Restrictions being implemented as Omicron cases continue to skyrocket | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Restrictions being implemented as Omicron cases continue to skyrocket | COVID-19 in Canada


Some provinces reintroduced measures to slow the spread of the Omicron variant as cases rise.

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    1. @Daniel House …Too bad i thought you saw the light…theres still time…….Mass Formation Psycosis…look it up

    1. @BriannaFitzy The omicron variant is just the common cold with a scary name. How long are you planning on letting politicians micromanage every aspect of your life and take away basic freedoms because you’re scared of of the word “covid”?

  1. Right on schedule! Keep restrictions loose enough to spend your money christmas shopping until it’s time to see your family and friends. By the 20th they’ll be encouraging you to report your neighbors for gatherings.

    1. @josh77577 we can definitely agree on that. I’ll be seeing them no matter how much these talking heads try to discourage it. And they will. “Discourage” doesn’t equal “stop” in case you didn’t know.

    2. I want to call you a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist but you’re prediction will probably be realized in the next few days when Doug Ford comes out with another “My friends” press conference

  2. “The holiday spoiler” lol no the holiday continues on without skipping a beat. Also why implement more restrictions if they haven’t been working?

    1. Yup just like last year where many where discovered on expensive islands probably calling it to work on-line and get paid by the tax payers to boot. Scamdempic very much planned. Best to restrict polluting wasteful private jets travel and cabal meetings of perverted pleasures.

    2. They don’t care if there are travel restrictions. Trudeau went to Bahamas last year and we couldn’t see our families. Rules for thee but not for me.

  3. How come they don’t mention what flu strain is going around this year ? They never talk about the flu anymore. Hmmm….

    1. @Daniel House you mean sanitizing with hand sanitizer? HAHAHAHAH that is an antibacterial not an antiviral genius. And you don’t have to be a doctor to read the label

    2. @Daniel House Abstract

      Background: Health care workers outside surgical suites in Asia use surgical-type face masks commonly. Prevention of upper respiratory infection is one reason given, although evidence of effectiveness is lacking.

      Methods: Health care workers in a tertiary care hospital in Japan were randomized into 2 groups: 1 that wore face masks and 1 that did not. They provided information about demographics, health habits, and quality of life. Participants recorded symptoms daily for 77 consecutive days, starting in January 2008. Presence of a cold was determined based on a previously validated measure of self-reported symptoms. The number of colds between groups was compared, as were risk factors for experiencing cold symptoms.

      Results: Thirty-two health care workers completed the study, resulting in 2464 subject days. There were 2 colds during this time period, 1 in each group. Of the 8 symptoms recorded daily, subjects in the mask group were significantly more likely to experience headache during the study period (P < .05). Subjects living with children were more likely to have high cold severity scores over the course of the study. Conclusion: Face mask use in health care workers has not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds. A larger study is needed to definitively establish noninferiority of no mask use.

    3. @Daniel House 50K down to under 100 while Covid was still able to spreadl ike wild fire? You’re grasping at straws

    1. @Sam Schmidtke I’m not allowed to travel so how tf can I move ? Do you have rocks for brains? I’d rather live in Haiti than this cesspool yet I’m being held hostage.

    1. I ask myself this more often than I’d like. I hate how all these tyrannical health aficionados speak… I wish someone would slap thier soft spoken teeth out. Nuremberg 2.0 can’t come fast enough.

  4. Wonder if more Canadians are tired of being “protected” by these political and health authorities yet. Perhaps they could do a little research on the data coming out of South Africa regarding Omicron before ramping up the panic machine.

    1. @Cody Perry And how would you know that? From Resident Evil, The Farmers Almanac, or the King James version of the bible?

  5. “we know public health measures work” say that 3 times in a straight face to the camera and I’ll believe you

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