1. @club4ghz Yeah, no Ukraine is winning, it’s a stupid strategy for them to do that. More likely that Russia made the accusations to justify their actions.

    1. Like with bridge like with nord stream. ?everything rusia do. There is no ukrainen soldier die in this war but millions of rusian is death. Ukraina is in front of moscow. Rusian runing. Rusia dont have weapen. What else say bbc and cnn tell me please

  1. Creepily, this accusation by Russia gives off vibes like “Cheating boyfriend accuses faithful girlfriend of cheating.”; “Republicans/MAGAs accuse Democrats/”others” of doing the crappy things they are actually doing.”; and “Religious leaders/people preaching ‘Do not sin.’ while doing some of the most sinful things you can imagine”. Peace, please come to this earth.

  2. I’ve been saying it for several days, I had a dream where Russia did exactly what they are accusing Ukraine of. They just wanted to get as many Ukrainian soldiers over there first and idk if there is a river they will cross but I hope they think about getting back across if they have to in a hurry. I think there is a horrible plan in motion here.

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  3. I cannot believe I am living in a day and time when nuclear weapons may well be used, it frightening and what would be the consequence? World war? Or one against Nato?

    1. @Sony TeeVee he has an opinion that has zero relevance. We can answer this with one simple question. Who says Russia cannot use them? What ENFORCEABLE international law prevents it? By enforceable I mean what military power is going to hold them accountable? Also were not the only two atomic warheads ever used in a war, that’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were they used preemptively or not? Any other analysis except for the facts is simply lip service. They are talking about a dirty bomb which doesn’t exist as a precursor to detonate a weapon. It’s a simple as that.

  4. Russia is a criminal state, with an illegitimate political system, broken judiciary and a government of crooks.
    The biggest problem in Russia is that people can’t unite; they’re atomised, and left feeling helpless.

    Россия – криминальное государство, с нелегитимной политической системой, сломанной судебной системой и властью жуликов.
    Самая большая проблема в России в том, что люди не могут объединиться; они распыляются и остаются беспомощными.

  5. in Kherson the Ukrainians who are being evacuated are hoping that Ukrainians can eventually safe them. One old man said hope everything will change.

  6. Accusing the enemy of wanting to do something you yourself is doing or planning on doing, is the oldest trick in the book.

    1. @Scurra fool me. Zelesnky first said that russians were bombing the plant which were illogical because it was already captured by the russians then he said russians are doing blackmail by launching missiles from the plant implying that they can’t retaliate. Lol. Never mentioned about accidental explosions do you think zelesnky would not broadcast that one? Lol

  7. What really gets me is that here in the US the government is not doing anything to prepare the people about a nuclear attack. Just in case because we never know. I hope all of this about nuclear war is just trying to scared everyone. 😢

    1. If Russia does do a dirty bomb, a chemical attack, a nuclear test, or an actual nuke, that would be your cue to prepare and get 5-10 years of stuff: food, water, and a heating source such as wood.

  8. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Putain used a dirty bomb inside Russia as an excuse to finally bomb his neighbor with nukes as he has been threatening since the start of the conflict.

  9. If it were true, Russia’s intel isn’t good enough to find it out. BTW, Ukraine had the 3rd most nuclear weapons but gave them all to Russia when the USSR broke up.

  10. Zelenskyy said it best: if Russia accuses Ukraine of preparing to do something, then Russia has already prepared and is ready to do that thing.”

  11. She got it right about Russia’s and Soviet’s technic to blame the other side on what they themselves are going to do, it is very important to understand the mentality of them, this is amazing how she’s doing it.
    Creepy thinking they got.

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