Residents Risking it All - December 3 2020 1

Residents Risking it All – December 3 2020


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  1. Gov. How are these people
    Going to manage till you get off your dupas and fix.?
    They cannot aford long way and those that work dont have time round trip. Price gouging occurs. Have mercy please.

  2. I would like to know who are your mp for the areas, and what or your mps for the constituencies is doing. You all voted for your jlp party government ministers them, you risked your lives. During the coronavirus disease in the election campaign, throughout the constituencies from them and. Now the road way is damaged and, from such time, there is nobody come to your rescue as yet. It is really hard to say but I haveto say it, is what you sow, it is what you are now reaping. I can see the type of organic and, suffering you people haveto be going through to get. Your things into your communities, it is a very tuff situation you people haveto be facing.

  3. Stephen Shaw you need to stop the talking and,do something to the road way from so long and. There is nothing has done to the road as yet, as you are too young. To know what am going to tell you, that the government you are serving.That they are the ones who dismantled the public works department,throughout Jamaica , when they were around. That road would have been fixed already, because they have the power and, the equipments to fixed. But when the worthless jlp party government ministers them, came to power in 1980,all the programs. That the pnp government had in place to help the poorer people communities them, as soon as the jlp party took over. They dismantled all of them, the training centers across Jamaica ,the road and works department , the agriculture department, the land lease, Jamal school , the crash program for. The less fortunate who unable to looked at job, in the wider society. During those days for the 5days work was $25 for each worker,and the jlp party government ministers them stopped it.Saying that the pnp party government ministers them is wasting taxpayers money , and the communities throughout Jamaica . During those days every communities in Jamaica was well kept, clean as a whistle. So you can that the jlp party government ministers them, does not mean the poorer communities them any good. A lot of you younger generation is going to suffer, a lot of you is not going to passed 40,to 50 before you being killed. If the government ministers them the country is this manner, a lot of you is going to get killed. Because of the financial turmoil or chaos in Jamaica , the country is running red hot . Because the government fails to delivered to the people needs,and wants on a daily basis. I am really sorry for the ones who didn’t voted for them, but the ones them. Who has voted for them, I don’t sorry for not one of them, because they warned about the devious government ministers them. So young man you need to shut up your mouth , is what the government tells you what to say.He is just delivering a message and, nothing more at all.

  4. Easier said than done. The ppl are already struggling…they caa afford to take the alternative route.

  5. how the hell u gonna just tell people to not use that route like they are going to listen u have to block the road off so they don’t use it

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