Retired Police Officer On Members Downplaying Jan. 6: 'It's A Shame Before God' 1

Retired Police Officer On Members Downplaying Jan. 6: ‘It’s A Shame Before God’

NBC's Garrett Haake and Scott MacFarlane share updates on the Jan. 6 riot investigation after Capitol police officers testified at yesterday's first House select committee hearing. Frank Figliuzzi breaks down the legal road ahead as the probe continues, and retired Capitol Police officer, Butch Jones, reacts to members of Congress downplaying Jan. 6. "I think this is an embarrassment to our country," he tells Stephanie Ruhle.

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Retired Police Officer On Members Downplaying Jan. 6: 'It's A Shame Before God'


    1. @Nick Dionne compared to the rioting looting and killings all over the country from the Socialists. It was.

    2. @Starlight Voyager , says the guy that uses Newsmax, and other right wing conspiracy sites as your only source for information. Go back to your parents basement and watch your right wing traitors programs.

    3. @Clark Davis wrong . Forbes , Newsweek and Wall street Journal to name a few. But if that helps you justify your own ineptitude concerning objectivity go for it.

    1. Trump’s doj got loads of charges against McConnell’s wife dropped. I think trump has him over a barrel, favours for favours. Trump would tell all if he turned his turtle head to speak the truth. He changed his mind previously. Cretins.

  1. Mitch was to busy working to watch the testimony of the officers who saved his life? Gimme a break…

    1. @Bull Rider He has no shame. Even if he did watch it, or if he was in the room sitting next to them on camera, he’d deny that he heard it because it’s an easier to answer in bad faith than it is to say “I heard it but I don’t care. “

  2. Wow I completely forgot about the conspiracy about Trump being back in office on August. That’s gotta get a lot of nutcases’ and cultists’ heads spinning when that failed.

    1. @Zennbubba no, the CyberNinja’s will still be counting votes. Its a scam to draw in the trumpsuckers.

    2. @Pat Doyle Since you do now know that the two audits you speak so highly of were NOT complete audits and they were done by two firms that work with/for Dominion …. which is fact but you don’t care about that now do u. So everything else you say is moot.

    3. @Peanut butter Well either they realize that they were doing something dumb, or the conspiracy followers do indeed do something even worse. Those are the two outcomes I can see.

    4. @Leonie Romanes If you can wait 4.5 yrs for Trump to be charged with something …. anything I can wait a month or so.

    5. @Zennbubba
      It was not a judgment that allowed the Cyber Ninja’s ‘audit’, it was the Republican-controlled state Senate who took control of documents via subpoena.
      It’s designed to confuse people, in order to create further doubt in the mind of the loser’s supporters. As evidenced Trump &/or GOP loyalists simply have to tell their fans what they want to hear & those donations continue rolling in.
      Don’t you find it strange that the majority-Republican county board of supervisors vehemently objected to the action & pointed to the multiple audits of ballots and machines that Arizona had already completed that had found no issues…
      Isn’t it also telling that despite Mr. Trump’s loss, Republicans were successful in other races in the state, including in Maricopa County.
      Republicans won almost every countywide election in November, and the GOP maintained a 4-1 majority on the county board of supervisors. Were their wins were fraudulent?
      It can’t go both ways…

    1. Yes, and soon every communist leftist will have one. Thank God for President Donald Trump.

    2. @Stephen Pritchard tell me some communist action Dems have enacted into law.
      You know hitler said the communist were coming,then he picked anyone he wanted to call a communist and off to a concentration camp they went. I don’t see much difference between you and hitler’s brown shirts.

    1. Don’t fool yourself – law enforcement departments all across the country are on alert and tapped into what those traitorous groups are up to and may be “planning” – nothing is secret on the internet, or in “encrypted” message aps, the alleged “dark web,” etc. etc. etc.

    2. I have not seen any specifics, just the same answer . . . “If President Trump is not back in Office by August, we are going to war.” It’s hard to take any of it seriously, but we obviously don’t have a choice.

    3. Don’t worry, Biden says we need F-15’s and nukes to take on the government, there’s nothing to fear. Plus all the added security is to keep the peasants out, while the ruling class eat their $40 ice cream.

  3. Why doesn’t anyone ask Clyde in real time what the heck was he doing with that couch at the door of the chamber? Have him explain it…

    1. I just saw the congressman who said the jan 6 insurrection was nothing more then like a regular tourist.
      Asked several direct questions and actually show that he is insulted for being asked?
      Wtf is wrong with people like him?
      Nothing that happened on jan6th was like a tourist trip!

  4. I wish Jamie Raskin had shown the photo of that disgrace GOP the photo of him barricaded himself in the house chamber along with secret services with thier guns drawn and asked him to explain the photo.

    1. @My Pillow Guy left wing wingers took over public land and call it Chaz, tried to burn down the FEDERAL court house many times, attacked government ice facilities many times and terrorized Americans all over the country during their insurrection. You kids are hilarious

    2. @My Pillow Guy because there were BLM and ANTIFA riots in the summer anytime there was a gathering of people there was supposed to be a high level of security…that is unless the DNC paid some crying men to NOT be prepared. Since democrats were in charge, they are responsible. End of conversation.

