Retired Judge Calls DOJ Reversal In Flynn Case ‘Gross Abuse Of Prosecutorial Power’ | MSNBC


  1. I’m ready for Bolton and Cohen books to come out before the election… Barr could read them to Spanky in the bunker

    1. If this could happen, they will lawsuit them to eternity. Last i heard the White House has like 27 lawyers. Did you know that Barr’s son-in-law is a White House attorney? I used to joke that if Trump leaves the White House, his son-in-law loses his job, and Barr’s daughter’s family, might have to move into his home. No wonder Barr fights so hard, for Trump. Lol!

    1. @Jeremy Backup once again, who’s heard of an investigation having a time limit or questions being limited to whatever the attorney general sees fit? That whole investigation was a waste of mr mueller’s time and our tax dollars. The verdict was there before the investigation started

    2. @Jeremy Backup remember when Mueller testified under oath and said there was no mis statements made by Barr about the summary of his report? Just fact checking your fake news re write of history.

    3. @Russ Martin exactly…they had no predicate to start the Mueller probe, yet it went on for 2 years.

    4. @Travis Forde ? Trump should have been removed when he openly admitted (to lester holt on live TV) tht he fired Comey to end the “rusher ” investigation. Obstruction of justice admitted, right then and there

    5. @Russ Martin Trump followed the recommendations in Rod Rosenstein’s memo to fire Comey. It wouldn’t have mattered if Trump fired Comey because of the Russia investigation, because the case would have continued. Now we know, there was never a reason or predicate to investigate Trump about Russia because they knew in Jan.2017… weeks before Trump’s inauguration there was zero involvement with Trump and Russia.

    1. @Tom Carter speaking of one track minds. There you are again with your chocolate rod fixation. Seriously, get those pock marks taken care of and you will find one.

    2. @Mr. Pink , How ugly are you that you’re afraid to post a picture?
      My face is as smooth as your daughter’s behind.
      And just as hairy.

    3. Oh – BTW I like using free Microsoft products, designed by really stupid arrogant geeks who are the most useful tools to the real enslavers. The fact you don’t know you are defending that which Orwell most despised showcases your complete ignorance and arrogance. The fact you cover your face is deceitful itself; you are too arrogant to appreciate the irony.

    1. Peter Wysochanski Hitchens Razor, stupid. It’s a basic exercise that not even you can do. This was your free logic lesson and you’re too stupid to take it.


    2. Peter Wysochanski as you the material nature of your vacuous incuriousness, google this phrase:

      “’What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?’”

    3. @Benjamin Berzai Regarding your hiding behind Christopher Hitchens, so as to not have to present a point, I offer the DOJ’s motion to dismiss as legal “proff” that the Flynn case is to be dismissed. If you don’t want to impress us with your scholarly legal opinion to the contrary I guess we’re done? PS: Your skill of arguement seem to have stagnated around 2nd grade. “Shut up stupid”. Very impressive.

    4. @Benjamin Berzai No need, I recognize it from the newly declassified note of the FBI agent that they, I think, shipped of to San Francisco. Regarding
      your childish trotting out of Hitchens Razor, in an attempt to avoid offering any insight, it seems to not take into account that it was you that claimed I had no understanding of what was legally at play. Under the “rules” of HR, doesn’t that obligate you to offer proff of your original claim? Isn’t that all I’ve been asking? Isn’t that what you can’t seem to do? I grow less and less impressed with you. You seem to be more of a blowhard bully than the legal scholar you claim to be.

    5. Peter Wysochanski no. You’re stupid and need to take that logic class. You’d find all the basic fallacies you’ve violated. Red herring and non sequitur most prevalent among them.

      But it’s you’re right to be stupid, stupid. Toodles!

    1. No. The Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan and the retired Federal Judge John Gleeson have acted with integrity and in accordance with sound legal theory. The Republicans both the later DOJ Hacks under Billy Barr have been corrupt and the new FOX ‘News” celebrity lawyer Sidney Powell is also corrupt and frankly completely out of her depth. Flynn will find out that it was a serious mistake to hire Powell and get rid of Covington and Burling. C&B had a deal that frankly was too good for the circumstances. Now the FOX “News” Celebrity hack Powell will have increased Flynn’s prison time by a great deal. Now Flynn can be charged individually for each of the crimes that were previously goingto be covered by just the one lying to the FBI charge.

    2. Are you referring to the judged who are following the law or the DoJ or the Trump administration in general?

    1. @Fred Bogdon Still running on trump sharpie crap…take that & run with it, that ALL you getting russian troll/traitor

    1. @Alvaro Carboni it was a forced plea deal. The last 6-8 months of this trial were about Flynn tossing the plea deal. People plea to crimes they didn’t commit everyday. It’s called a plea deal. In this case Flynn was broke defending himself from legal fees, and they were threatening his son with the same tactics. They forced Flynn to plea to lying.

    2. @Alvaro Carboni true justice is correcting an injustice. This man, who served his country in uniform and in combat, was framed and bankrupted because he went to work in the white house for a political candidate that won a free election! The prosecution knew he was innocent from the start, and hid the exculpatory evidence from the court. I feel sorry for him. Are you celebrating the taking of political prisoners?

