1. Well done to the Ukrainian people and military. Don’t give up the fight. SLAVA UKRAINE!!! 🇺🇦

    1. @Joseph Jones that reminds me of a joke…what is the difference between the people in Dubai and the people in Abu Dhabi? The people in Dubai don’t like the Flintstones but the people in Abu Dhabi do. That one goes out to all the people who have ever watched the flintstones when they were kids. Go Ukraine! Slava Ukraine!

  2. That is a good news! God have mercy on Ukraine! Glory to all the brave people who is fighting for safety of their children and mothers. 💕🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @Oleg Ermolaev25 certainly there are fascist’s in Ukraine. There are fascists in Russia, Germany, America or any other country you wish to name.
      Are you aware that in the UN vote only four nations voted with Russia?
      In fact by the description of a fascist state Putins Russia is just that.

  3. Though outnumbered and outgunned, the Ukrainian military doesn’t stop to amaze the world. Im so proud and at the same time, so worry about them

    1. @Jay Jay Yes Ukraine was supposed to lose less than 2 weeks in. What happened? Can you tell us?

    2. They aren’t outnumbered though. The Russians invaded with 190,000 while the Ukrainians number twice as much due a general mobilisation

  4. As the days go by more and more Ukrainian military are being trained on our more advanced technology !!!! This more fighting units will be deployed across the region 💪💪💪🤔🤔🤔❤️❤️

    1. @andy moore how’s your economic slump at 1.4 percent and raging hot inflation and possible of a great recession coming

  5. Concise, reasoned, and informative with clear examples of the benefits of the latest artillery systems coming in from the West.

    Also good explanation of problems facing Russian forces trying to hold onto and advance their current gains.

  6. The Ukrainian soldiers are the bravest warriors of the world today .
    Out numbered , without military equipments that Russia has and yet able to fight is just but miraculous .
    Stay strong 🙏🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  7. A determined population defending their homeland is always difficult to defeat, and when you have that population being supplied, advised, and otherwise supported by the entirety of Europe and the US, with billions of dollars, equipment, and intelligence, not to mention crippling sanctions on the aggressor, that defending population becomes an iron wall.

    1. @Павел Кириенко And how does this make anything better? Lawrow is argmenting on the level of a 12 year old lol

    2. @Ucupp Sani the US left because of a new political regime that wanted out as a promise to their political base. Something someone living under a dictator, like in Russia, will never get to see.

    3. @Ucupp Sani wtf has the taliban got to do with the fight in Ukraine 🇺🇦except Russia should have learned a valuable lesson from Afghanistan that people fighting for their existence is a army that you do not want to face Slava Ukraini we love you and stand by you and so does the world 🇺🇦

    1. @Affluent Black Supremacist I noticed you deleted the last comment – any reason why? lol
      also if you pretend to be western, stop using Russian city names

  8. The Ukrainian fighters must be the bravest and most tenacious in the world. The West must continue to supply them with the tools required to overcome the agressors and end this madness.

  9. The Kremlin/Putin expected Zelensky to flee or surrender. The strength of Ukraine’s leadership, armed defense, and civilian resistance is presenting a stark challenge to the little Russian dictator’s personal beliefs. VIVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦!!!

    1. @fascist monke Bruh. Ukraine was taken almost completely off-guard. There was a build-up of troops in the surroundings like a week before the invasion started. That’s not even close to enough time to plan and organize a successful counteroffensive on such a large scale. If it were that easy, D-Day would have been in 1941, not 1944.

  10. All the measures to rectify the wrong having failed, yet the cruel enemy is not stopping his steps to capture the motherland with filthy eyes, taking up arms and killing the enemy is holy and just. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

  11. it’s funny, i took an international relations/political science class in college and we had to describe conflicts around the globe in terms of geopolitics. one of the topics was a potential invasion of Taiwan from China, and i chose to write about how the Taiwanese people have internal classified plans to slow down or drag out a likely Chinese invasion in order to kill their enemy’s morale, more colloquially known as the porcupine strategy. i have to say, it is a wonder to see those tactics work in a radically different situation and set of circumstances

    1. @Fantabulous Snuffaluffagus I believe it was a hypothetical exercise in a college classroom, he simply wrote an idea.

    2. @Fantabulous Snuffaluffagus I believe you got educated both in logic and semantics. Just gracefully face it, and admit that your initial comment is not only tremendously asperous, but also unnecessary.

    3. @Robert Faber never mind him.. he does not know what a strategy means. We in Asia knows that Taiwan has been planning for its defence. On how it is done is another matter. We may call it touch me not.. approach.. hows my explanation..

    4. Ukraine is way more battle tested than Taiwan. And, completely different societal values.
      I doubt Taiwan would fight to the last person.

  12. It’s very impressive how Ukrainian forces have been able to hold back and even force Russian forces out of territories that they stole from Ukrainians. It only goes to show how devoted and strong that these citizens are against Putin’s tyranny!

    1. @Phillip Musinguzi
      It is specifically because Putin underestimated the bravery and fighting spirit of Ukraine, that his plan to coup the Ukrainian nation like Czechoslovakia in 1968 failed so spectacularly.
      Cope harder.

  13. Russia *verified* losses (per Oryx)
    Russia – 3605, of which: destroyed: 1990, damaged: 70, abandoned: 274, captured: 1271
    including 658 tanks.

    Russia is losing 60 vehicles per day including 10 tanks per day. That’s 300 tanks per month. And it’s been sustained since the start.

