1. Well that doesnt make any sense. If we cant resupply Ukraine, how we gonna even fight Russia if we come up against them? And if we ran out of supplies ,given our Nato & Alliances close $100 trillions combined GDP, shouldnt Russia run out of weapons too? Or Russia has infinite weapons + enemy spanwn like in COD?

    1. Whatever you guys think, Russia is slowly destroying Ukraine 🇺🇦 completely. Unfortunately there will not be anything left to come back to. This is because the western politicians are totally scared 😱 of Putin and his nuclear threats. Really shameful that Ukraine has to pay such a high price for the cowardly western politicians. From Poland 🇵🇱 glory to Ukraine.

    2. @Chris Czarnik They are not scared, they are just practical and smart. Why would they risk the lives of their own people when they can conveniently use another nation to do the trick.

    3. If you asked a General in the US army, ” how do we destroy a russian tank’.. Using Javelins wouldn’t even be in the top 10 answers. And besides, we can replace javelins waaaay faster than Russia is going to replace those 3000 tanks.

    4. @Peter Sedesse If a general you asked is sitting in a warm chair in a beautiful building somewhere in a big city, maybe. But if you’re in a real situation you would be standing in a trench in a near zero temperature with your legs in mud and water to your knees and god knows if javelin would even work. To your question let’s imagine if US aircraft career is hit by few hyper-sonic Kinzhal rocket and goes to the seabed with all aircraft and thousands of people on board, how are they going to replace that vessel and how long will it take?

    5. @vitalys haha if if if. Russia cant even hit military targets in ukraine. where are the hypersonic missiles? all your If if ifs and russian just today retreated again. if they have hypersonic missiles that can hit military targets why arent they destroying himars? where are the terminator tanks? Russia is using SAMs against civilian ground targets..that is all they got. haha the moscova had russias best air defense and was sunk.

  2. Journalists always look for ways to make people anxious. The new “issue” is drawn down of western weapon supplies. Seriously, Paula, is it not worthwhile to draw down on stocks if we are strategically committed to stopping the invasion of Europe’s second largest democracy, and the follow on results if that invasion is successful? The military-industrial complex was designed in WWII and stood ready during the Cold War for moments like these, to provide materiel so that dictators could be resisted. The way you ask the question, you make it seem that perhaps Western countries should cut Ukraine off so that we can keep a bunch of bullets and artillery shells rotting in warehouses while a key part of Europe is overrun by hordes of orcs.

    1. @finton mainz So what, they only have to focus on one area, make gains and they will get plenty of abandoned russian equipment and ammos. Ezpz.

    2. @Jean-Michel Lambert Easy for you and I. The Ukrainian military is clearly superior to the Russian but Russian bombs and artillery still kill.

    3. Repent. Believe in Jesus. John 3:16 KJV – For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Luke 13:3 KJV – I tell you nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
      2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV – Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  3. I’m currently in Ukraine but am unable to work due to the crisis; how can I make money from home? I received donations in cryptocurrency, but they are virtually gone. God’s blessings on Ukraine 🇺🇦 and thank you.

    1. This might sound like a “morbid” or strange recommendation. But I notice a lot of interest in “war trophies” online (Etsy, eBay). Fragments of eliminated Russian vehicles and equipment sell for $50 to $200 a piece. Also, crafting some items to sell on Etsy is popular and earns money for many Ukrainians. Even simple art forms.

  4. When there is a war that you supply with weapons, then it makes sense to scale up your production of weapons. Shouldn’t be that hard and would even give people work and salary.

    1. The problem is that the USA would almost never use simple artillery or javelins in war. So building up facilities for a nearly obsolete weapon set isn’t prudent. The Ukraine war is really unique in that we can only use a small subset of our equipment, which is why those items are depleted. If the USA was in a war with Russia, there would be no US soldiers using javelin missiles. The Russian tanks would have been destroyed by safer means.

  5. I disagree with the idea that Ukrainians should choose between using Soviet and Western arms. They need to use both. A few hundred tanks is not enough to defeat Russia.

    Every obsolete weapon in storage in places like the Sierra Army depot must be given to Ukraine. It costs money to dispose of these vehicles because of green considerations. It is far better to just ship them to Ukraine where they can be used. Vietnam era M113 armoured personnel carriers have played an important part the two most recent advances in Ukraine despite being regarded as obsolete.

    There was a lot of talk about militarising the police a few years ago when they were given MRAP armoured personnel carriers. Any state who is concerned about the police being given MRAPs should donate them to Ukraine.

