Restrictions on household gatherings among new health orders in Manitoba | Full update 1

Restrictions on household gatherings among new health orders in Manitoba | Full update


Dec. 17: Manitoba health officials announced new public health orders which will include restrictions on household gatherings and reduced capacity limits ahead of the holidays.

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    1. Really do they got private droans on everybody their secret army of puppetmasters dam enjoy christmas before they really lose their pea brain minds.

    2. They don’t have the right to do any of this. The State of Emergency that granted these “powers” was ended awhile ago. A state of emergency that I never recognized or believed and therefore do not consent to these “measures”. They are still pushing the Vax despite all the data shows clearly that it does very little if anything to help but certainly shows the Vax can be harmful. We also have no clear idea of how this will affect those in the future. No idea because we are the petri dish.

    3. @Heather Sedgwick nope…but they got compliant snitch boomers. My snitch boomer neighbor complained to the management at McDonald’s because nobody asked her for her precious passport. She was worried about her health.

    1. No kidding! No mask, no test, no vax and I haven’t been sick since 2018. Vitamin D is essential this time of year as a flu preventative.

  1. No matter what government party in Manitoba runs Manitoba, Healthcare has always been a struggle. ROUSSIN IS JUST A TV DOCTOR!

    1. Nope, more injections just led to more sickness and more authoritarian policies. The solution? More injections of course.

  2. This is the right thing to do. Ill call Santa let him know he cant come this Christmas because hes not VAXED

    1. Santa already had covid. He is safe but he is not allowed to fly internationally. Living in Canada, I am still going to get my present!

    1. No kidding, eh? “The True North…… on our knees….” Take off your masks folks, just do it. Don’t be afraid, it’s very liberating.

  3. Just say no and tell your friends to say no as well. That is the only way. Just get everyone you know to say no and than get them to tell there friends and family as well

  4. Enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends, because of our passiveness, it might be our last Christmas.

  5. Do you pay my bills? Did you buy my house? If the answer is no, then don’t expect me to follow your rules.

    This is the very opposite of Democracy.

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