1. Pregozhin Cyber employees are doing exceptionally good work commenting here!
    It’s hard for many to accept the idea that Russia is not “great”.

    1. Hertling isn’t in favour of Ukraine receiving ATACMS. Listen to him debunking the need for Patriots again and you’ll hear him mention ATACMS.

    2. ATACMS can’t end the war on its own. Give them massive amounts of armor to push them out. I vote the Bradley but anything will do; we just need to give them LOTS of it.

    3. @Riverside Garden Radio Even with those deficiencies it is still King of towed artillery in Kievan Rus or Moscovy. Good for the Moscvians they need to go to other countries for repair but they are being repaired and returned. All tube artillery requires replacements. Looking at drone footage I don’t see the accuracy from the invaders tube artillery which explains the number of wasted shells. The GPS guided Triple Axes provide pin point accuracy when using the M-982 Excalibur rounds.

    1. What cynicism, the US army, which in aggressive wars killed the most civilians, women and children in the history of mankind, condemns Russia why, in defense of its people who are exposed to the genocide of Kiev, the US and NATO, fire all their weapons at the enemy. Russia has every moral right to drop an atomic bomb on Kiev, Brussels and Washington.

    1. He is hiding many factors from you in that discussion. He has commanded a division and knows better. He is being paid for his words.

    2. Best explanation I’ve heard as to why we have not sent Patriots. I wonder why nobody has articulated that until now.

    3. @hymns4ever The question wasnt about the Patriot dumb azz, the question is why dont we give them a long range missile to end the war. 😒

  2. Russian General: “Mister President, we’re running out of missiles and the Ukrainians are still fighting.”
    Vladimir Putin: “Hmmm… Let’s send some animal eyeballs to their embassies around the world. That should break them.” 🤣(You know you’ve lost the war when…)

    1. @David John Dupee bro you’re cheering for Russian clowns who said they would beat Ukraine in 10 days. It’s now month 10

    2. @Essence of Order have the russians stopped bombing ukrainian towns and cities ? i think Russia is in control and soon there will be no more doors for you to open, why do you not go to Russia and take moscow and end the bombing , seriously ? as long as you’re getting bombed constantly , then you aren’t winning , especially if you’re not bombing your enemy back , how many Russian towns and cities has ukraine captured , you need to capture the capitol , Russia already took yours then gave it back to you ,and look how ungrateful you are 😔

    3. Nobody listens to the USA and Europe in the east. We don’t care about them and their same-sex marriages, just let them come here

  3. America and NATO need to provide air defense systems to create a no fly zone over Ukraine. Putting Patriot missiles into Ukraine is not as difficult as the general said. US soldiers can run the missile batteries as they train the Ukrainians to operate them. It’s common sense and easy to do.

    1. @Tim Eames Oh yeah! I’m going to go out there to die for a country I didn’t even know existed. Ukraine is just a pawn piece that NATO and the US is using for their purpose.

    2. @Tim Eames When the ground stays frozen for about 10 days Russia will make a massive offense and end this war by the end of February.Putin hasn’t used over 20% of his ground force and we haven’t even looked at the Air Force and rocket forces and everything else at his disposal. https://youtu.be/aeOpHXzjxDI

    3. @Lawrence Harris that’s why need to see American military directly engaging Russia & stop them on battlefield so they can’t bully & attack anybody else! It’s not all about Ukraine to USA it’s a chance to finally weaken Russia more than they already are.

  4. With all due respect to the General, the US should have decided a long time ago whether to send enough weapons systems to win in a decisive manner, or whether to send enough only to continue fighting and attritting indefinitely. If that means sending Patriot batteries, manned by American contractors, then that’s what it takes. And I would suspect that the learning curve from HIMARS to ATACMS is fairly steep. I was under the impression that the General’s generation was well aware of the perils of incrementalism from the Cold War.

    1. @Steve Gate I do agree that those are more effective and stronger defense and offense weapons that would save lives dying everyday. But certainly, NATO nations don’t have unlimited budget when their own approval ratings are at historical lows, their economies depressed in stagflation and their own weapon stockpiles are running low. Also, the pros and cons should be carefully assessed when pulling Ukrainian solders out of their frontline for prolonged training when the human casualties are high and need to secure land back from Russia when civilian casualties are high. Plus, unless NATO allows Ukraine to target the weapon and supply sources in Russian territory effectiveness of those weapons will be significantly hindered. NATO handcuffing itself to an defensive alliance and stating no direct confrontation against Russia is a huge mistake.

