Results are in for first round in French Presidential election

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen appear to be the leading candidates in the first round of the French presidential elections, an analysis of early results shows, setting up a rematch of the 2017 contest. CNN's Paula Newton speaks with French voters about the two candidates.
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  1. They’re going to win them over ultimately, however, they’re going to have to use escargo.

  2. You say the voter turn out is low but still at 73%. Waayyy above the US elections. Because they can vote on Sunday.

    1. Dude, that’s stupid! People can vote in the US can vote by mail, in some states they can vote in person days before the official election day, in 3 states people actually can change their vote even 3 times before the official election day. So if you don’t vote in the US is because you don’t want to vote!!!

    2. @Raghunandan Reddy C in France everybody already has an I.d card already you get one automatically on your birthday I think like a social security card or a Medicare card.

    3. @Chris Bammer well as I’m not omnipotent and can only live in one state at a time ,you’re probs right😎
      Ps the blatant unconstitutionallity wasn’t my opinion,it was the legal opinion of 3 constitutional experts.feel free to check.

  3. Her 23% barely even beat the 3rd place guy Melchon at 21% who is the most left-wing candidate. Center-Left Macron got 28%.

  4. This guy didn’t bring up Melenchon until prompted. Lacks credibility. Melenchon has got 20%+ and 3rd place for the second time, and almost made the runoff despite Macron getting the most votes.

    1. @Real Aiglon It’s a Russian Troll for sure … they’ve been using that particular technique for years …first the verbal attack accompanied by a link that they are betting a certain number of people will click on it leading them away from the important news story …and they have the stats down pat that tell them most people wont click back to the original news story after leaving the page …so just a classic misdirection technique they used on Facebook for many years and are applying it to YouTube now

    2. @Real Aiglon yes, all political careers end in failure. But Melenchon did better than expected, even if it was a failure.

    3. @TheMobileHomestead 😆 🤣 Russia the big bad wolf hahaha. Guy trys to bait clicks on his minecraft videos

      Cnn fans = classic Russians 🤣

    4. Only two will go to the 2nd round. Most of Melenchon’s votes will go to Macron. It’s over and out for the fascists.

    1. @Darryl Wood no he’s right.
      being anti NATO, isn’t being pro Russia.
      you have been lied to macron will lead to Frances downfall.

  5. Yup, it’s the cats that’ll be the crucial tipping point (& I wish I was kidding 🤔😬😅)

    1. @ilhamrj the only suppression I see is people too lazy to get off the couch and go you will want to just text your vote in

  6. 1:15 Refreshing view of the new breed in French politics, I can’t imagine their attire to be any more perfectly matched. Talk about “lockstep.” 🤣

  7. At this point and not giving a damn as to who wins, I can only wonder at the clamour that has Le Pen truly challenging Macron.
    Strange things do happen in politics but I can’t see the basis for a shock from the figures to date in this contest.

    1. I do not particularly like him after he made it illegal to record police as they are beating your arse and because the police do not wear body cam you are just BEAT.

  8. The French have an important decision on they hands. The sound of war drums in Ukraine no doubt will affect the outcome, but local bread & butter issues probably will be more important. This is a referendum on Macron’s performance on the economy, Covid, and how to best integrate recent immigrants.

    1. You mean how to keep holding Frances empire in many islands from the Caribbeans to west Africa!!!!

    1. @Carsen Hooper you putin trolls and vladbots are getting easier to spot. Putin must of sent his best trolls into Ukraine.

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