    1. @powhound121 you’re all damn fools! We have no manufacturing capabilities under the demoncrats, they sold us out to China already, the dollar is collapsing, our supply chains are collapsing, and you wanna sacrifice all of our reserve resources to fight another senseless proxy war drowning us in even more debt just to protect the money laundering capital of the world know as Ukraine

    2. Bradleys. Give them Bradleys, FFS. They blew up more T-72s in Iraq than the M1 did (long range TOW missile launcher), they’re much easier to maintain, they do much better in the mud, the 25mm Bushmaster autocannon can chew up absolutely anything other than T-72s from 2km away, they have much better night vision and heat vision than what the Russians have, they’re a battle taxi for 6 + the crew of 3… and they’re a mere $2M each. And we have like 3,700 in storage.

      Train up some operators, loan Ukraine 1,000 of them and this war is over with in two weeks. Yeah the Bradley’s armor isn’t as strong as a MBT’s but that doesn’t matter when you can simultaneously punch through Russian lines in dozens of places in the dead of night, then detect and annihilate any Russian vehicle from miles away.

    1. Yep, the USA built 10,000 javelins to kill 4000 Russian tanks. At this point we used 5000 javelins and killed 3000 tanks. Another 1000 Russian tanks and there is almost no conceivable war situation where we would use Javelins.

  6. Boeing is working on making them a bunch of 100 mile missiles that aren’t very expensive. I’ve been saying to send them a bunch of 105mm howitzers, and I see they’ve been doing that. A lot of these confrontations are within a few kilometers, well within the range of more plentiful munitions. Balkin states are cranking out rounds for those Soviet weapons.

    1. @link10909 US contractors salivate over this concept. in the end, all of this crap brings massive profits to a few good men. and more super yachts.

    2. Ukrainians are related to Russians, they also speak Russian! Not to mention that the resources on that territory are not used for their well-being, but are used for the benefit of those in the West. There is nothing to defend! Do you want peace? Then it’s simple: Don’t fight! You have nothing to fight for! The media washes people brains and makes them hate each other!

    3. Why is Turkey part of UN? Shame on UN for having dictators part of its political power. Please look up Turkey invading Syria! Please stop Turkey killing Kurds for no reason. Turkey used chemical weapons not long ago and has been bombing Syrian and Iraqi Kurdistan everyday and noone cares. Turkey is doing a ground operation in Syrian Kurdistan. Please stop the rise of Ottoman Empire. Turkey has been bombing ISIS prisons in Syria to unleash ISIS and to make the region unsafe. The Kurds fought ISIS for many years and USA betrayed them and left them alone and let Turkey attack them. Just in the last week alone around 50 innocent civilians have died because Turkey is bombing civilian areas. Please watch Kurd talks to Turks, I bet you’ve never seen such racism anywhere.

  7. ”If everyone would give to Ukraine proportionately what we have given to Ukraine, this war would be over.” – Latvia’s defense minister.

    1. I agree, it is simply a question of resource commitment. Russia would easily be overpowered if the West put her back into it.

    2. I just read this report. If some of the cases are true, then these so-called soldiers deserve to be tried for war crimes and sentenced. The problem is the way the collect evidence especially in the case of crimes against a person. I quote “ The findings rely primarily on first-hand information, including interviews with witnesses and victims of alleged violations and abuses.”… There is a bit of conflict of interest going on and where were cases of ukies presenting facts which didn’t take place

    3. Germany, France and Italy are basically traitors. Sholtz is bought and paid for by Russia, he is a puppet.

  8. pov russia using soviet era gear: there running out there weak they are gonna fail. pov nato using soviet era gear: ITS A GREAT PLAN AND THEY ARE USED TO THE GEAR ITS NOT DESPERATE.

    1. I mean, thats not incorrect. Tiny eastern european nations cant really be expected to maintain a huge military of brand new equipment. Russia posed itself as a huge modern military with brand new equipment, so the fact that they have already reached the bottom of the barrel over a minor war in a relatively minor european country is pretty pathetic. And they are going to fail, the war is over for russia already. There is no path to victory for them, their momentum was lost about 5 months ago, and they literally do not have the resources to regain it. If supplies are kept up to ukraine, the rest of the war is just mop up operations.

    2. @TheVino3 well you never know untill it happens i mean like hell russia could suddenly have a break threw and take ukraine or ukraine pushes russia back we dont know

  9. If NATO would have given Ukraine jet fighters and air defence systems from the begging then we would not be having this discussion.

