1. Despite what Putin’s fanboys would have you believe, Hertling sounds as if he has got it about right. If we keep up a timely supply of the best weapons to Ukraine, and the training of its soldiers then Russia is looking at one hell of a butt kicking.

    1. @Robby Hermanto Lol, Soviets only declared war, when Japan was no longer incapable and already cornered by Pacific allies in their own territory. Same as the Soviets monopolizing they are the only ones who defeated the Nazis.

    2. @Moe Ali Jaber please allow for some cultural differences in war names. Remember, diversity and stuff. We in Russia do not call the wwi the Great War. Sometimes we call the wwii the great national war, but none other.
      Why would one call a war “great”, if there is nothing great about them

    1. @Sleepy Joe @Upper90 claimed that “all you liberals” (which is funny by itself) claimed that ukraine would win in weeks. i asked him to tell me where, because i don’t recall that being said.

    1. @Krum Sotirov Putler has made it clear what he wants. He has already said that he should be called a ruler, not a president. He’d like a ruzzian empire.

  2. I seek out content from General Hertling & General Hodges specifically; they’ve been pretty much spot on & have the credibility so many others who are ‘experts’ completely lack. Please provide more content from him & go get General Hodges so I don’t have to hunt his commentary down on DW, BBC and TimesRadio.

    1. Do you want to know if I have to do the video tomorrow if not 🌒🌩🌨⚡️🌦❄️⚡️

  3. Something tells me that..he’s not only going to resist but with his men he’s going to get back what never should of been taken..

    1. @Eugene Kaptur Do you mean the Kerch Bridge? Perhaps it is best to damage a bridge so that heavy vehicles, such as tanks, can’t cross it, but not bring it down so that the orcs can retreat on foot.

    2. Good morning love you love miss you guys good luck love love 💖💙💘💛

    1. He was diagnosed with psychiatric problems that lead to him to retire, that’s a no in my book

  4. This general is one of the few generals that knows how to pronounce Kherson properly. (prn Herson).

    1. ​@Adi Raemi Lee Because in Cyrillic (the alphabet of Ukrainian) it is the letter “X” that makes that sound, common in many Slavic languages. It’s hard to translate sounds exactly from language to language, let alone when you translate from one alphabet to another.

    2. @Adi Raemi Lee Both Russian and Ukrainian have many silent letters, like the Russian vyordysnak, most likely misspelled since it been over 50 years since I spoke Russian!

    3. @Eugene Kaptur No, he is actually not pronouncing it properly, it does not start with the English “H” sound. It starts with the Cyrillic “X” , which sounds like when you are gathering spit in your mouth before doing a big spit.

  5. “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.” Gen. Omar Bradley. Soldiers win wars. Logistics wins wars.

    1. @jim you are the one who mentioned orcs. Grow up, D & D references make you sound childish & will cause others to ignore your comments. Yes it’s a prejudice but don’t feed the trolls.

    2. @jaime patena The psychological effect that you were trying to describe is a cognitive fallacy called “Belief Persistence”. This is what you apparently believe is happening with me.

      However, there is another theory in psychology called the “Dunning-Kruger Effect”. This basically says that the less a person knows about a topic, the more likely they are to overestimate their level of knowledge related to that topic.

      What is actually happening here is closer to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. You have overestimated your understanding of the topic you are discussing, and as a result your arguments are not persuasive to people with actual expertise. Dunning-Kruger also suggests that you will be unable to accept this as an explanation.

      As an analogy, no amount of expertise in rhetoric will enable you to convince your dentist that you know more about teeth than he does, when you next to nothing about teeth. When he disagrees with you, it is not belief persistence on his part which is the problem.

  6. From my couch, Ukraine is very capable military. I always thought the Russians were stronger than they have displayed. We cannot give Ukraine too much help.

    1. Literally No. In American medias maybe they give you this kind of hope, but I’m European, not far from Ukraine, it’s not like that at all. Ukraine is already done.

  7. This General has an air about him. He strikes me as being extremely competent. I’ll bet he rarely heard “no” when in command.

    1. He is among the best. If you are interested, you can read about his career on Wikipedia. He is a voice of authority.

  8. ‘All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory, glory of Russia,’ she said. ‘Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia.’

    1. I don’t think believed they would honor it, I think they wanted to be able to shine a light on Russia’s behavior. Making agreements you know will get violated is one way of doing that.

  9. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling is one of my favorite analytics in this war. He doesn’t brag but still gives us a feeling of where and what matters.

  10. Did anyone truly expect Russia/putin would honor the grain treaty? They did the same thing when he agree to humanitarian passageways out for citizens. Blow him away…

  11. I actually think this was a mistake. The communication between top level government and the common soldier is shockingly terrible in the Russian military. I think whatever unit launched those missiles had no idea there was a UN signing to get grain out. Russia initially denied any involvement but soon after said that they did fire the missiles but it was at military targets. Thats why there were no further missile attacks after that one.

  12. Russian logistics “inflection point” will be accompanied by a TRAINED TROOPS inflection point.
    Meanwhile Ukraine is rapidly training up soldiers in many combat /logistics roles.

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