Retired Marine with PTSD shares trauma he received from Afghanistan | USA TODAY 1

Retired Marine with PTSD shares trauma he received from Afghanistan | USA TODAY


Medically retired Marine with PTSD shares his trauma from Afghanistan

After medical retirement from the Marine Corps, Bryan Lett is considered 90% disabled, counting a neck injury that required spinal fusion and PTSD.

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    1. @BIKER GIRL OF GEORGIA because they no longer fight for the cause of their nation but instead for the greed of a few leader and immoral politics that does not even care for them or their lives but only the leader’s own personal and political agendas.
      And in no way shape or form, I am disrespecting the soldiers. I have a hell of respect for whatever they have shown or done in the face of death with the immense bravery that the normal fears.

    2. I totally agree !!! I’M PROUD, HONORED & COMFORTABLE knowing you stepped up to make sacrifices for YOUR FAMILY & the people to serve in this Great Country. The way this world is today and the rate our fine politicians are going. You will get your chance to go and fight for this COUNTRY.
      In the meantime, go do your duty get an education. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  1. I f eel so sorry for him, you can see in his eyes he’s seen and done a lot over there and is disabled and probably in lots of pain, physically and mentally. Hope he lives a long & happy life

  2. He says for the most part he’s fine. That’s a protective mechanism. I grew up with a marine with horrible PTSD.. my father. These men are never just fine. They are strong and endure because the military rebuilt them to be this way, but what they didn’t do was prepare them for a lifelong of psychological hell once duty was over.

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