1. Order, counter-order, disorder! Putin has given his soldiers impossible missions and impotently shuffles their leaders without giving them remotely rational goals. Zhukov couldn’t win this sh$&show.

  2. You can always tell that the commander and chief is satisfied with the way his war is going by the way he’s constantly firing and replacing his command team 😂

    1. It’s called ‘constant improvement’. Very popular with businesses in the 90s – but didn’t make any difference.

    2. Not really. Our own incompetent lifer army and navy were so bad it took 2 years to weed out the sad sacks and replace them with much better commanders in WWI, II, Vietnam and Civil war.
      It’s the same in every military. The military is always a refuge for the lazy, stupid, incompetent and lifer-mentality types during peace time; it’s the only good job they can get.

  3. As a US Marine veteran, there is nothing more inspiring than watching professional warriors defend their homeland from invaders.
    Semper Fidelis!! (Always Faithful)
    Slava Ukraini!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. @Biljana Cvjetinovic any body with common sense knows USA has the strongest military in the world and have strategic bases everywhere in the world. The wars you say they lost is nonsense. They invaded those countries and accomplished their personal goals establishing even more bases. And the strongest navy. Isreal and China also have strong militaries. Russia is looking weak because of corruption and stealing of resources even military

    2. @Biljana Cvjetinovic Russia is a superpower that should be respected but at the moment they look bad . They need to regroup . I don’t agree with invasion but I understand Putin because Ukraine was never supposed to be part of nato .

    3. @Biljana Cvjetinovic name one military that even comes close to USA ??? Isreal , China , EU, Russia are the strongest, but Russia is a mess because it’s a corrupt puppet state with brainwashed people that get robbed by their government. They should of beat Ukraine easily but they met an army with more heart to fight

    4. @Biljana Cvjetinovic Ukraine is whooping Russians asses.. they are all fertilizer getting killed. Their elite unite got killed the first week In Ukraine because Russian Generals are useless . They are using prisoners because their army is a paper tiger

    5. @Biljana Cvjetinovic Russian paper tiger . I am a ranger and I watch closely what is going on , and I see Russian strategy is garbage. Idiots using their cellphones even on New Year’s Eve , that was stupidest move ever. Ukranians were waiting for those signals because they knew the Russians are idiots

  4. Ukraine has stated that there will be no negotiations, no cease fire, no pause, no peace talks, no white flags, no mercy, and no quarter given to the invaders, until they have left our homeland. Putin started this war, and now Ukraine will finish it!! All will be Ukraine!!

    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

  5. Another one?!! I’ve lost count!!! It’s hard to know what is going on with the war. We never hear anything about Ukrainian troop deaths. I find that very odd for all the support we give them!! Are they being honest with us?!!

  6. Ukraine has kept one general throughout this conflict even when things were extremely difficult for them, RF has changed command 4 times already

    1. @Ademir Rodríguez Russia Is Winning As Much As Trump Is Winning In This Country. With A MILLION ENEMIES Anxious To See Them Both GONE…

  7. The Wagner group is kind of over hyped. They depend on the Russian army for logistics, air defense, and practically everything else. They might have been a good light infantry unit, but with their casualties they are a hollow shell. The veterans hang back and use prisoners and mobilized men for the front lines. Even the Chechnians are pushing Russian conscripts forward. The forward riflemen complain they have no specialists. By specialists they mean machine gunners and mortarmen. Indiscriminate shelling and half trained infantry is all the Russian army has left.

  8. Our general speaking on this the way he is just shows how out of touch heads are with major oppositions..What a disgrace

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