    1. Потому что на твою голову уже бы упала ядерная бомба, мальчик. Твоё правительство боится именно этого.

    2. If NATO hadn’t bullied Ukraine and its allies into rejecting Russia’s entirely reasonable treaty proposals, then we would not be having this discussion.

    3. @Neils Ergener Putin and his Soviet ambitions are the sole cause of all this. Nothing else.

      Pretty sure Russia agreed to no aggression towards Ukraine when Ukraine gave them their nuclear weapons…

      But hey…

  10. Part of the problem with the NATO peacetime inventories is that we are setup to rely a lot on air power. Ukraine has very little air power, and neither side has air supremacy. If NATO was fighting this war, air power would be doing much of what is now being done exclusively with artillery.

    1. Yep. Ukraine is beating Russia without using any of our cruise missiles, ships, planes or tanks. If you asked a US military expert how we would destroy Russian tanks, Javelin missiles wouldn’t even be in the top 10.

  11. If he’s retired, he’s not in the loop of what the US does or doesn’t have. Especially being Air Force. US isn’t really providing much of air force equipment yet. Now, if he were recently retired from Army or Marines, and was in the loop of Army/Marines procurement, he would still only be able to give a guess. US military stockpiles are most likely classified. The stuff we’re giving to Ukraine, is our OLD STOCK.

    1. The US is the world’s number one arms dealer and the US M.I.C. rules all US governments . We make Wars For Profits it is our number two industry behind the Health Care Monster . We never run out of ammunition and neither will Ukraine .

    2. Sorry your mistaken lol They are already dangerously low on 155mm laser guided himar rounds and cant produce enoug to cover ukraines rate of fire lol Its over There is nothing more to send and will take years to build. Should support russia not nazis lol

  12. So…it’s an industrial war I.e. (as in ww1/2) it’s about supply of war materiel to keep up the conflict. The West’s industrial base is not currently geared to supply a high volume of weaponry indefinitely. This is the point. Obvs if the war escalates then the industrial base will have to pivot and the money will have to come from somewhere. Having a peacetime reserve of weapons makes perfect sense. So the point here is: it’ll soon be decision time for the West. Press for closure or continue to supply the Ukraine, which entails accelerated production of weapons.

    1. Kinda false. for instance, we donated 16 Himars to Ukraine, but we sold 100 to Poland and 50 to Latvia. The same is true of our Fighter jets. We bought a ton of soviet planes from eastern european countries and then donated them to Ukraine, but at the same time those eastern european countries are buying our jets. Also the main things we are ‘ depleted’ of are things like Javelins that are barely a part of our wartime strategy. Even if Russia still had 4000 tanks, if the US army went to war with Russia, our troops wouldn’t be using javelins to kill the russian tanks.

  13. Takes 11 weeks to get basic training on patriot system, plus normally the real training doesn’t begin till you get to your unit and actually get practical application with the machine. 3-6months min before they could even b usable in ukraine, they r probably not getting the patriot system

    1. The war has been going on a lot longer than that. If they had begun the training at the beginning of the Russian invasion like many suggusted Ukraine would be better off now.

  14. Hard to believe the relatively small war in Ukraine is depleting Western arms supplies. What would NATO do in an expanded war with Russia? But Pukin’s army is viewed as also strained logistically. This is a wake-up call to U.S. & NATO to re-equip for a protracted conflict while Russia is under sanctions.

    1. The USA gave no ships, no tanks, no jets, no cruise missles to Ukraine. It gave Ukraine 16 our of our 550 HIMARs systems. Ukraine is using a very few number of US weapons against Russia, and has depleted those very few systems. There is no war the USA would fight where our troops would use Javelins to kill tanks. We have like 10 better ways to kill tanks.

  15. A few years ago, the Marines were told they were going to lose their artillery. Most Marines thought this was stupid, but the generals thought it was a great idea. The war in Ukraine will probably change the general’s minds.

  16. The colonel misspoke. He said, “since they regained their independence in 1991”. Ukraine was never an independent country in the past. It was part of the Soviet Union and before that the Russian Empire.

  17. What’s missing from his analysis and her line of questioning is how does the Ukrainian/West arms situation compare to Russia’s supply of armaments. Is it not a situation of “who runs out of arms FIRST”. Who has the greater ability to resupply. As soon as you take this perspective you think of countless examples of Russian struggles and failures.

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