1. @Freshibarida your Country used to get some Tourism wouldn’t count on that to continue!! Settle down , you’ve never been in the TOP 10 for tourism …. lmfao !!

    2. @Stipo The USSR be like the US only has one drone because it SO EXPENSIVE!!

  1. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  2. There should have been a “self destruct” function on board. The drone operator knew what was happening and it could have destroyed itself and possibly the attacking aircraft.

    1. Yeah- it’s also in international airspace. So a better question would be, what if the US invaded Canada and Russia flew 201 miles offshore from NewFoundland

  3. It’s not accident or “unprofessional” behavior.
    The pilot did exactly what was necessary to down the drone without destroying it so Russia can steal the technology.

    1. although i agree they were trying to down it, i dont think they hit it with the fighter jet on purpose because thats potential suicide for the pilot and fighter jets are not cheap. i do think the fuel dump was obviously to try to down it

    2. @Sergio Guillen wow, that says a lot that after 13 months of dumping all kinds of NATO and USA armament and volunteers and combat training and intelligence and you name it into the war scene, Russia is still in Ukraine and not retreating…

  4. WOW the US even is in contact with Canada if one of your jets gets too close to us and we are allies lol The Russian ambassador says “It was very close”, well close doesn’t count to attack, the drone was in International air space! This be like my neighbor shooting my dog because it was running along the fence line.

    1. @cinmanmoo thanks for personalized the discussion I know my English is bad because it’s simple I am humble with you and speak your language and other think it’s more easier to use UAVs than satellites and UAVs give you a live video recording and it can do other things like it can make some work of AWACS

    2. @Bison There are no politicians like Winston Churchill now. Therefore, all European countries are silent, even knowing that the United States is involved in the explosions of the northern streams.

    3. This be not like your neighbor shooting your dog because it was running along the fence line, …Unless your dog had a camera and other sensor devices attached to its collar and was somehow live streaming video of his wife sunbathing in his backyard onto some adult entertainment site.

    1. 🤣, me too, but what I do not understand, why doesn t the drone have a self destruction mecanism. Payload 3750 pounds, so make 3730 pounds and put 20 pounds of an high explosive next to the computers, camaras, sensors! With 10 sec of warning for planes around like on starship enterprise. IMO quite stupid to do nothing like this! => 1 Mio less to pay to …. @generalatomics
      As I read:
      “As of March 2021, the US Air Force has stated that the unit cost of an MQ-9 Reaper is $56.5 million, for a package that includes……” 😂 = more than 2 M /meter => and it does not have basic security?

  5. I suspect the fuel dumping was an attempt to flood and stall the engine. Could have worked – but if the fuel was dispersed (mixed with a lot of air) then the engine would have choked a bit while passing the fuel through and kept on going. Possibly the “ignitors” were on at the time which would help get through the event.

    1. @AlanTheBeast100 I know. They run on a mixture close to kerosene. You can tell by the smell. My point was everything is junk in Russia.

    2. @Михаил Митрофанов See recently released video of the drone getting doused with fuel from the Su-27.

    3. Turns out the “reason” for this maneuver is suspected to be to get the fuel film all over the cameras so they would not see as well.


  7. 150 years from now, humans of the future, our great grand kids, will cringe at the notion that those of the past had fixed positions asserting that one group of humans from a different ” country,” bound by invisible lines are different and worthy of killing to secure resources that could easily be shared through the power of sentient cooperation for the survival and well being of all. They will wonder what the hell were we thinking.

    1. @Wu Ling only amongst the most primitive. Competition amongst billions upon billions of sentient beings within the Greater Community of Intelligent life forms of just this Universe is guaranteed. But it rarely breaks out in to conflict amongst older and wiser races. So say the The Angelic Presence, watching over earth

  8. Two minutes silence for the balloon and the drone. Heartfelt condolences. Rest in piece wherever they are. 🦊

  9. Gently touch the drone and not get hurt yourself, this is a great professionalism.😂Pissing it with fuel is generally cool.)))

  10. The Russian Ambassador evidently misspoke at 1:00 with his analogy.
    He meant to say, “If Russian drone was very close to territory of a third nation from whom the US had _stolen the territory by force_ ” then what would be the reaction.
    Of course he ought to consider what the reaction of Russia would be if the US knocked their aircraft out of the sky in international airspace.

  11. Interesting interview with the Colonel at the end of the vid – these military types sure like their hardware.

  12. Pretty fair, accurate reporting (even the ambassador could say something). I’m surprised to see this on CNN.

  13. So if the drone was remotely wiped of all data, can Russian/Chines/Iranian experts do some data recovery of the SSDs inside the drone? Especially the Iranians seem to be good in it (they got data from an US drone they downed)

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