    Estimated losses are 40% higher (1015 tanks). Over 27000 kia.

    Russia is spending 900 million to 1 billion dollars *per* day. Their annual military budget was 70 billion.

    The vehicles and tanks being lost can not be replaced due to sanctions.

    We could be watching the end of Russia as an aggressive military power. On top of that, seeing the performance of russian vehicles in the field, India has cancelled it’s order for russian vehicles. Other nations have also cancelled and others (including china) have said they are reconsidering their orders.

    1. @Teggy 96′ that’s his and the Russian people’s choice. Nukes are for deterrence.. not permission to invade other countries and commit atrocities

    2. @Mac Mcleod Since Russia “verifiably lies” can you post a “verified” document of Russia “verifiably lying”? Thanks in advance.

    3. @Mac Mcleod Putin already said “ if Russia doesn’t exist, world doesn’t either “ He has gone mad

    4. @Z O Oh, I might for an older account with history. But I already gave examples that anyone in the free world knows about.

      Like any reasonable person, I’m not going to waste another second on *you* .

  14. Major Lyons just gave us the clearest and most comprehensive analysis of the situation in eastern Ukraine that I’ve seen so far. Let’s hear more from him!

  15. Russia already had 10% of Ukraine at the start of the war in February, and now Russia has 20% of Ukraine. Russia made most of the gains at the beginning of the war, because Ukraine had not mobilized its reserves in ADVANCE of the invasion.
    The only major cities that Russia managed to take during this war are Mariupol and Kherson. Mariupol is the 10th largest city in Ukraine, and Kherson is the 16th: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_in_Ukraine
    Russia took these cities in the beginning of the war, and then for the next 2 months was unable to take another city.
    The Russian offensive in Donbass has stalled, it’s a stalemate. Maps showing the territory controlled by Russia have almost no change for the past 1 month.

    1. Territory changes hands and back on an hour by hour basis, but it’s such small patches that it doesn’t show up on zoomed out maps. It’s still a very fluid war.

    2. @DS9TREK I was talking about the “big picture” of the war, not about small and transient changes, which are inconsequential.
      This war has reached a stalemate, it is trench warfare, like the “Western front” in WW 1, it’s a war of attrition.
      Unless the Russians use a nuke or they bring a lot more troops by doing a military mobilization, the Russians will soon have to retreat.
      That’s because russian soldiers who get killed or wounded do NOT get replaced, while the ukrainian ones DO get replaced (Ukraine did mobilization).

  16. This is playing out just like WW2 did. Hitler invaded Russia with a blitzkrieg of tanks. Russia invaded Ukraine with a blitzkrieg of tanks. Hitler pushed all the way to the capital and created a huge front line. Russia pushed to the Ukraine capital and created a huge front line. The logistics of such a front line was impossible to defend and supply, which is the same problem Russia currently has. It cost Germany the war, and likely will cost Russia this war. Embarrassing for Putin to be using Hitler tactics while failing exactly how he did and claiming it was to de-nazify.

    1. lol and they both underestimated their opponent thinking it would be over in a week.

    2. USSR had American lend-lease – Ukraine has American lend-lease.

      Nazi Germany did not mobilize until 1943 – Russia hasn’t mobilized yet.

      The cauldron that the Russians have been closing on the Ukrainian forces – it’s of the same shape as the Kursk salient in 1943. And we all know how the battle of Kursk ended.

    3. 1) Germany lost air superiority. Ukraine is unlikely to gain air superiority.
      2) Germany had supply lines thousands of kilometers long. Russia now has short supply lines from Crimea and Russia to the front.
      3) Allied naval forces were key in defeating Germany. Ukraine has no navy and no naval help; the Russian navy is crushing the Ukrainian economy with a blockade whilst also destroying Ukrainian supply depots, airfields, military bases and civilian infrastructure with missiles.
      4) German infrastructure, manufacturing, and oil supplies were obliterated by Allied bombing. Almost all of Russian infrastructure is intact and it has plenty of manufacturing and oil.
      5) In WW II Russia enjoyed a huge materiel advantage in tanks, trucks, petrol, artillery, grads, troops and planes. In Ukraine the Russians enjoy a similar advantage.
      6) In about 11 weeks of fighting Russia has won a significant amount of territory including Kherson, Melitopol, almost all of Mariupol and Donbas; according to Avril Haines, the Russians are going to pursue a prolonged war to conquer the coastline from Mykolaiv to Tranistra/Moldova. This area contains a significant portion of pro-Russian or ambivalent civilians which will make it easier to annex into Russia, as is being done in Donbas and other conquered areas. Except for Ukraine the Germans never really had a friendly reception in Russia.
      7) The British Commonwealth – eg India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, and Canada actively helped the Soviets by fighting against Germany in North Africa and Europe. Except for Canada and Australia these countries are now neutral; Canada and Australia are not fighting Russia directly in Ukraine.
      8) The Soviets were able to move much of its population and manufacturing to safe areas in the Soviet Union. Ukraine has lost about 20% of her population to emigration as well as a considerable part of her manufacturing and agricultural base thus far and will also lose considerably more as the war drags on.
      In sum, although there are similarities between the aggressors in WW II and this Ukrainian war, there are also significant advantages for the Russians in this war and, consequently, it is far too early in the conflict to conclude that Putin has failed.

  17. Our soldiers are strong and brave. Angels of Mariupol proved it more than enough.
    But we also have to thank the United States and Great Britain for their help,
    and the whole world is contributing to the victory over evil.
    Thanks everyone. Thanks everyone.

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