    3. @Travis Forde Nah, there is enough evidence to have a. Clear image, no matter how much it digress with your fantasy world. Good luck supporting racists and criminals!

    4. Travis Forde again how is something is real, when no one knows what it is. Do you honestly believe Trump wouldn’t be Tweeting the details if he had any proof? No mister a Tweeter would be a Twitter. So just saying “Obamagate” tells me it is just a deflection to take citizens focus off of all his poor judgements and mistakes he has made.

    1. W P why is he no longer working on trumps regime, your lord and master fired him, why? So get real on what crimes did he commit, please

    1. No. It’s not out of control, it’s is in control with treasonous intent to subvert the judicial system in America.

    1. Biasly Unbiased yea the Democrats are the party of slavery,KKK,Jim crow,against civil rights

    2. Alberto Hernandez *Yep! For Dixiecrats, the Democratic Party WAS the ORIGINAL PARTY for the KKK UNTIL these RACISTS switched to the REPUBLICAN PARTY during the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT!*
      🔹When SCHOOLS GOT DESEGREGATED and African-Americans started getting Civil Rights to sit where they wanted to in buses, eat where they wanted to, removal of seperate DRINKING FOUNTAINS etc #AmericanHistory101. #PoliticalScience101

  2. I don’t understand how people can’t see what is going on. Trump doesn’t want to pardon flynn. He wants the charges dropped ergo no crime has been committed and flynn can return to work in the government. A pardon frees him but doesn’t negate the crime….

    1. @Paul the leak of his internal conversation to the press was a felony. That was the first domino… It’s called Earth, try and visit sometime!

    1. @Travis Forde did you read the Mueller report?? It states he wasn’t charged because he was “a sitting president”.

    2. @Truth be Damned zero…zilch…nada…scandal free President. Truth be told…I can tell already I’m way smarter than you.

    3. @Fitawrari Fitness under oath, Mueller admitted that wasn’t the reason Trump wasn’t charged. The actual reason….no evidence.

  3. If there only was something like a ‘watch dog’ inside the DOJ to investigate gross abuse…
    …oh… sorry, I forgot!

    In 4 short years, which seem like a century, the USA has gone from a country of admiration to laughter then pity and now scorn and contempt. It has become a ridiculously absurd banana republic. But this is not just the work of Donnie the conman. The GOP helped a lot by putting their self-interest before even the slightest concern for the country and people. And then there are the 35% of Americans who share their character traits with the President and another 35% who are just too distracted and uninformed to really care. With 30% of decent people, it is hard to make a good society.

    1. @Paul Paul—with no surname.
      The problem with… that there are many of us all over the world who see this circus for what it is.And we don’t rely on American media for our news.
      Are you suggesting the whole world’s media is in cahoots and only Fox New uSA is telling the truth? Wow.That would be some story!

    2. @Ged Farnan First I don’t care with the world thinks! I don’t see them sending back the foreign aid! For 4 years the media and the liberals have tried to impeach the duly elected President! The sitting President at the time spied on U.S.citizens. Senators on T.V. said they had indisputable proof of collusion with Russia that was a lie! The media is supposed to be balanced and fair! I see none of that!

    3. Set him free!!! Set him free!!! Set him free!!! Prosecution got caught in Brady violations, and “Judge” Sullivan knows it! Sullivan not vacating this case has this political hack in a robe presiding over a Kangaroo court!

    4. @Paul well said objectivity on the Obama Administration…#Obamagate. Say it loud…but not proud!

    1. @Travis Forde Too much fox fake news, if Michael Cohen went to jail, he should too, seems like Trump’s yes people are in on his lies, cover up this, cover up that and continue to use the office for his own personal interests, abuse of power.

    2. @Alisha Monique That’s because there are facts that go with this case, evidence is important, not just word as Donald J Trump is the number 1 liar, facts matter, projecting on a judge that knows the law, if you want an example of a kangaroo court, look at Trump’s impeachment trial, now that’s a kangaroo court.

    3. @Annnora C Michael Cohen went to jail for tax fraud. Cohen also plead to crimes he didn’t commit like campaign finance violations. I don’t watch Fox, but how fake are the other networks when they lied for 3 years about Trump’s supposed involvement with Russia? They are also lying about General Flynn in this story as well, as we see people like you duped by propaganda and woefully uninformed. Fox is reporting accurately on the Flynn case, and they were right about the Russian hoax for 3 years as well. You might be better off with Fox, as you have definitely gulped too much Fake news propaganda.

    4. @Annnora C there wasn’t a case for impeachment. The Senate shouldn’t have even considered presenting it like the impeachment brought by Democrats belonged in a court. No…a great example of a Kangaroo court is the Flynn case that is before Judge Sullivan where the prosecution hid exculpatory evidence in his courtroom, and got caught trying deceive Judge Sullivan in his own courtroom. Out of his own bias against Flynn…political bias…Judge Sullivan has excoriated the rights of a defendant brought to his courtroom. That is a direct example of a Kangaroo court.

    1. L.O should be at home watching everything go down in his natural image, not roaming the cyãh homie 😬😕😂🙏🏽✝️🛐🤙🏽

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