1. Thank you General Wesley Clark. Real true words on what is needed now and not in some weeks or months

    1. @Mihaela they left own free will too regroup take the east ukraine . ukraine so dum

  2. “We have to do better job listening to Ukrainians. They need heavy fighting artillery, planes, tanks…” Thank you, general, for saying this loud and clear.

    1. @def creator it’s true that they are winning because of weapons that nato countries gave them. What’s interesting to me is that country like turkey sends military equipment to Ukraine but at the same time doesn’t really go in on sanctioning Russia like other countries did. The Russian planes and tourists, gas going to turkey without any issues even the two sides are going to turkey for negotiations. Turkey trying to be neutral i guess even though turkey is in nato

    2. @Ramon Pilgrim Kiyev was the target. No army ever put that much of it’s resources to a diversion, which came to cost that much of men, vehicles and equipment. Maybe a young lieutenant would think about something like that but none general or colonel ever made that kind of mistake. None. Not in any circumstances.

    3. @Gardener42 All good, but you forgot the communications and the intel. These are crucial. Also the medics and the field hospitals. In tens of percentages of the fallen soldiers the usual reason they’ve lost their lives has been only the lack of proper first aid and the quite immediate hospitalization on the field.

    4. @Joe Newmeyer Don’t let them in. Indeed. Just what I taught my daughter when she asked how to avoid to get pregnant by chance.

  3. I’ve seen from the very beginning of this war many Ukrainian people carrying there pets with them to safety. It breaks my heart to see these good people in such misery. People who love there animals dearly show just how loving and good hearted people they are. Slava Ukraine glory to the Ukraine glory to the heroes 🇺🇦🇺🇸

    1. @Jan 6 was “Wall Street Putsch” part 2 A point. I hadn’t thought of that yet.😢😢😢

    2. @Tofuto Echnaton Erzmaester Erde you need to educate on history the only people who have ever thret the use of nukes has been the USA and the only ones who used it against people.

  4. It’s time that nato and Ukraine’s allies give the weapons, vehicles and munitions that allow Ukraine to go on the offensive instead of being defensive. Everything that the General said about Putin’s endgame is 100% right, 20 yrs ago Putin made it very clear that he wanted to reunite the Russian Empire/USSR and the world didn’t listen.

    1. @DariusMaximilian the UK is right, the Ukrainian forces need bigger and better equipment, the kind that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that proceeding is an exercise in futility.

  5. The only objective and solution is for Russia to leave Ukraine. The General is correct. We need to give them what they need to Drive Russia out of their country.

  6. “The only thing a war-like adversary understands is a demonstration of greater power.” – Admiral Hayes.

  7. I wish our government would listens to the General since we want to save lives in Ukraine and in NATO countries.

  8. I hope people pay attention to this man. He’s the only person I’ve heard on CNN who seems to have this in the right perspective.

  9. Big respect for Gen Clark for his very insightful and in-depth analysis of Putin’s ultimate objective and what needs to happen to defeat him and his regime.

    1. @jon smitt I’m not a politician, and I beg to differ with you. Clark made it clear that it’s not just about sending heavy weapons into Ukraine. He clearly stated Putin is fighting against the US and NATO with Ukraine as the proxy. He’s emphasizing that European leaders cannot be short-sighted enough to think that this war can end quickly and everyone go back to “business as usual”. Russia (and Putin in particular) must be routed completely.

  10. Agree completely. Putin has a long history of throwing Red Herrings – stalling distracting telling people – other world leaders – what they want to hear. Do we fall into the trap of believing our own story of the outcome we’d prefer? Or do we act decisively on the ground?
    Give the Ukrainians what they NEED to get the job done. Make no mistake – Putin’s ambitions don’t stop here.

  11. You can understand why General Clark was the leader of all NATO forces at one time: He is always clear, concise and offers an excellent analysis of every situation. He is also doing a better job of advocating for Ukraine and what they need to win the war than almost any other Western analyst.

    1. General Clark also nearly caused WWIII in 1999 when he ordered NATO troops to fire on Russian forces in Yugoslavia. Thankfully the troops flat refused to obey the order on the grounds that they were batsh*t insane. Clark got booted out of his NATO post as a result. Look up the Pristina airport incident if curious.

      Maybe America has forgotten about all that but many NATO members in Europe haven’t. Clark’s words today may be right, but his previous lack of insight and leadership would have me questioning his opinions very closely.

    1. Accusing EU of being shortsighted when EU has more to lose than the USA from both war and sanctions?

    2. Yes. A high ranker not back peddling and kissing boo boo over gender identity and toilet use issues.

  12. One of the things I like about Europe is that there is a lot of genuine willingness and hard work done here to achieve peace among nations. The problem is that there are situations where you have to be ready to admit that that path has been thoroughly tried, and has turned out be a dead end. Many European countries are too slow to see when that situation has been reached.

    I think that any kind of hope of getting Russia to become a constructive or at least reasonably well behaving member of the international community without it being first forced to it’s knees has to be abandoned. We have come to a point where we have no other option but to play the game Russia has started to the end. We now know what Russia wants: all it can get. We also know what it is ready to do to get it: kill and destroy seemingly without limits.

    Wesley Clark is right. Ukraine is fighting for all of us, and suffering terribly doing so. We have to help Ukraine as if the Russians were attacking us. Russia won’t stop until it is stopped. Countries can change, as Germany and Japan have wonderfully showed us. I hope one day Russia too will be a peaceful country respected by it’s neighbours. Whether it happens or not, we have come to the point where we have to take away from Russia it’s capability to threaten and hurt it’s neighbours.

    1. @MDM that’s what Ukraine wants if they don’t get their way but imagine living like a 2nd class human being just because you’re not aryan

  13. The French, Germans and Italians must listen to the General. True words of advice. The Ukrainians can and will handle Russian aggression if the west properly supports them with the military equipment that they need. We are letting them take the brunt of Russian aggression with their hands tied.

  14. I hope this guy still holds some sway in the military, he is absolutely spot on with everything he’s saying. What a legend 👏

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