Residents concerned in Ohio over chemicals that leaked into air, soil after freight train derailment

Residents in Ohio are concerned over the toxic chemicals that were released into the air and soil after a freight trail derailed.

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    1. When its leaking hazardous stuff and threatening to explode, you don’t really wanna send firefighters into that. Controlling the explosion was the only way to guarantee nobody was killed. It was going to explode either way.

    2. @JackReacheround To add to this, when the fire was being put out it was unknown what the exact chemicals in the fire were, for all the firefighters knew, the foam could react with the chemicals inside of the fire and cause an even more intense chemical reaction.

  1. Lives may be lost due to delays in reporting this disaster. Down playing something before test results are provided lacks professionalism at minimum.

  2. the train derailment happened friday, the smoke/toxic smog already reached Toronto and not enough warning was put out in advance. cancer causing agents in the explosions

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