Retired Lieutenant reacts to Israeli Air Force pilots threatening to boycott training

Dozens of Israeli fighter pilots are joining a growing revolt within the military, against the government’s plans to weaken the judiciary. They’re threatening to boycott training exercises. CNN’s Isa Soares discusses this with Dan Halutz, a retired Lieutenant General in the Israeli Air Force. #CNN #News


  1. Every life lost is lost forever. The sad statistics since 2005 is that more Palestinians are harmed compared to Israelis. All this for nation smaller in land area than USA state of New Jersey. Abraham picked the wrong place in the world to call the promised land.

    1. @David Chin they had to go out of their way to create a whole state for them and bother the people who were already living there

    2. @Deborah Freedman I am not sure how far back in history you are going but YES the promised land of milk and honey has been a land of bloodshed and tears for everyone.

      Abraham should of build a boat (smaller than Noah’s) and sailed to much greener pastures with fewer occupants. There was plenty free land around the Mediterranean during Abraham’s time so he didn’t have to pitch his tent in someone else’s territory as he did and call it his promised land.

  2. Not a good idea BUT it’s all they have to SAVE their democracy from a despotic government….

  3. The only hope for Jews who value democracy is to form an alliance with the Palestinians. It’s not coexistence we need but co-resistance.

    1. Remember what John Kerry said, when he was Obama’s Secretary of State: if you have one state, it can either be a democratic state, or it can be a Jewish state, but it cannot be both. He also said it could never be at peace, but I think if it was democratic, that could be done.

      I would say, in general, you cannot have a democratic state founded on anything other than secular values.

    2. The true struggle we all face is not between religions, races, or nations, but between the Far Right, and everyone else.

    1. You can turn on closed captioning or just crank the volume. I hear it just fine on my phone. CNN YouTube clips are always a bit quiet for some reason.

  4. God bless you, Gen. (R) Haultz; that’s what the Jewish faith is about, what you just described, decent values, and speaking about illegal and immoral acts of violence against Palestinians. As long as the people like yourself and the Israeli Pilots answered their conscious call to protest is good news from Israel. The children of the Jewish faith deserve a peaceful life and a vibrant future. So the children of Palestinian Muslims deserve the same, a happy childhood and a prosperous future.

    Calling a spade a spade is the beginning; the sons of Israel who stood against Mr. Netanyahu’s illegal change/revocation of Israeli Criminal Law is the right step forward. Keep it up, young men and women! God bless you for speaking and supporting the truth.

    1. ​@Deborah Freedman I hear you, Miss Freedman; one needs to understand the present day’s reality. Peaceful co-existence is the only solution.

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    2. His name is Bernie Madoff. You really need to get in touch with him. He made me rich. He can make you rich.

  6. It does not seem lawful to expect military pilots who have contracted with a Democratic state to be commissioned officers, pilots and soldiers, these citizens should not be held by a self assumed dictatorship to the same agreements they made when Israel was a democratic government. It’s insane, unlawful and shameful just as any dictatorship is. I stand with Israeli pilots who refuse to commit war crimes against Palestinians whether or not they are citizens of a 1 or 2 state solution.

  7. Bibitch Netanyahoo is trying to give himself more power. It’s a good thing some folks over there are smart enough to see it.

  8. Courage comes in all forms, and national defense is not always about armed conflict. Now other elements within Israeli society must follow this example.

    1. Working against the need, to make one’s country more democratic, is not courage, it is cowardly entitlement.

  9. Dan Halutz is a retired Lieutenant GENERAL. Regardless of what he is saying, the title of this segment needs to be corrected

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