1. Government can’t learn anything after a year of this? It’s pathetic and shows they have no idea what they’re doing.

    1. What do you mean “after a year”? Remember our Province had extensive information and experience dating back to 2003 with SARS. Where’s what the gov’t ,SUPPOSEDLY, learned from THEN? smfh. Incompetence 101.

    2. Oh but they do. Not helping has nothing to do with not knowing what they are doing. They know precisely what theyre doing.

    3. @tracerxy looks like conservatives are massive failures

      Alberta too lol. Conservative provinces are in BIG trouble

  2. Sitting outside on a patio with social distancing is not a threat. This government has screwed this up over and over again.

    1. @Lizzbird keep wearing your face diapers and don’t leave your house then…go find your safe space.

    2. @Wiggy 003 covid can travel as far as the water droplets.

      That’s not very far. There’s not clouds of covid floating around. Covid isn’t a virus that can travel without a medium of a droplet of moisture. That’s an undeniable fact, so kindly f yourself. There’s literally nothing saying covid floats around in the air for long distances. There is however plenty saying it’s easily destroyed outside of an environment of moisture by uv rays

      Also, it’s you’re

    3. @Bob Barker actually I’ve done research, Covid could stay airborne for hours and a person can still get infected. So go do your research instead of criticizing, then you’ll realize you were wrong.

  3. I would be billing and taking the government to court as well if I was going to lose everything.

    1. Lol being a veteran myself, unless you have a team of free lawyers (even then) ut not gona win in court against the any government conservative or liberal

    2. @Everything batman collector There has been cases in Alberta where the government has changed the covid restrictions and then dismissed their cases.

    1. @Edward Carberry not even a new study. Heard sun destroys virus in under a minute. Cloudy day 1.5 min.

    2. @Chris Mifflin Cancelled? Like the independent company Dr Seuss who independently stopped publishing certain books on their own?

      Why don’t you fascists allow companies to make their own decisions? You’d rather have the government make them for them?

      You fascists are gross. Take your $500 a week and go away you CERB collection poor person

    3. @Dexter J and what a disaster it has been. Their leaders had to apologize and acknowledge the science they ignored by going for the herd immunity strategy

      Hahahaha they failed.

      Look at Japan and Korea 🙂 masks and lockdowns work 🙂

  4. Why not? If the government wants to force a business to close, they should fully cover the financial losses.

    1. @Jay Guo this 100%. Why do conservatives start crying when they see a business die under capitalism

      Lmfao not sorry

    2. @Ted Poplawski dude, Canada is a capitalism country just like America, did you forget what capitalism really is?

    3. @Jay Guo dude,do you know we’re in the midst of a “ pandemic “ and government is using draconian lockdown measures? ? Get informed before revealing your ignorance for all to see, dude.

  5. Send another bill to Trudeau for allowing new covid 19 variants into the country through international flights.

    1. Viruses almost always mutate. That’s not the issue. Lock downs and masks for a virus which has the same impact as a flu is the problem. How many years are we going to continue this

    2. @Z M Trudeau is bad, will never get my vote, but I’ll never vote conservative lol those fascists can lick boot

    1. Australia did. And they beat the virus. Everything is now wide open. Because they shut it down hard including police stopping you to make sure your trip was essential.

    2. Ford should’ve done a harsh shut down from the beginning. I mean it’s still not too late for it so that it doesn’t become worse than what it is..

    3. @Samma Vitae Yup, Australia, New Zeeland, Taiwan.But they did closed the borders from last March.Last March in Canada if you were advocating for closing the borders, you were racist!!!

    4. @Samma Vitae And then there are countries that remained open entirely like Nicaragua and they had fewer casualties overall than countries with restrictions.

    1. Your not Facing Reality! They are going to Lock you down ever few months to Break your sprite to resist the VAXXXINE!

  6. I would have just drank it all lol.. but seriously coming from someone in the industry, there should be compensation

  7. Hope you guys can get back to normal soon. Out here NS things are pretty much working normally we have a handle on our cases best of luck

  8. every single business in Ontario and across Canada should be taking all governments to court, there is zero science backing any of their covid measures.

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