Retired Colonel on the potential impact of 300,000 more Russian troops


  1. “They might make a difference in these areas” – proceeds to circle the entirety of the land occupied by the Russians. Such insight!

  2. I love how he’s so adamant about defending Russia’s territorial integrity with whatever means necessary but he doesn’t give a sh*t about Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

  3. Whatever danger might come from a wounded pootler , it’s nothing compared to the danger of a victorious, unbridled pootler
    . No compromise.

    1. I love how everyone says his name on national television and all of them just gloss over the fact that he’s named after the act of farting.

  4. 300,000 more troops will turn an already target rich environment into an even more target rich environment. Just gotta keep the weapons flowing to Ukraine.

  5. The Colonel seems to have forgotten that bringing those new guys up to the challenge of becoming a combat unit ready to face an experienced well armed and tactically capable to operate effectively in that terrain is not trivial. A lot of those new guys will have long forgotten how to aim a rifle never mind shoot at a really target in the battle field. They know they will have drones flying above at targeting them as well as precise artillery systems making their life miserable. No, they will not become a match, never mind their numbers. These will be the ones likely to fled as soon as the real fight begins. There is no way of injecting morale and ideology in those guys that will be taken out of their lives with their loved ones, where probably they have started or already settled taking care of their business, whatever they might be. No, this guys are not volunteering and going there to defend their way of living, or make good money out of it. No, there is no real attractive to motivate them and convert many in a reasonable fighting force. The Colonel forgot to consider all of that.

    1. @Pat Clark it’s not simply that simple. Germany loosing isn’t just “soviet union had moar people” by that logic the Germans should have won because axis forces outnumbered the Soviets at the start of Barbarossa. Germanys biggest issue was fuel, why? Sure the tanks and air force need it and everyone likes to focus on those but the biggest consumer of fuel is going to be supply trucks, a majority of German supply trains by 41 were *horse drawn* because they lacked the trucks and fuel and it remained that way for the rest of the war, by comparison the Soviets had produced and been sent hundreds of thousands of trucks, and *had the fuel to move them* you cannot simply throw riflemen with a loaded rifle and nothing else at a position and expect good results, especially not with the accuracy and lethality of modern weapons systems.

      The quote “bullets don’t fly without supply” comes to mind and if the Russians are struggling to supply 150k troops, throwing 300k more at the problem is only going to make it worse and get more people killed. The Soviets could throw thousands of people shells and tanks at a problem and it would work itself out because they had the capacity to properly resupply and reinforce them. Russia has been found wanting in logistics with having to support at peak numbers 200k men what makes anyone think that increasing that number to half a million is going to help in any way shape or form? I mean for Christ sakes the last picture of a Russian supply convoy I saw had a commandeered *taco truck* I’m not joking a fucking taco truck with the letter Z painted on it. This whole Invasion has been fuckup after fuckup from the start.

  6. Colonel Cedric Leighton never even mentioned its going to take 3-4 months to get these troops out and whether they even have the equipment for 300,000 ?

    1. @Gesture Beats Ukraine doesn’t have that many troops, and if NATO troops are there it will give Russia all the reasons to use any methods in other to fulfill its goals. Ukraine has no 700 thousands troops

  7. 🤔 EVERY plane, Train, Bus, etc, that can transport a Russian to a country that will allow them to stay,, is Booked solid well into the end of 2023. Everyone that can is leaving the country anyway they can. Boarder crossings leagaly or not.

  8. In 6-9 months 300,000 troops still won’t make a difference; untrained troops now will lead to massive casualties. More troops = more advanced weapons from NATO.

    1. If I were the reservists I would protest or tell the putim to go alone, the life of every Russian or Ukrainian citizen is precious. God have mercy!

  9. Fam, this specialist got no idea, talking nonsense. You got got idea of a Russian mindset when they are loosing.

  10. They throw these big numbers, the problem is none are battle trained, question where they are getting the equipment to mobilize them, it all spells out a lot of dead Russian kids. I am hoping they run, desert or surrender en mass.

  11. When the commentator said “in these areas” and proceeded to highlight the whole damn board, I left. 👌

  12. Hey how bout this time you Ukrainians don’t miss the biggest target in a modern historical war. Imagine if the Ukrainians had a military drone when that large convoy moved into Ukraine. Easily would’ve been 40+ men +20 more carrier and tanks, all gone right there.

  13. That’s very superficial. No reference to the serious lack of equipment and the time it takes to prepare and deploy 300.000 new trooos – probably months. Nor any thought about the role of the Russian military leadership. Would they use nukes if so ordered? Probably not.

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