    2. @SorbusAucuparia Very true.
      To me, it was almost alarming how much the US had to consolidate Europe.
      NATO is one thing, but Europeans seemed to not be aware of the reality of Putin’s ambitions.

    3. @Rich Sz America didn’t really lose to Taliban they just left unfinished, don’t think they got defeated though, like Vietnam America racked up body count but politics didn’t let them win.

  5. Ukraine news thank u. Ukrainians are fighting for Democracy while almost 1/2 America is trying to destroy our Republic. I am proud to be helping them while they are making the ultimate sacrifices.

    1. With all this bullshit talk ,,,, you can name several dead black American criminals. But yet can’t name one dead Ukrainian. You know ? Those suckers that have died on the front line of defense for world 🌎 democracies . Bet you can’t !!! What a disconnect in American society. What a joke

  6. The air defense in Ukraine was able to intercept and destroy 75% of targets, which is a good percentage, and it needs more air defense systems in order to cover a larger area. The problem is quantity not quality so more iris, crotale and ihawk needed !

    1. Only thing Ugaynian nazi air defense can hit is Polish civilians praying at grave sites and farmers working their fields

  7. A Tribute to Ukraine 

    The Fight

    Where were you 
    when the walls came crumbling down.
    Fearing for our lives
    In our home towns.

    Where children once played 
    Laughter was everywhere
    We now find graves 
    Seems like only…we care.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    Instrumental 🎶 

    If we lose.
    If this was our last fight.
    I promise you
    We didn’t run and hide.

    Only one way to live
    Head high and full of pride
    What we would give
    Our blood and tears we cried.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

    Instrumental 🎶 

    A burst of lightning 
    coming from the morning sky
    confuses all 
    We will not run and hide.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s…..

    And then,
    There’s one thing that remains.
    Fight until the death 
    Fight for our Ukraine. 

    But now, 
    Our prayers were not met
    By those who stood by
    By those who would forget. .

    By Humble Driver

    thank you for reading humble poem ❤️ 🙏 and if you are interested in song please go to Humble Driver YouTube

  8. It is not up to the France and US to ask to talk to Putin to stop this war. It is Putin who must ask for it and Ukraine (and its allies) will tell him the conditions. POINT.

    1. Kennedy and Krutchev stoped the missile crises because 2 nuclear countries where involved Krutchev was Ukrainian BIdenis too senile and Blinkeni s an cons

  9. Absolutely General. Thanks for us sharing all info as friends.
    I’m proud to be America’s ally.

    On many great victories! Salute

    1. @David Bourne Um sorry, but I’m not sure why you tagged me and responded like that? I merely asked the OP where they were from. There’s 5 shadowbanned comments now…

    1. Yup, GB has been amazing, not just in training but in being first to provide important weapon systems, first in diplomatic support, and first in providing accurate info to the public on what’s happening on the ground. Hats off to you, and good luck against Senegal tomorrow, wish you both could win.

    2. @Eli is that what you call it. ?? Cause I call it joe Biden arming women&children to die against Russia 🇷🇺. Just so you and Joe Biden can scream war crimes. Talk about using the Ukrainians

    3. Canada is also training UKRAINE soldiers. We have for years. Let’s stop being so nationalistic and spend our cooperative energy in help winning against this dictator.

  10. The question for anyone here! Suppose Russia and the Putin regime sees a desperate moment of no return for this war and they decide to attack the satellites in space to blind most weapons that rely on this. Would it be considered the same as if Russia invaded the West directly? If Russia has this possibility to destroy satellites in outer space it is something that should be taken with a serious consideration. I hope the US and some of its allies are aware of this. Because if they decide to go this route they could launch a barrage of missiles to destroy as many satellites as possible all at once to blind anything that is being supported by the satellites. Is there a backup method if anything like this happens? I feel it would trigger WW3 w/out the use of a nuclear weapon as a first strike, that could be next.

  11. I hope Ukraine understands the limitations. I am for supporting them in their fight up and to the point that it doesn’t get the US into a world war three dilemma.

  12. The USA sends billions to help another country, yet sees millions of their own people homeless. My heart goes out to Ukraine. However, truth is truth.

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