Residential school support line overwhelmed with callers: Director 1

Residential school support line overwhelmed with callers: Director


Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society executive director Nola Jeffrey discusses how the support line has been overwhelmed with callers seeking help. This comes after an estimated 751 unmarked graves were identified at a former residential school in Saskatchewan.

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  1. Is there a support line for my trauma ? I’m being blamed for something that I had no part in, and emotionally and financially extorted by “professional victims”.

    1. No, you’re not being blamed. You’re playing the victim card over someone else’s loss. You’re pretty disgusting.

    2. @Leon Cardinal There is plenty of proof you goof. Go grab a shovel & dig near your nearest residential school & you will find more bodies of children yourself

  2. Can we have some news on the government suing the speaker of the house

    The Trudeau government’s decision to use Canada’s independent judicial system to defy the House of Commons orders undermines the rule of law and our parliamentary democracy.

  3. So sad. I have family from the area spoken of. Louis Letendre and Francous Xavier John dit Batoche Letendre from the ferry crossing and store and fur trading of Batoche British Columbia. They fought for the indigenous and aboriginals and metis. They were also married to metis women and had children otherwise I wouldn’t be here . This comes from My father’s side.
    My mother’s side was also from these areas so I have both sides with Canadian ties and beginnings. My mother looked like a straight up Indian. I have some features as well as I look very much like her. So far as I know Batoche was named it during the time of my family Xavier Letendre was fur trading in the late 1800s. 1884 a store was built and a ferry crossing, and its involvement with the lands and protections of lands. I found this quite interesting to know these things… My name has never been a popular one so I had no idea anyone in my family had any history in this country or others. I pray for all the families who experienced these horrors.

    1. I am TIRED OF IT and quite frankly disgusted that they are now trying to use their “beloved ancestors” for another cheque….

  4. Is there a holocaust support line? Where’s the Irish famine support line? What about the Rwandan genocide support line?

    1. 751 kids don’t just die, dig their own graves, and burry themselves.

      I’m sure there’s many different causes, abuse, malnutrition, suicide, murder, etc. Whatever the cause, it was definitely criminal. Children don’t just drop dead and get burried in unmarked graves.

    2. @1% Shaggy um how have you concluded that these are all bodies? Ground penetrating radar only detects inconsistencies in the soil….so how you can conclude they are children is ridiculous….there are probably some children, some adults, and some of their “hits” could be nothing….the gp radar has a margin of error of around 20%….I am sure there are bodies there bc they are in a freaking GRAVEYARD….you can even see there are headstones/markers on one side…unmarked graves on other side….the Chief said they were removed in 1967…they all knew about this…why didn’t they remark them or if that wasn’t possible erect a monument in their honor….NO they would rather stand on their graves and scream genocide to line their pockets$$$….quite sickening if you ask me.

    1. So far the Indigenous are being shoveled 11 billion. Wait for the other wrist to fold and you’ll find out….

  5. Is the thumbnail the Roman Catholic Church from St. Paul Alberta? Both my grandmothers were in residential schools. One being Inuit and being moved from somewhere north ((Labrador/Nunavut (formally N.W.T)) to Cold Lake AB. I’m still looking for her biological family. My other grandma is a very different story she immigrated here from the Ukraine with her parents, she and her siblings were placed in the school because they couldn’t speak a lick of English, she was at the one in Lac La Biche. I myself grew up close to Blue Quills. This is tragic, there are so many stories here that need to be told.

  6. Time to expropriate Catholic Church assets to repay this. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for this.

  7. but not by holding those responsible (individuals and institutions) accountable in a court of law, right?

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