    1. @Cognitive Supreme Mostly peaceful insurrection as told by the mostly stupid segment of America.

    2. You mean ALL tourists don’t take bearspray, smoke grenades, thin blue line flags with spears, machetes, re-bar, zip ties, tactital body armor, a scaffold, hidden guns, one guy to arrest with a gun, and noose rope ?

  5. The capitol city police should go on strike for that, then we see how how the next round of tourist visits go.

    1. Ohhh those naughty insurrectionists would love that. They’d be all over the Capitol trying again to tear down our republic and democracy, because they failed so miserably the 1st time.

    1. @Leroy Ashley freedom to say what you want without censorship? Or are you too stupid to know thats facism?

    2. Russia and China are colluding with some in our government officials to dismantle our Democratic Republic.

    3. @BasinStreet Design Yet, Texas voters just proved that Trump’s endorsement doesn’t have the toxic punch it once did. They’re gonna start dropping like flies. Look for them working the paint section at Home Depot cos their political careers are kaput.

  6. It’s a shame before God, but here’s the deal my friends, you cannot be this evil, I can’t find a more worst word for evil, demonic maybe, you cannot work for Satan unless you have lost your soul, and every last one of them are soulless, look deep into the eyes of any one of them and you will see void. They will never feel shame, sorrow, embarrassment, empathy, sympathy morality or remorse, they feel nothing, accept for the pleasure of Lucifer.

  7. If something like 1/6 begins again there should be snipers posted at the capital and they should make sure that not one domestic terrorist makes it past a certain point

    1. From the left wing terrorist BLM riots — Albany, N.Y.: Officer sent to the hospital after protester throws a brick at him

      Atlanta: Officer Maximilian Brewer underwent surgery after a protester hit him with an ATV 

      Brockton, Mass.: One state trooper and a few local Brockton police officers suffered minor injuries

      Buffalo, N.Y.: Two police officers are hit by a vehicle and one other has his leg broken and pelvis shattered after protesters run him over

      Champaign, Ill: Several police officers suffered minor injuries after allegedly being assaulted

      Cincinnati, Ohio: Officer narrowly escaped death after a bullet struck his ballistic helmet

      Columbia, S.C.: 15 law enforcement personnel injured during a Saturday riot

      Chicago: 132 Chicago Police Department officers injured in violent riots in the city

      Davenport, Iowa: A plainclothes police officer injured after an individual opened fire on his vehicle

      Denver: Three city police officers sent to the hospital after a hit-and-run that also injured a bystander

      Harrisburg, Penn.: Two police officers sent to the hospital during a violent protest on Saturday

      Las Vegas: One cop put on life support after he was shot in the head during a violent protest on Monday; 12 additional officers injured during Friday’s rioting

      Los Angeles: 27 LAPD officers injured during weekend rioting

      Lynchburg, Va.: Several officers were shot at during protests but were not injured  

      Minnesota: Police officers shot at during a protest, and a precinct in the city was set on fire by protesters

      Maryland: Protesters injured four county police officers and damaged several police cruisers

      New York City: Dozens of NYPD officers injured during weekend rioting with one video showing an officer being struck by a car in a hit-and-run.

      Over 350 NYPD officers injured in two weeks of protests. Injuries include being hit by vehicles, head injuries from bricks and fire extinguishers as well as other serious wounds.

      Oak Lawn, Il.: Three officers injured during Monday’s protests

      Oakland, Calif.: FBI officer Dave Patrick Underwood was shot and killed while providing security for a courthouse, and another officer was injured in the shooting

      Oakdale, Calif: Two officers suffered injuries after a clash broke out at a protest.

      Philadelphia: City police reported several assaults on officers and multiple police cars set on fire

      Pittsburgh, Penn.: Nine police officers hurt and sent to the hospital in clashes with protesters

      Providence, R.I: 9 officers injured after protesters threw bricks at them as violent protests erupted in the city

      Richmond, Va.: Two officers hurt during a protest after being hit with a baseball bat and a beer bottle

    2. @Fok Yu The people committing the crimes youve listed should be prosecuted and charged according to the law. However, I’m very interested to know how you think those crimes justify or absolve the rioters of what they did? They aren’t related. Jan 6th rioters were attempting to stop government process by force, trying to find certain officials and hang them, among other things. None of them were protesting racial injustice against black people by police. I agree with Adam Kinzinger who said, “There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law. Between a crime — even grave crimes — and a coup.”

  8. Why is the head of the snake still running around free to do more shenanigans. McConnel said he was busy working. You KNOW that’s a lie.

    1. @J D Gosh, that was such a clever posting. Time to put your crayons away it’s milk and cookies and naptime.

    2. @bombastic attitudeyou know it champ! Perfectly applies to that lying clown Trump. Glad you agree.

  9. These officers took their oath to the constitution seriously unlike the other veterans, law enforcement traitors who spat on their oath!!

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