Retired Four Star General: ‘In 50 years I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Retired Four Star General: ‘In 50 years I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Former National Security Council member General Barry McCaffrey and former special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS Brett McGurk on why they believe the national security process is broken amid reports the U.S. had intelligence that Russia offered and paid the Taliban bounty to kill U.S. troops. Aired on 6/30/2020.
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Retired Four Star General: ‘In 50 years I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. His actions keep getting everyday, due to the fact that the GOP let him walk out free at his impeachment. By doing that they gave him freedom to do whatever he wants. And because he knows that his actions will be worsening and still the GOP won’t take actions. Why are the Republicans allowing our troops to be killed by our enemies and a pandemic.

  2. As the mother and wife of enlisted soldier’s, who’ve both been deployed to Afghanistan within the last two years.
    I’m absolutely furious

  3. Everyone with a brain knew he was a Russian asset after he committed treason May/17 in the Oval Office…

    1. BTW, your “men and women” have been losing their lives in Afghanistan for over 18 years, more than 20,000 wounded. It never bothered you before, in fact the Pentagon has been lying about it for years.
      How come MSNBC has an endless parade of retired CIA and military schmucks being interviewed by an ex communications director for a president who lied America into a war with Iraq????
      Meanwhile, the bodies keep piling up.

  4. I’m going to have to agree with the slogan; Make America Great Again, ” IMPEACH TRUMP”


  5. Trump rally t-shirt read: I’d rather be a Russian than a Democrat. How do you repair this much divisiveness???

    1. @Laura Stevenson other than the raise your kids right part none of these things seem like they’d make a difference honestly.
      These world class idiots follow a parasite who thinks the noise from wind turbines causes cancer. They follow a parasite that claims human beings have a set amount of life energy and excercise wastes it killing you faster. We’ve been fact checking these idiots for years it’s done nothing. You can’t teach someone to be tall anymore than you can fix this level of stupid

  6. all republican senators need to be defeated only Romney had courage to vote for impeachment

    1. My boy and senator Romney. It’s really funny to see a lot of my mormon friends bashing him because he’s anti Trump, but he was a savior from God’s grace against Obama.

  7. Just think that this will be pushed out of the headlines next week, cause he’ll do something even worse…

    1. Wow. You are correct. Right now he’s thinking what can I do to get this horrible news off the channels. Let’s pray SCOTUS heads him off with a ruling demanding his taxes.

    2. Yes, it’s his MO. All he knows is how to create outrage and chaos to cover up his last screw ups.

    3. The ruling on his taxes should come out this week or next. It may bury this story, or accentuate it. Either way, if I was a Trump election operative, I’d be polishing my resume.

  8. We all know Trump has a habit of accusing others of things he’s guilty of himself. Didn’t he accuse Obama of being guilty of “Treason” a little while ago???

    1. I have thought that many times about Drumph. The Republican Party as well. Faux outrage over some non existent crisis. There guy does it for real and no one says a word in the republican party. I think they are cowards. They hate America. The Republican Party and trump are a cancer.

  9. No one else in his administration could address this? That’s why you have to get rid of all of them

    1. EXACTLY!
      And bimbo press secretary is trying to emphasize the leak as more important than the information that was leaked! Despite the US & the world have been briefed, Trump hasn’t said anything to retaliate towards Putin … How stupid does Trump think people are??? More stupid than him???


  11. I agree with the General, “He’s an impulsive, rude and ignorant man”. But this goes even further. This is EVIL.

    1. “Crude,” but “rude” works just as well… though I’m surprised the General didn’t expand on the list of adjectives that can be used to describe Drumpf: cowardly; deceitful; self-centered; detestable; bigoted; avaricious; misogynistic; wrathful. This is a man that has successfully animated the seven deadly sins in human form; the General should have gone a lot further than he did.

    2. @Lady Day .. yes, money. But also Power… to feed his ego. If it was *only* about money for Trump, he could’ve had *WAY* more than he does now.

  12. Never in my life did I imagine a US President being a Russian tool. The GOP Senate has blood on its hands as well.

    1. His son said it when Trump was running for office. His son said they got a lot of money from Russia. People just ignored it and voted for him anyway.

    2. @Yolanda Denny I didn’t ignore anything those trumps say. when a person tell you who they are believe them!!

    3. Yolanda Denny
      I believe it is better for the Russians than for Saudi Arabia, which finances the Democratic. Party.

  13. I served under General McCaffery. If he says it, you can bet your life on it. Thanks again General Sir, from one of your former soldiers.

    1. He certainly seems like a stand up guy, and no nonsense, wish more of them would speak up about this. Also, thanks for your service and i am so sorry for trump selling out your brothers and sisters in the Military.

    1. @bumper321 yes, important: all roads lead to putin, not “russia”–trump is a fan of a person, not a country

    2. Piglosi has her head so far up Chinas butt, she cannot hear you. BTW, still voting for Trump, not because of anything but the joy of watching you all scream and cry for another 4 years!!
      Laughter really is the best medicine. Thank you all for a wonderful evening and do not forget to “JUMP FOR TRUMP” if you really care that much about it.

    3. @Legion Training I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy (assuming you’re a guy) that could walk in on Trump screwing your wife, and as he’s going at it on top if her, he could turn to you and calmly say ‘I’m not screwing your wife, it’s all a lie’ and you’d say ‘Duh….okay. If Trump says it, it must be true!’ Pathetic lil sheep, just as Trump wants.

  14. I have 2 nieces in Military. None in Afghanistan, but I cant help but feel like all our troops are sitting ducks.

    1. Imagine risking your life in service of your country and then finding out the President sold you out to protect his Russian loans.

  15. “WE ARE IN TROUBLE……..” GENERAL BARRY McCAFFREY (Former National Security Council member)

    1. Under any other president, I’d say your question is ambiguous, but your point is loud and clear. And I agree wholeheartedly.

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