posts you’ve failed miserably gramps.
      Finish your pablum and go back to bed.

    2. @B. T. so no education. Got it. You’re Low socioeconomic status too. I’m not surprised you don’t possess any life skills.

    3. Studies prove vaccines help. Studies also prove that vitamins and a healthy diet can help also. Yes the vaccine can have horrible long term effects, but it also could not have any . And it’s likely to have no more deadly side effects. It’s not like scientists are completely blind to the medicine. But then again Fauci said 100% safe, then random side effects happened, blood clots happened. So they obviously aren’t guaranteed safe like Fauci said, but still likely to be. So it comes down to personal choice, so why the hate towards each other? The only real dopes are the ones who are anti-vaccine but live the lifestyle of a slob polluting their body with trash. But one thing is a fact, the people who do get the vaccine are doing us a good service, because it’s still containing the virus enough for the rest of us to get herd immunity. That will help slow the virus from mutating faster and gaining strength. And if it was mutated in a lab, it’ll mutate even faster than the original. To each their own. Stop this fighting nonsense.

      The real question is, why isn’t liberal media reporting on Dr. Aruna Khilanani, who gave a lecture at Yale and at that lecture said she fantasized about shooting white people in the head with a revolver who get in her way. (share a different opinion) She was fired. But had this been a white person saying this about anyone at all, not even just a black person, they would be crucified by the media…


    5. @Scientific Methodologist What method did you use to come to the conclusion that a large, diverse group of people you’ve never actually been able to confirm whether or not they hate gmos hate gmos?

    1. Or the deliberately made new versions that will require newer n different vaccines,continuously.

    2. @Dominionjoe Delusions, like yours, unfortunately, are going to be around forever, also.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Yeah, that’s not how that went down. Seems you have your propaganda twisted. No rubles for your work today. Come back tomorrow.

    1. Y’all are freaking out over a virus most people won’t know that have unless they get tested and even last year’s tests were bogus! Wake TF up!

  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been fully vaccinated for months and I’m still taking precautions – mask wearing, avoid unnecessary crowds. There are still to many unknowns regarding the new variants for this old man’s comfort. I subscribe to the precautionary principal and it has served me well for 70 years.

    1. That’s wisdom. I’ve seen articles that says Pfizer, and in particular Moderns protection begins to wane specifically in the elderly after 6 months and drops into a canyon after that – again, only for old folks. Maybe because old people have less robust immune systems to begin with? Maybe that’s why they and Pfizer are amping up trials for a booster. I’m almost in my 4th month of protection after my Moderna shots and still taking as many precautions as reasonable.

  2. There’s nothing more lucrative than investing in crypto, more Especially in this pandemic

    1. he’s pretty healthy for 80 but hey I’ll listen to you David cause you’re masters of keyboarding tops his 40 years of service

    2. @evan doe no I’m a Lizard Person in charge of the Deep State.
      Can I have your liver Evan?

  3. You already know the answer. Yes we need a booster because government has to squeeze the people as much as possible

  4. Dr. Fauci said the one thing that you are not supposed to say on TV: “I don’t know.”

  5. The annual flu shot needs a booster shot every year. Tetanus shot needs a booster shot every 10 years

  6. Hey, question for you, why does your CHIN need covering with A mask?

    Is wearing a face mask too complicated for you to figure out, even though there are drawings for over a year now?

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